Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What is Synvisc and Why Should You Care (Haynesworth's Knee)?

So the big news is that Albert Haynesworth has been rested a few times during training camp. Also, he's had an injection for his knee. Of course this is causing a freak out by some and a shrug by some others (like me).

So what was Big Al given? It was a Synvisc injection.

So you know what you should be asking: What is Synvisc?

(info. from drugs.com)
Basically, Synvisc is an injection of a derivative of Hyaluronic acid. It is similar to a substance (synovial fluid) that naturally occurs in the body that lubricates the joints and cartilage and works as a shock absorber. Normally, it's used in patients with osetoarthritis but can be used for other reasons. (Ed. Note: I am not suggesting that Haynesworth has osteoarthritis, just describing for that it is used)

It's painful as hell because the doctor injects it into he actual joint......

So here's my opinion/guess: Haynesworth had a knee sprain last year that cost him some time. The Skins decided to give him the shot, that may provide up to six months of cushion per each shot (if he uses the new Synvisc-One) and it sounds like he's had the injection before. Let's face it, Haynesworth is a athlete that has to drive his legs (ie. his knees) on every play. He's a huge man (350lbs per his profile on Redskins.com) and he's not getting any younger (yes, he's 28 years old but as you get older your body starts to slow down it's production of many things like cartilage and synovial fluid).

So if anything, this may slow and/or prevent some damage to his knee and help him be on the field more often.

I know that there are a few in the media that would love to say: "See, we told you so. Haynesworth only plays hard for a contract and can't stay healthy." "Snyder overpays for bust talent again." But it's too early to freak out and consider the signing of Haynesworth a mistake or a not thoroughly evaluated move.

For the fan, knee injuries are tricky things. However, unless I hear the word microfracture or some sort of ligament tear I would keep my concern to a minimal.

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