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Redskins News and Notes 4/22/2009

Where to begin? So many things going on that one way or the other has some effect on the Skins. I guess we'll start with Mark Sanchez.

Snyder is "Smitten"
(Mark Sanchez....How I love him so!!!!)

Here's the deal. Every year potential draft prospects are brought in, shown the facility, meet the coaches, meet the owner are wined and dined and are grilled with questions. It's pretty common for most NFL teams and the Redskins are very good at it as well. So, bringing in many players including Sanchez is pretty common. It would also be easy to say that the players that come in for a visit have a better chance of being drafted by said team than those who haven't come in for a visit. So recently the Skins brought in Mark Sanchez and of course now Dan Snyder is deeply in love for the former USC quarterback. Don't believe me? Just ask Peter King:

"but I'm told Snyder is beyond smitten with Sanchez and will likely pursue him this week."

Ok, Peter that's great (F***, F***, F***, cue Samuel L. Jackson's censored cursing):

Of course in order for Snyder and Co. to get a shot at Sanchez, the Redskins would have to move up (possibly as high as #3 overall). So Peter, since you know everything (including good coffee) is Snyder about to blow the Skins 2010 1st rounder or other picks to do so?
"I spoke to someone close to Snyder over the weekend, and this person said Snyder is not going to allow next year's first-rounder to be put in a trade. Maybe. Maybe not. This person also said he thought it was highly unlikely the Redskins could muster up the ammo to go get Sanchez."

So, your source says no and yet, you don't don't believe him or her? Why are you wasting our time? But of course, that's not all. Watch as King starts speculating again as Snyder took Sanchez to dinner. It's got to mean something right? (hopefully you can note my sarcasm here)
"Last Friday, the last night teams could host, wine and dine players from out of town in their home market, Snyder and vice president Vinny Cerrato took Sanchez out to dinner at an Italian place in downtown D.C. after Sanchez had spent the day with Washington coaches and personnel people. Big deal? Maybe. Maybe not."

So you don't know. Why am I not surprised? Nobody knows what the Redskins are going to do at the moment. Even Jason LaCanfora of the Post went ape**** over the Skins taking Sanchez to dinner for some veal chops. But of course that was last week. This week the Post is talking about Brian Orakpo being the hot commodity and the choice if he falls to #13. Of course, it seems that the Redskin readers/fans would rather just trade back in the end. Don't get me wrong, I like Sanchez and I think in a WCO system he will excel in the NFL. I just think the Skins have bigger needs to address, especially with a limited amount of picks. More on Sanchez later in this post.......

But there's no need to freak out about this until Saturday, because we have no clue what the Skins will do until they pick. So until then, go over to KSK and read their humorous take on Snyder's fascination with Sanchez and I also highly recommend Drew Magary's take on Peter King's MMQB column.

A Mock Draft I'd Like To See Happen And Not Happen.........
Yesterday, CBS Sports had their Live Football Mock Draft. It was a nice precursor to the actual thing and I hope some of it could happen on Saturday. First, the Skins got the player I want in Michael Oher. But the surprise was the Redskins were able to trade back in order to do so. The Skins traded their #13 and #80 picks to Denver for #18 and #48 (2nd rounder). I love the move, but I didn't like the pick at #48 as they selected Michael Johnson. Johnson has many of the measurables that teams look for, but on game film he has had moments where he's a real non-factor.

Speaking of Mock Drafts......
Yes, I am working on Meaningless Mock Draft 3.0 and yes, I believe that the Skins can and should select Michael Oher at #13. This is a hard draft because there are so many teams that are looking at various players. I'm hoping to have it sometime tonight or Saturday morning at the latest.

Last Minute Trades By Our Rivals
The Giants I believe are still going to make the move for Braylon Edwards. My guess is a 1st a 5th and a conditional pick in 2010 (maybe another 4th or 5th that could go as high as a 2nd or a 3rd based on performance). Don't be surprised to see this trade happen as late as when the Browns pick at #5.

I wouldn't be surprised to see Dallas attempt to trade up in the 2nd round but I highly doubt they do much in draft day moves. This means more emphasis on Roy Williams to step up this year. I got a feeling that this will be a bad year for the 'Boys/

The Eagles have already made the move for Jason Peters for three picks. Pete Prisco thinks it makes the Eagles one of the better lines in the league. However, ProFootballTalk mentions that Peters was unofficially credited (blamed in a better word) for 11.5 sacks last year. Good move or Bad move? Guess we'll find out in a few months.........

Also, keep an eye on Anquan Boldin........As both the Eagles and the Giants are looking for a WR.

Why Not Colt Brennan?

Jason Campbell aside, the big question one would have to ask if Mark Sanchez is drafted is "What happens to Colt Brennan?" Sure, one could say that Brennan was a late 2nd day pick and may lack the cannon arm and possibly height to be a legitimate NFL starter. But he did play well in preseason. I mean better than Campbell and Collins. This may mean nothing, but maybe Brennan is the next Tom Brady or Tony Romo. This was the topic of debate between me and the Mrs. the other night as I rambled on about how the Skins need to address either the D or the O lines with #13 and not Sanchez (who again I do like). I really believe that there will be a massive revolt by Redskins fans if Mark Sanchez is drafted. You have three groups of fans that will be part of the revolt. One is the pro-Jason Campbell group. This group has increased greatly during the Cutler-saga and those who weren't fully sold have joined on just because of the character shown by Campbell. Second, is fans that also believe that the trenches need to be rebuilt or improved upon. Third is the "Cult of Colt" fanatics that are convinced that Brennan is the next Joe Montana.

I'm not a Cult of Coltist (nor is the Mrs.) but I'm still of the opinion that Campbell should have the chance to succeed (or fail) in this system and if he fails, let's see what Colt can do. Zorn is a quarterback guy anyway let's see if he can make Colt the next Hasslebeck.

Final Notes
- Vinny/The Danny/Coach Zorn are currently hosting a draft briefing....I will have more on this after I listen to it.

- Matt Terl had a nice interview with Director of Player Personnel Scott Campbell about the upcoming draft. You can read that here.

- According to Mark Sanchez:
"[Dan Snyder]'s proud of the guys they have here, and he thinks the world of Jason Campbell, and that was obvious. He said that if I come in, it's a competition, and nothing will be given to me, and he makes no promises. And that's way I want it. I don't want there to be anything promised or for anyone to be talking bad about players, because then in a few years they might be doing that with me."

A rare time that Jason Campbell isn't under fire.

-John Madden Retired. Frankly, I could care less. Not much of a fan really. It comes down to the first time I heard him on TV. He was talking about Texas Stadium and how the hole in the middle was so God could watch his favorite team play. After that, I was done.

-We'll skip Notable Vinny Quote of the Week as I'll do this when I get to review the presser going on now.

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