Friday, June 5, 2009

Weekend Redskins News and Notes 6/5/2009-6/7/2009 pt.1

Farewell, Jon Jansen

(Ed. Note: I know, I know this happened last week [last Friday to be exact]but IIWII hasn't had a Redskins News and Notes section in awhile and this is the first time I've had to mention it.)

Jansen was drafted by the Redskins in 1999 (2nd round - #37 overall) and had been a mainstay of the team ever since. However in 2004 Jansen started to suffer from injuries that slowed his career. In 2004 a ruptured achilles tendon ended his season. In 2005, Jansen broke both thumbs making him wear casts that made him look like The Fonz from Happy Days.
(Ayyyyyy!!! My thumbs have been broken all this time!!!!)
Then, in 2007 Jansen suffered another season ending injury in the opening game against the Dolphins and was replaced by Todd Wade and then rookie Stephon Heyer. In 2008, Heyer was named the starter at the beginning of the season; however, after an injury to Heyer, Jansen came in and remained the starter at right tackle. This season, it appeared for all intents that Jansen was not going to be the starter at right tackle even though the position has been considered by many to be an open one. Jansen was hoping to extend his career and tenure with the Skins by attempting a move to either guard or center (for the most part being a back up), but the Skins decided to move on and continue to develop some of their younger players.

To me, Jon Jansen will be remembered as a tough physical mauler that dominated in the run game. Yet, off the field on television he is a smart, well spoken and will easily be able to fit in with the ex-players that are currently in the broadcast booth or on the set doing analysis. It also needs to be noted that Jansen played during most of the Snyder era and the fact that he remained on the team for 10 seasons (without being replaced by a big named free agent) says many things about Jansen.

Jon Jansen has moved on and was signed by the Lions right after he was cut. I wish Jon the best in the remainder of his career........except when the Skins play the Lions in week 3. I also hope that once his playing days are over, he'll come back and retire as a 'Skin.

My question to the readers......Should Jon Jansen be put into the Redskins Ring of Fame?
That sounds like a good poll question.

Have You Seen Me?
If so, please call the Redskins at 555-Lost
(Announcing the Redskins new LaRon Landry Milk Carton now available at the Redskins store for $9.99, order yours today!)
With another round of OTAs finished almost all of the Redskins attended. James Thrash was one of the players who didn't but there's an explanation for that (next part of News and Notes will discuss it). The other, was LaRon Landry. And his coaches are not happy with his absence. Of course, unless he's reading the local papers or the internet, he might not know since his coaches haven't been able to get in contact with him.

Of course, this has sparked plenty of rumor (of course via PFT) that Landry may want out of DC or a new deal.
And fan debate/outrage here and here and here.......nothing new there.

Here's the deal.....OTAs are voluntary, same with off season workouts. Of course, he was at the mini-camp earlier this year. Now as a fan (not to mention a coach or the organization) you'd like to see all the players there. You'd like to read about team chemistry and how players are performing well in shorts and helmets. But sometimes some players try to stay away from work (it really is work for them, while for some of us fans it would be the ultimate dream job to play pro football, especially for the Skins) as much as possible. I know I don't go to work normally unless I have to be there.

Of course, it good to keep in touch with your coaches to make sure you know what's going on and they know what's going with you. The coaches are right about the chemistry and working on technique and scheme.

I've seen this before, with other players so frankly I'm not that bothered as others.

I think I'll stop here for tonight....more tomorrow including training camp, Mike Williams, FedEx field, James Thrash and Vinny quotes.

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