Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mediocrity, Thy Name is Redskin

I've now had three days to cool off from the god awful performance by the Washington Redskins as they fell to a rebuilding Detroit Lions. It still stings and it hurts more even now that the Redskins have become the laughing stock of the NFL.

I'm not going to waste your time with a recap of the game because to quote David Byrne of the Talking Heads...."Same as it ever was".

Here's the deal. The Redskins are still struggling from many of the same things that they struggled with in 2008. Only it seems more problematic in 2009 because of the following reasons:
1. They've had a full year under the same coach/system/scheme and should be improved.
2. The problems have gotten worse or are more notable than in 2008.
3. The adjustments made in the off season (including acquisitions) haven't worked or have made things worse.
4. Players still aren't executing or stepping up and making plays despite being given opportunities.

So lets look at the problems:
1. The team can't run the ball.
This is a huge concern for the Redskins because for the past five plus year the Redskins have been a power rushing team. They really are still a rushing team despite the attempt to improve upon the passing game. So far the team can't get much of a rush at all. The team currently averages 91 yards a game (24th in the league), but factor out the scrambles by Jason Campbell and the average is even worse. Portis averages 3.9 yds/carry. No other running back is above 2 yards/carry and the Skins currently have 5 running backs on the active roster (6 if you count FB Mike Sellers).
So What's the problem?
Well, the O-line has really, really, really struggled in run blocking. Stephon Heyer is just not a very good run blocker. Randy Thomas is injured again and Casey Rabach has been blown back many time especially against bigger tacklers. The Skins have tried to run more to the left, but teams are keying on it (since this is what they did mostly in 2008 as well) and shutting it down.
It also seems that either the Skins run a stretch play to the left or a draw play up the middle. Also Portis is injured and may be hitting that wall that all RBs have to face when they get near 30.

2. The Redskins can't score, especially in the Red Zone.
When you watched the Detroit game and Moss ran for the big TD, were you worried that he'd get tackled around the 5 and then the Skins wouldn't score a TD? I bet you did. It's a clear fact, the Skins can't score when they get into the Red Zone.
So What's the problem?
I am starting to believe thatZorn has serious confidence issues with Campbell on throwing into the end zone. It wasn't until last week that we finally saw a fade route to Malcolm Kelly. Most of the other pass plays tend to be more of the horizontal variety (swing pass, screen) to a RB. Second, Zorn's playcalling has been lousy in the Red Zone. The runs are predictable (stretch play left, off-tackle left, draw play) and the passing has again been minimal and predictable. Third, I don't think Zorn has used his players correctly. Pull Santana Moss out (unless you want to run a bubble screen) put in Devin Thomas or Marko Micthell for size. Where are the shots to Cooley or Randle-El? these are the two most reliable pass catchers this season and yet I can only remember two passes going to these guys (one was Campbell throwing away a pass near Randle-El, the other was the Portis option pass to Cooley). Where's a bootleg by Campbell? Let him run for a TD. Where's Fred Davis? There also has been a lack of execution as guys have dropped TDs. Finally, we have to look again to the O-line problems as a reason for the failed runs and for pressure on Campbell.

There's more but these are the biggest two and I think it comes down to the O-line, the play calling and the quarterback play.

1. Skins can't stop the run.
In a total of three games, the Skins have given up 383 yards. That's crazy. Although I have had issues with the pressure from the Blache defense, one thing has always stood out. They stop the run. This unit hasn't been able to do that.
So What's the problem?
Well, first things first......the tackling has been horrible. With exception to London Fletcher, there have been many, many missed tackles. That's a basic thing that all players should know how to do and the Skins are failing. Secondly, I think the scheme has had a breakdown. With Haynesworth being added, I think there has been a lack of discipline in gap protection that Blache expects. This is another problem with how the FO brings in players that don't fit the coach's scheme. Notice how the Skins struggled when Jason Taylor was added to the mix?

