Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Project Runway is Back!!!!!

("Make it work people or I'll have Heidi kick your ass")

I generally hate reality TV. I personally can't stand all of the America's Survivors Dancing with the Idols who have talent Big Brother shows. The only exceptions are the Japanese version of Iron Chef and Project Runway. I'm not sure why I really like Project Runway since I'm not into fashion (Redskin jersey, jeans and a Metallica T-shirt and I'm pretty much set for life) but it's a well put together production and the contestants actually make stuff and are fighting to make a career for themselves in the very tough fashion world. Tim Gunn is one of the rare hosts that isn't annoying, actually tries to help the contestants and well he's got style. Heidi Klum is, well.....a Supermodel with a brain and a personality (rare traits for many of the beautiful people).

It starts tonight on Lifetime (starting 8PM EST). Just lie to your room mates and tell them that they've moved NFL network again.

Update: It's actually tomorrow.

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