Monday, August 3, 2009

This Deserves It's Own Post........

Redskins fans have their own obsession. We're a pretty die hard fan base as far as I'm concerned. Despite being generally mediocre since 1992 (through the ownership of the late Jack Kent Cooke, his son John and the current tenure of Daniel Snyder) FedEx/RFK continues it's tradition of general admission sell outs and support by the DC/Metro area and it's fanbase. There has been a growing trend that has the fans in a divide that is starting to have a Red state/Blue state feel to it as you have your optimists (a.k.a. homers, which I am proudly in this category) and your pessimists (a.k.a realists as they like to call themselves) and there is banter and every view is skewed based on their feelings. That's about it.

Then you have the Bengals fans and the WhoDey Revolution.
With training camp underway, they decided to send a message about their disdain for the franchise that they only have 1 scout on staff via airplane banner (see pic below).


But they weren't done, the next day they added another message:


discussing the stadium tax the fans/tax payers paid for to build a new stadium for a team that been pretty inept each and every year (with exception for the year that Palmer tore his ACL vs. Pittsburgh in the playoffs).

Of course, this haven't made the Bengals brass happy and they've been trying to get the planes stopped.

I applaud WDR for their attempts to call the Bengals out and try to make some changes. Will it work? Who knows. But at least it seems to be more effective at least in making headlines than trying to boycott games/merchandise and holding up signs that would say "Fire Brown!" or something like that.

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