2. The Skins D can't get off the field (3rd down conversions)
So far the opposing teams have converted 22/43 of their 3rd down attempts. That's 51% of the time. So a team gets to a 3rd down and half of the time they'll convert and get a new set of downs. Wonder why the Skins O is only on the field for 50 plays a game? Wonder why the time of possession is so lousy? Now you know.
So What's the problem?
Lots of reasons on this one. First, the scheme has to play a factor. When it's third and 6 and you have your corners play off with a 8-10 yard cushion, what would you the viewer at home do? Would you throw it deep or throw a nice 6 yard slant or comeback route and get another first down? Yeah....I thought so. Second, there's no significant pressure being caused on third downs. I don't blame Haynesworth on this. He's taking on his 1-2 blockers and still being a disruption. The fact of the matter is that the other players aren't winning their 1 on 1 matchups. Andre Carter has struggled. There isn't a real decent blitz package currently being used by the Skins either. The only blitzes I do see are of the delayed variety and they tend to get picked up easily.

I could go on for hours about this but these are the big problems........

Next post will be about my plan on how to fix things.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


I'm not very happy at the moment with this joke of a team that I root for.

IIWII will continue but it will be awhile before I write about the Skins for some time.

Have You Checked Out The Redzone Channel?

I'm not getting paid by the NFL to pub the Red Zone Channel. However, if the NFL wants to send me $20 or a gift card, I wouldn't mind.

Have you checked out the Red Zone channel? It's on many providers including Comcast and Direct TV.

I decided to watch it just to see what it was about in week 1 and let me just say.......

I love the Red Zone channel!!!!!!

First, they cover every game and switch to a game when a team is in the Red Zone.
Second, No commercials!!!!! Just non-stop football action.
Third, as the games progress, the Red Zone channel focuses on the close games and gets rid of the games that have pretty much been decided.

You get to watch every team playing on the 1pm and 4pm games........

If youlike football, you should check it out.
Plus it has a feature on their website where you can edit game footage and post it on your blog....I'm going to try and use it throught the season.

Weekly Picks- Week 3

Time to cue the music, let's get this week started:

Last two weeks 21-11. This week is a tough one and I took a few risky picks, but any given Sunday is the modern NFL motto.

1PM Chiefs (0-2) @ Eagles (1-1) (Eagles favored by 9.5)
The Chiefs have played both the Ravens and the Raiders tough but again, I think the Eagles are a better team. The Eagles will not lose two home games in a row even with Mcnabb out. This is a tricky game because Kolb has yet to show that he's anything but mediocre. Expect Vick to make 1 big play in this game.
Prediction: Eagles 17-13

Lock of the Week
1PM Redskins (1-1) @ Lions (0-2) (Redskins favored by 6.5)
It's funny how media heads are picking the Lions here after a lousy Redskins showing vs. the Rams. It's also funny that former Post beat writer Jason LaCanfora (now of NFL Network) is also doing the same. More evidence that the guy never really paid any attention to the Redskins while he covered them especially in 2007 and 2008. Jason Campbell has had his best performances against none other than.....Detroit! The Skins have historically dominated Detroit throughout the years.
Prediction: Skins 31-14

1PM Packers (1-1) @ Rams (0-2) (Packers favored by 6.5)
Packers should win this. They have a more potent offense than the Rams and their defense should be able to shut down the Rams mediocre offense. Are the Rams the league's worst team?
Prediction: Packers 24- 10

1PM 49ers (2-0) @ Vikings (2-0) (Vikings favored by 7.0)
This will be the third week in a row I've picked against the 49ers, so I'm leery about this pick. However, the Vikings are at home (which may not bode well for Favre) and the Vikings strength on D is stopping the run. Frank Gore will have a tough day on the ground. Don't expect Hill to win this game for the 49ers.
Prediction: Vikings 27- 13

1PM Titans (0-2) @ Jets (2-0) (Jets favored by 2.5)
What does Vegas know that I don't? I don't like this line at all. The Jets defense should be able to contain the Titans run and pressure Collins. However, this is a must win game for the Titans if they want to have a chance of making the post season.
I still like the Jets here.
Prediction: Jets 19- 16

1PM Steelers (1-1) @ Bengals (1-1) (Steelers favored by 4.5)
The Bengals and Steelers could/should be 2-0 if not for a freak play and a bad FG attempt. This could be a major upset, but I still see the Steelers winning this one.
Prediction: Steelers 24-21

