Saturday, August 29, 2009

So Did I Get What I Wanted?

Let's go back to my pregame blog on what I expected and hoped to see.......

Don't worry I will do a better breakdown tomorrow on the game, because many questions were answered and a few questions came up about this team.

But until then let's look at the checklist from last night:

1. Score points!!!!!!! Success
The 1st team scored 17 before leaving early in the third. Finally some proof that this offense has some life in it. The O looked good.

Better Red Zone calls by Zorn- Success
Got to say that the Z-Man did take some shots in the air and threw a fade to Kelly with Campbell out there. Yes, they failed. But, the key is that they are getting a chance to have game reps in the preseason. Work out the kinks now, score the TDs in the regular season. I expect that play alone to give Kelly 5 TDs this year. Also, thank you coach fro using Mason to punch in the ball instead of Betts.

3. Let Campbell Throw the Damn Ball- Success
22 attempts!!!! I wanted at least 20 and I got my wish. Look what Campbell does when you give him a chance to get into some sort of rhythm. 13/22 for 209. Wow. Something to work with and Campbell will get a week or so of a break from the "Bench Campbell" crowd. Patriots are not a lightweight D, they're decent and Campbell lit up the starters.

4. I Want a Sack!!!!!- Fail
This was the one area I expected the most success and it didn't happen. Andre Carter finally got a well deserved sack, but it just wasn't enough personally. That said, I still liked the increased pressure by the Redskins D and I felt it did disrupt Brady somewhat at times (but not enough).

5. Get Angry, Get Hungry!!!!!- Success
Yeah, I saw that at times. Good to see......

For the rest of the list:
  • Continued improvement by the O-line (Yes- no sacks by the first team)
  • Some decent runs (No)
  • Devin Thomas running better routes and making some plays (Yes)
  • More good reps. by Malcolm Kelly (Yes)
  • Some improvement by the secondary (namely Barnes, Smoot and Tryon) (Yes X's 3)
  • The Skins generating some turnovers (Yes, 3 turnovers)
  • Better play from from players who've struggled. (Yes and No)

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