Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Redskins News and Notes 5/12/09

Player Moves
- Skins signed former Titans WR Roydell Williams and WR Keith Eloi from University of Nebraska-Omaha. Highlights of Williams can be seen here and Eloi can be seen here.

- Skins also added D-lineman J.D. Skolnitsky from James Madison and Darrel Young a linebacker from Villanova (click on their names to read profiles).

- Skins cut P Zac Atterberry, which really isn't a surprise after the signing of former Colt, Hunter Smith.

- It's official, the Skins also signed former Panther G/T Jeremy Bridges
, who impressed during the mini-camp.

Some interesting tidbits that are non-Redskins related.....sort of.
1. Comcast's Redskin Nation has now been extended to the weekend.
There is a weekend edition now that is played on Saturdays at the normal time of 6PM and sometime Sundays (around noon?). Mostly highlights of the past week shows, but some original content as well.

2. Brian Mitchell is no longer on ESPN 980 and Doc Walker has left the "Locker Room" and will replace Mitchell on the John Thompson show. The "Locker Room" will now be only featuring Kevin Sheehan.

3. Brett Favre will still not go away!!!!

(Photoshopped Favre-Viking created by Cory Hollenhorst)

Just when you thought Favre was going to stay retired, now it's rumored that Favre has begun working out with high-school kids throwing the football. It's a risky move for Favre in my opinion, especially if he does become a Viking. Vikings fans don't like Favre (it would be like Tony Romo becoming a Redskin) and the Packers fans would probably lose any love for Favre. Barring a Super Bowl win, I think it would tarnish his reputation (especially if he left the Vikings after only one season).
Either way, Favre got his ego stroked this season. Somebody made the effort to get a hold of Favre (and/or beg his greatness to return to football). Guess I shouldn't care that much since the Skins don't play the Viking this season (barring playoffs) but I'm just sick of the Favre story and wish he'd stay retired.

No Vinny quotes this week, but I'm thinking of maybe doing a Vinny IIWII shirt, since the Vinny quotes have become a highlight of the site.

Here's the idea:

It Is What It Is.......

Picture A:
or Picture B:

Back: http://walkingdeadmanblog.blogspot.com/

I wouldn't sell this but maybe make about a dozen of them and hand them out at games or give them as prizes to readers. Maybe just a way to promote the site.......something I'm thinking about.

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