1PM Falcons (2-0) @ Patriots (1-1) (Patriots favored by 4.5)
The Pats would normally be favored here, but I like the Falcons here especially with wind and rain being a factor. Expect Michael Turner to break one for a TD at some point.
Prediction: Falcons 17- 10

1PM Jags (0-2) @ Texans (1-1) (Texans favored by 4)
I expect the Texans to come out throwing early and often in this one.
Prediction: Texans 31- 9

1PM Giants (2-0) @ Buccaneers (2-0) (Giants favored by 7)
One of the better teams plays one of the worst teams. Giants win this one easily.
Prediction: Giants 38- 10

1PM Browns (0-2) @ Ravens (2-0) (Ravens favored by 13.5)
This should be an easy win for the Ravens but they struggled with the Chiefs in week 1 and Cleveland does tend to play them tough. Expect a close game early on with the Ravens taking over in the 4th quarter.
Prediction: Ravens 24-10

4:05PM Bears (1-1) @ Seahawks (1-1) (Bears favored by 1.5)
No Hasslebeck, no offense. Expect Matt Forte to have a good day for Chicago.
Prediction: Bears 20- 6

4:05PM Saints (2-0) @ Bills (1-1) (Saints favored by 5.5)
I like the Saints to out gun the Bills here
Prediction: Saints 41- 27

4:15PM Dolphins (0-2) @ Chargers (1-1) (Chargers favored by 6.5)
The Chargers are still banged up and I just don't see the Dolphins going 0-3 here especially after how they played last week.
Prediction: Dolphins 27-24

4:15PM Broncos (2-0) @ Raiders (1-1) (Raiders favored by 1.5)
I see Oakland winning this one. They're at home and despite the lousy performance of JaMarcus Russell, I expect McFadden to run on the Broncos D.
Prediction: Oakland 16- 13

8:20 PM Colts (2-0) @ Cardinals (1-1) (Cardinals favored by 2.0)
If the Cards have figured out their passing game, they have a good chance at winning this one. Freeny is banged up, Sanders is out. The Colts D is hurting and the Cards have a powerful enough offense to take advantage of it.
Prediction: Cardinals 28-24

8:30PM MNF Panthers (0-2) @ Cowboys (1-1) (Cowboys favored by 9)
Cowboys don't lose two in a row at the house that Jerrah built. 'Boys finally give the Go-Go dancers reason to dance.
Prediction: Cowboys: 31- 17

* All times in EST
** This is for entertainment purposes only, if you have to rely on my picks to make any money, you're screwed anyway

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Week 2 Recap

Game Recap

The final score should have been 20-7.

Had that happened, nobody would be on the hot seat. Vegas would have called this game perfectly (they had Skins favored by 9.5 points) and the boo birds of FedEx would have stayed away at least for another week. It's simple how things would have gone if not for two dropped passes. Had Sellers and Thomas caught their passes (that hit them in the hands), the Skins score 14. The awful Red Zone drive of run, run HB option pass would have still netted 3 points. Then the Skins don't go for it on fourth and settle for another 3. Instead we have a miserable 9-7 game to open FedEx and you get what you get.

As for the booing fans, I want to make this one point clear: I don't boo my team. So there was at least a few people at the game that weren't booing the team. But I was generally pissed. Not at this team, or Coach Zorn, or a player or even Dan Snyder. I was angry about the futility of this franchise and where it has gone after growing up and seeing what this team meant to the area. Fans are passionate and the Redskins fan base is one of the most passionate fan bases in the world. We love this team and yet this team has become an utter joke. Expect fans to be angry.

And each year we come back hoping that this year will be different.........but it's not.

What's the worst of all this is that I like many of these guys on this team. With the all access stuff that you see from the Redskins, you get to know some of the players and really root for them and not just the team. Does anybody want to see Chris Cooley on a losing team or Jason Campbell struggle? Not really.

