Sunday, April 26, 2009

Very Early Thoughts on Day 1.......

Day two draft coverage is about to begin here's some early thoughts on Day 1:

1. I was surprised on how many picks I actually got right in the early 10-20 picks (after that it was flip a coin). I guess studying these players and reading a million mock drafts and listening to Kiper and Mayock paid off.

2. I was really, really happy when the Jets took over #5 and snagged Mark Sanchez. Yes, the Jets got a good player and the Browns were happy to get out of #5 with more picks but I was ecstatic that the Skins weren't the team trading up.

3. I'll have more on Brian Orakpo later today......but I'm very happy he's a Redskin.

4. I was stunned that Michael Oher fell to #23, had the Skins had some ammo in this draft I would have suggested that they try to get back into round one for him. Ravens get a helluva good player in my opinion. But my friend Dan, a ravens fan, was not happy with the move as the Ravens need WRs badly. He also wasn't that happy about Kruger in the second as well. Ironically, I was high on both players and had the Skins taken Oher I was hoping Kruger might have been there in round three (he went in round 2).

on to day 2........

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