Saturday, May 23, 2009

I'm Writing Again.....

No, not just this blog.
I've always enjoyed writing and telling stories. Matter of fact, when I was a teenager I actually wrote and tried to self publish my own comics.

I did about three issues of a comic/magazine called The Destroyer. Issues #1 and #2 never got any further than being made and tucked away in a shoe box. Issue #3 was actually mass produced (ie. I went to a copy shop and had them make about 10 copies using a photocopier) and sold to a few of my friends who were either nice enough to buy one or actually were surprised I got it done.

The highlight of issue three was a story about a bratty kid, a giant evil Easter Bunny and a really big Bazooka.........yikes!

As I got older, I came to the following conclusions:
1. I'm a lousy artist.
2. It's hard to get into the comics industry and doesn't pay that well unless you're really good.
3. I felt there were other avenues that I needed to go to find and have a good paying career.

So here I am today.
My friend is currently finishing up a book (his first) and once he's done that, he has suggested that we collaborate on one. So now, I'm trying to get back into the writing flow myself.
I have a very (I mean very, very) short story that I'm writing and hopefully it can lead to bigger and brighter projects.
When it gets closer to being finished maybe I'll share some of it here (It's actually a bit morbid).

I know, not a Redskins topic or anything else......just thought I'd share with the 1-2 people out there.

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