Anyway before I go off on what they did wrong, let's look at what the Skins did right this week.
1. Sustained Drives- The Skins were able to move the ball downfield with ease and generally dominated most of the stats. Of course this doesn't matter if you don't score (just ask the Dolphins in their week 2 loss to the Colts), but it's a good sign that this team is improving and can overcome a bad play. Remember, there were a few third and long situations and the Skins overcame them. Now if only they could finish in the Red Zone..........
2. More Pressure- I saw more pressure from Griffin, Haynesworth, Carter and Orakpo. Although it didn't lead to more sacks, I think it did help lead to some bad throws and a fumble (that was called back).
3. Get the Young Guys Involved- Orakpo looked better this week and made some plays as both a DE and a LB. The Skins also tried to get Kelly, Thomas and Davis involved. While Thomas and Davis didn't do too much, Kelly caught 4 passes. One more pass than he caught in all of 2008.
4. Less Sloppy- The offense and defense looked tighter and more focused. There were less penalties that I noticed (not sure if that is the real case in reality). Overall the execution looked better, although they were playing the Rams.......
5. Better Special Teams Performance- Kick off coverage was excellent. Randle-El actually took the ball up field. Punting was ok. Suisham was 3 for 3 and is perfect for the season (yes, they were chip shots but the chip shots won us the game).
6. Better Tackling- Overall better on the entire team.
7. Standout Players- Jason Campbell, Chris Cooley, Chris Horton, Albert Haynesworth, Cornelius Griffin, Chris Samuels

The bad was pretty clear.....I didn't like the playcalling in many aspects. I really disliked the Red Zone drive that ended with a HB option pass. It was timing more or less. Had Coach Zorn tried it on first down and not third down and failed, I don't think it would have been a topic of discussion.
That said, I want you to check out this video from NFL Films.
It is the various conversations/interactions between Zorn and Campbell and other players it makes me think that Zorn is a better coach that what many believe and what the final results show.

Missed Opportunities- two dropped TDs. A fumble deep in Rams territory called back by a late hit. A INT that hits Griffin right in the chest that would have been a pick six for the big man if he holds onto it. Same as it ever was for this team for the past few years.......

3rd downs- again the D has problems getting off the field, this has got to be fixed or we'll be seeing some serious domination by other good teams. The Skins can't play like this and win, maybe the Colts can because their offense is more explosive and Peyton Manning is the best QB in the league but the Skins just can't continue to do this.

Again sorry for the rush job, but my time has been really limited as of late. Now I've got a huge yard of grass to cut.

Friday, September 25, 2009


Sorry, for lack of posts this week.
Busy at work, lots of things coming up the weekend however.

Stay Tuned

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Weekly Picks- Week 2

In a rush here getting ready for the game..........

This will be quick......

1PM Texans @ Titans
Titans win easily- 24- 16

1PM Panthers @ Falcons
Falcons get 2nd home victory over ailing Panthers
30- 17

1PM Cardinals @ Jags
Arizona sucks on the road for 1PM games
Jags 20-9

1PM Saints@ Eagles
No Mcnabb, Kolb starts Saints win a shootout
Saints 37-30

1PM Bengals @ Packers
Packers are the better team
Packers 24-6

1PM Rams @ Redskins
Redskins win an ugly game that should be (but won't) a blowout
Redskins 19-10

1PM Patriots @ Jets
How can you not like what Rex Ryan is doing with this team, head says Pats but heart says Jets.
Jets 24-21

4:05PM Bucs @ Bills
The Bills are better than I thought and the Bucs are about the same.
Bills 17-13

4:05PM Seahawks @ 49ers
I just think right now the 'Hawks are the better team. Probably will get this one wrong like I did last week.
Seahawks 24-17

4:15PM Ravens @ Chargers
Upset of the week. No LT, I expect Rivers to get picked a few times. Ravens win a close one
Ravens 27-24

4:15PM Steelers @ Bears
Go figure. The team that was Superbowl bound once getting The Mope will now start the season off 0-2.
Steelers 20- 13

4:15PM Browns @ Broncos
don't waste your time watching this one, it will be ugly.
Broncos 15-10

8:20PM Giants @ Cowboys
Tough one, but I like NY here.
Giants 24-21

MNF 8:30PM Colts@ Dolphins
Like the Colts here
20- 13

Lock of the Week
1PM Vikings @ Lions
Poor Lions another juggernaut in 2 weeks
Vikings 34- 23

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Challenge to the 12th Man: The Sore Throat Crew Thread- Rams

I'm bringing an oldie but goody back (now in it's 5th year!!!) from the ExtremeSkin days as the 12th Man thread makes it's first of many appearances on IIWII. The 12th Man thread (aka The Sore Throat Crew) is a thread where Redskins fans get together and get fired up. It's a online pep rally if you will. Feel free to add your self to the list via the comments section (and I'll update the list as the week and season continues). Also, throw out the idea that this will be the regular critical, and semi-rational type of article I make about the Skins on the blog. This is fun and being proud to root for the Skins so it will be in full HOMERVISION (TM).

