Sunday, August 30, 2009

So Who Makes the Team?

As many of you know there are two cutting dates as we get to the final 53 man roster. One comes on Tuesday as 5 players are cut. The next takes place after the final preseason game as the Skins have to cut 22 players. We'll have a good idea who will make the squad after the first five are gone, because it's in those five cuts that the team usually let's a veteran who might make a team somewhere else go and have as much time to make another roster. It's the rare nice thing a team can do when they basically fire you. A great example of this was with Marcus Mason last year as the Skins just didn't have the roster room to keep him but know he has enough talent to be an NFL player.

So I'd expect a surprise move (or maybe a fan favorite cut) or two in these first five cuts, after that there will be a few bubble spots that hopefully will be resolved after the Jacksonville game but in the end may just come down to something the coaches did or didn't see in practice.

Here's my general 53 as of today- note this will be tweaked a bit when the first cuts come and I will have a practice squad also. I'm going 25 offense, 25 defense and 3 STers.......but again after the first five cuts, I'll probably change that.

QB- Jason Campbell, Todd Collins, Colt Brennan
Only the #3 spot is in question and I think Brennan saved his job with the TD to Mitchell. This can easily change if Brennan looks horrible in Jacksonville and Daniel has another great game. Plus, Daniel can go on practice squad.

FB- Mike Sellers
No brainer and Eddie Williams probably joins the practice squad, to be called up if Sellers gets injured.

RB- Clinton Portis, Ladell Betts, Rock Cartwright, 4th running back
This is where the first five cuts will come into play.....I'm convinced after last year that the Skins will keep a 4th RB and that it will be either Mason or Dorsey. The Skins need an impact player behind Portis and I don't think Betts or Cartwright is that guy.

WR- Santana Moss, Antwaan Randle-El, Devin Thomas, Malcolm Kelly, Marko Mitchell
Mitchell has outright won the job. Sure he's caught the ball well, but I was impressed by his downfield blocking that freed up Cooley for another 10 yards or so. Could Mitchell be 2009's Chris Horton?

TE- Chris Cooley, Fred Davis, Todd Yoder
No surprise here.

O-line- Chris Samuels, Derrick Dockery, Casey Rabach, Randy Thomas, Stephon Heyer, Chad Rinehart, Jeremy Bridges, Will Montgomery, lineman not on roster
I've given you my opinion on Mike Williams. Barring a great and healthy performance against Jacksonville I think the Skins may need to look elsewhere for another tackle.

D-line- Andre Carter, Albert Haynesworth, Cornelius Griffin, Phillip Daniels, Kedric Golston, Anthony Montgomery, Lorenzo Alexander, Jeremy Jarmon
This is the toughest choices but I have reasoning for most of it. Excluding the starters, Alexander plays everything including special teams. Jarmon is the future of this team, but probably could play DE and DT in a pinch. Buzbee, Jackson and Wynn lose out because both Orakpo and Wilson can play DE and LB. Only two players I'm not 100% sure about is Montgomery and Golston. But I think they beat out the other players based on their time here.

DE/LB- Chris Wilson, Brian Orakpo
Wilson has played well and can play special teams.......he may come in and cause confusion now that he's become a LB.

LB- London Fletcher, Rocky McIntosh, HB Blades, Robert Thomas, Robert Henson, Alfred Fincher
It comes down to special teams ability with Henson, Thomas and Fincher. Cody Glenn is still a very green LB and will be a practice squad project.

DB- Carlos Rogers, DeAngelo Hall, Fred Smoot, Justin Tryon, Kevin Barnes, Laron Landry, Chris Horton, Reed Doughty, Kareem Moore
Tryon has done enough to show that he deserves time on the field.

STers- Ethan Albright, Hunter Smith, Dave Rayner
Albright and Smith have no competition. Rayner looked very good on kickoffs. Neither he or Suisham have had much opportunities at FGs. Right now I think if you flip a coin you may determine who the Redskins' kicker will be this year.

Practice Squad- Chase Daniel, Eddie Williams, Keith Eloi, Cody Glenn, Edwin Williams, Antonio Dixon, Robert Agnone, Lendy Holmes
I wouldn't be surprised if Agnone and Holmes weren't on the final PS roster.

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