So are you over the Giants game yet?
You should be.

For the best part of football for the Redskins fan is about to start........we are only days.....DAYS!!!!!! away from THE HOME OPENER and even better........

.....it's a REVENGE game.

Take it away Mr. J:

Redskins Week 2: The Return of the Rams
(and The Revenge of the Redskins)

Last year I wrote and worried about the potential of a trap game occurring and despite all warnings, that's exactly what happened as the Redskins fell to the Rams 17-19.

A Rams team that couldn't win found a way that day at FedEx field.......in our house.

That brings us to this Sunday. The Skins are 0-1 and are in need of a big victory and what a better way to do it to a team that came into FedEx last year and upset a then upstart Redskins squad. Especially when this Rams team is being coached by a guy that's been the bane of the Redskins existence for the past few years: Steve Spagnuolo.

Nothing beats a football game live. Seeing a sea of people in Burgundy or white Redskin jerseys (Ed Note: Unless the ticket office sells all the tickets to Steeler or Cowboys fans). Ah, the smells of beer and grilled food and hearing all kinds of music usually with some Metallica or AC/DC mixed in as you walk from the parking lot to the stadium. As you make your way to your seats and then walk out and see the field.....the lush grass with the Redskins name in the end zone and logo at the 50.

The best part is the cheers of the crowd when the Skins score and when the crowd noise gets to the opposing team. That's what Redskins football has meant to me for years.......
I still remember the rocking of RFK that I watched from home. I still remember the occasional game at FedEx when the crowd has gotten into it and the 90,000 fans actually sound like 90,000 fans and it my friends is deafening.

Let's make it deafening again.

This week is the week where YOU the Redskins fan can actually play a role in the outcome even if that role is slight. YOU can help give this team a home field advantage. So just remember:


Make sure you find your voice Sunday morning, because you should lose it by late Sunday afternoon.

Are you with me?

Let's get loud! Let's make as much noise as possible to disrupt the Rams. They'll be ready for the noise, so you'll have to bring it even harder and louder this week. Can you accept the challenge and be ready to celebrate the first win of the 2009 season.

It's time to finally show what 90,000 Redskins fans can do for our team. I want the fans in St. Louis to hear the noise from FedEx as we unleash hell.

Can you do it?

ARE YOU WITH ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BRING ON THE 12th Man!!!!!!!

Early Weather Report: Partly Cloudy, high of 73, 10% chance of precipitation.

Here's our Sore Throat Crew for the 2009 season. Feel free to become a member.
All Redskins fans attending the game are welcome and even those who just want to scream from home can join in as well (add your name and location in the comments and I will update the list).

Members of the Sore Throat Crew:
105- pez, Huly
106- jgibbsfootball
112- DButz65
129- mtyquinn
131- psu2008
132- bsilman
140- ybnorml
142- Legion of Doom
215- 9 to 42 td
224- FFEMT284
230- Tastes Like Chicken, It's Not Chicken, John the Greek
235- EddieF
236- Gracelander
307- riggins 44
314= BuddyLeeGhostHunter
331- Stugein
402- rumikej, Ned Flanders
403- Walking Deadman (+1), Toe Jam, techboy, ACW
404- redskins35to7
409- Sweet Sassy Molassy, DCSportsfan53
413- skinsince72
418- MonsterMJP, Lil MonsterMJP
424- Capt. Kaos, Momma Kaos, Lil Kaos
426- LaxinFish29
428- InsaneBoost (+3)
429- C. Taylor
430- jwebst1
431- Skinsfan1311
451- Tat2dluvchylde
Also, don't forget an easy way to make a noise maker: empty bottle + a few pennies+ you shaking said bottle/pennies= lots of noise.


Update: there is a version on ES right now and I plan making a version for BGO, but it's late and right now I need some sleep.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Breaking News: Skins Sign OT Robinson to Practice Squad

Skins add OT William Robinson to the practice squad and cut WR Onrea Jones.

From Jason Reid over at Redskins Insider

Apparently Robinson was with the Seahawks in the preseason........

Profile from CBSSportsline
Profile from NFL.com

Final Thoughts on the Opener

(We saw this way too many times on Sunday)

First Thing,
Somebody- Dan Snyder or anybody in the Redskins organization, if Roger Goodell or anybody in NFL headquarters thinks about having the Skins open at Giant stadium again for the next 50 or so years do me a favor: get a copy of the Sunday NY Times or the Washington Post......roll it up and bop said person in the head. Back to back years opening at the Meadowlands sucks (I'm saying it politely as possible) and if the Ravens can avoid playing the Steelers in a home opener, then the Skins should be able to avoid playing the Giants on the road in week one, especially after two years in a row up there.

Second Thing,
Barring a playoff game up there, this will be the last time the Skins will play at the Meadowlands.
Ever. (You can't see this, but right now I'm jumping up and down and shaking my fist and screaming yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!). I hate the Meadowlands. The Skins generally suck there (unless the Skins are being led by a career back up and the spirit of Sean Taylor) and I won't miss it one bit.

Here's the deal on the game. After two days of reflection, nobody really should be angry about the result. It's the same result we've seen the past few years by the Skins against the Giants. They bring their B game. While in many series, you get a tough back and forth battle between two NFCE juggernauts, the Skins have a few series where they make major errors that cost them the game. The Giants are a better team right now. That's the facts. They know how to win and find ways to do so, the Skins still haven't figured that out yet.

The big problems of 2008 still are here in 2009. The D can't get off the field. While they improved in the 2nd half of the game ( 1/5 2nd half, 5/8 1st half Giant 3rd down conversions), the Skins allowed to convert many of their 3rd downs. In many cases, they were 3rd and longs and yet the team failed to get to Manning or stop the pass. There was minimal offense and when the Skins were driving, they found ways to kill the drive. The Randle-El trick play sack, the Campbell INT, the Campbell fumble. The Skins still can't continue and finish drives. There was still a lack of pass rush and I don't put the blame on Haynesworth. The guys around him have to take advantage of the 1 on 1 match-ups. It didn't happen nearly as much as you would expect. When Haynesworth is out, then you have to blitz or send in more than four guys. Right now nobody is scared of the Redskins front four, especially when Haynesworth is out.

Jason Campbell was up and down and his opportunities to make such mistakes are running out. The fumble was on him, not Chris Samuels (although you'd like Samuels to keep Osi as far away as possible). The INT as well; Campbell should have just run, pick up 4 yards and live to fight another day. Jason did have some good throws and made a few plays that he wouldn't have in the past. Great example was the busted play to Betts for 23 yards. Campbell fumbled and in 2008 would have tried to throw the ball away or just taken the sack. This year he knew where Betts was and made a play. That said, I don't get why he checked out of a pass on third and long and went off tackle to Betts. That never works, especially against the Giants. Campbell will have to play better if he wants to stay in DC.

I still put this game solely on Zorn. I like Zorn, I think he's a good teacher and a knowledgeable football guy. However, his playcalling didn't make much sense. Runs up the middle on first down weren't working....so he does it over and over again. Why wasn't Kelly, Davis and Thomas used more? Is it Campbell not throwing to them or is it Zorn not trying to get them into the game? Why haven't we seen Campbell try to run a fade route inside the 20? Where were the quick slants and screens to keep the pressure off Campbell with shorter passes? If Moss is being shut down why isn't a bigger WR taking his place? I thought the playcalling was pretty lousy. It didn't help Campbell or Portis at all.

Like I said. The Giants capitalize on the Redskins mistakes and find ways to win, the Redskins don't. Here's the plays that changed the game:
1. Manningham's TD: Three key missed tackles by Smoot, Carter and Hall. You just don't see the G-men do that.
2. Campbell's fumble: scooped up for a TD. The Redskins get a fumble recovery and a INT and neither if memory serves led to a TD.

Now could you imagine if the Skins were up and the Giants scored on a fake FG.......Skins would fall apart, wouldn't they? That's my point.

You could add some more and I'll mention them later, but you see what I mean.

Ok, now to get to my favorite part of game recaps: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Good

London Fletcher- 18 tackles. The man is just everywhere on the field.
Albert Haynesworth- Made some big stops and did everything that you'd expect/want the man to do. The Giants only had success running the ball when they went away from him or if he was out.
Chris Cooley- 7 catches, 68yds, 1TD. Cooley did what he does best, make catches. The good news is that he's already tied his touchdown number from 2008.
Antwaan Randle-El- 7 catches, 98yds. With exception of the option play mishap, Randle-El excelled as the #3 WR. If only Brandon Lloyd could have been a decent #2 *sigh*
Hunter Smith- Highlight of the game was the fake FG and TD run by Smith. It's a sad, sad day when your MVP is your punter (of course, his punts need to be better 32yd average is lousy). Kudos to special teams coach Danny Smith for catching the flaw in the Giants and using it to score a TD.

The Bad

Very poor playcalling- It was predictable and the Giants stopped it pretty easily.
No run game- Outside of the 1st big Portis run, there was no run game. This is a huge concern as this team will need a 1,300-1,400 yard season from Portis if they are to succeed in 2009. Jason Campbell has been a big issue, but the Redskins run game is still it's bread and butter.
Bad Tackling- Wonder why London Fletcher has 18 tackles? Because nobody else can apparently tackle. Get back to basics guys!!!!!!
Penalties- Laron Landry, wise up and knock off the late hits. I get why you do it. Sean Taylor also did stuff like this in his first couple of years to scare guys. You're now in your third year and it doesn't make you look scary, just not smart. Knock it off. Haynesworth also had a penalty that helped the Giants get three points.
Poor Corner Play- Corners looked lousy this week. DeAngelo Hall in particular, but he also admits he played poorly.
Santana Moss- A complete non-factor in this game, has got to do more to help Campbell have some weapons.
The Young Guys- Orakpo, Thomas, Kelly, Davis all pretty much non-factors in this game. Kevin Barnes wasn't even active. These guys need to step up and play.

The Ugly

With this game it's so hard to throw out excuses. This is the second year of Zorn. The second year of Campbell playing in Zorn's system. Most of these guys have been here since last year, so this team should be better. Sadly, the 2009 opener looks a great deal like the 2008 opener. I also wonder if the Skins really are a better team this year. Are they contenders or are they a middle of the road team that will beat teams they should usually, struggle with teams that are as good or better than they are, maybe pull an upset and probably blow a game they should win.

So What Does This Mean?
The Redskins are 0-1 and 0-1 vs. the NFCE. That's all for now......but the team better start to show improvement because Dan Snyder and the fans of the team he owns share one thing in common: they have little patience for failure and even less patience when they've given this team another chance to succeed without radically changing things.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Weekly Picks- Week 1

Let's get this season started, but first some intro. music for the weekly picks. Play this while you read........

Lock of the Week:
1PM- KC Chiefs @ Baltimore Ravens
The young Chiefs head to Baltimore to play a Ravens team that barely gave up a single score in the entire preseason. Joe Flacco should have a big day after the Chiefs run D has been loosened up by the run games of Rice/McClane/Mcgahee. The Chiefs have talent but it may be another year or two before they're ready to play the big boys.
Prediction: Balt: 27 KC:6

And the Rest......
1PM- Jacksonville Jaguars @ Indianapolis Colts
The Colts are coming of losses of coach Tony Dungy and WR Marvin Harrison but they still have Peyton Manning and I think it will be enough in a tough AFCS divisional game vs. the Jags.
Prediction: Indy: 20 Jax: 16

1PM- Detroit Lions @ NO Saints
We get to see the debut of Matthew Stafford and a somewhat rebuilt Lions franchise play one of the best offenses in the league. This will be a high scoring game, with most of the points going to the Saints.
Prediction: NO: 38 Det: 13

1PM- Philadelphia Eagles @ Carolina Panthers
Tough game to call and I have been back and forth on whether I think the Eagles will win this one or win it be Carolina's day to shine. I personally think that the Eagles have a better team on paper, but the Panthers will attack the Eagles D with the run and give Delhomme an opportunity to get the ball deep to Smith a few times. The injury to Shawn Andrews in a concern and Mcnabb will probably be under pressure throughout the day (Note: Winston Justice is the backup RT and starting today).
Prediction: Car: 20 Phi: 17

1PM- Dallas Cowboys @ TB Buccaneers
I don't think much of this year's Cowboys team and I have said to many that I think they'll probably go 6-10 this season. However, they win this game pretty easily. The Bucs are in a state of flux right now. New head coach, just fired their offensive coordinator, new QB (even though it's veteran Byron Leftwich). Not to mention, the Bucs have jettisoned many of their defensive players from the last few years. Dallas wins this one pretty easily.
Prediction: Dal: 27 TB: 10

1PM- NY Jets @ Houston Texans
I think the Jets defense combined with a great series by Mark Sanchez will him them the win. I just don't have a great deal of faith in the Texans ability to win.
Prediction: NY: 19 Hou: 11

1PM- Denver Broncos @ Cincinnati Bengals
"The Battle of the Incompetent Front Offices" takes place here. The Broncos are a shell of what they were last year and that's not saying much. The Bengals aren't much better. Ochocinco vs. Bailey should be a fun match up. I give the advantage to the home team. I'm guessing a higher scoring game because neither team's defense is very good.
Prediction: Cincy: 28 Den: 17

1PM- Minnesota Vikings @ Cleveland Browns
This game will feature the commentators going on and on about Brett Favre and occasionally Brady Quinn. But the real feature of the game will be Adrian Peterson and the Vikings defense.
Expect Peterson to break at least one run for a TD and expect Jamal Lewis to be stuffed in the backfield a dozen times.
Prediction: Min: 24 Cle: 9

1PM- Miami Dolphins @ Atlanta Falcons
I like the Falcons at home, in their house with Michael Turner running on their turf. The Dolphins just don't feel like they're going to be the same team that they were last year. I also expect to see the Falcons sniff out the Wildcat formation this game.
Prediction: Atl: 24 Mia: 13

4:15PM Washington Redskins @ NY Giants
The Giants are highly favored here and that's no real surprise based on who they are and how they've played the Skins the past few years. However, I got a feeling that the Skins may have a few surprises to throw their way. Shawn Suisham kicks better at the Meadowlands than any other stadium in the league. Ugly, low scoring game that may come down to the end. I'm going Redskins here. Sue me, I'm a homer and I think they have a good chance to pull an upset.
Prediction: Was: 16 NY:13

4:15PM SF 49ers @ Arizona Cardinals
This is a tougher game than one would think. These teams actually play each other tough and I know Mike Singletary will have his team ready. But I think the Cardinals are just a better team at home and will actually have a pretty good home field advantage now that they went to the Super Bowl.
Prediction: Ari: 30 SF: 16

4:15PM St. Louis Rams @ Seattle Seahawks
Rams have a way to go and the Seahawks should be closer to their 2007 form than their 2008 form. I like the Seahawks at home in this one.
Prediction: Sea: 24 StL: 10

8:20PM (SNF) Chicago Bears @ GB Packers
I'll be honest and admit I haven't followed the Packers much in the preseason so this pick is more based on what I've seen with the Bears. I think early on Cutler will do exactly what Bears fans expect. Light up the scoreboard and stats.......but it won't last. GB still has to master the 3-4 and that takes time. Bears win this one but I think the Packers might be the better team by the end of the season.
Prediction: Chi: 20 GB: 16

7:00PM (MNF Game 1) Buffalo Bills @ NE Patriots
This will be an ugly game for the Bills. With Brady back, I expect Belichick to go back to his 2007 form and run up the score on a struggling Bills squad. TO may want to save the popcorn for week 2.
Prediction NE: 42 Buf: 10

10:15PM (MNF Game 2) SD Chargers @ Oakland Raiders
I expect another high scorer out of this one. Chargers win pretty easily though.
Prediction: SD: 31 Oak: 17

Note: all times listed in EST

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Florio Picks the Redskins.......WTF?????

Many Redskin fans have a general dislike for Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio, especially because there is a believed Anti-Redskins bias on the site. Well, here's a stunner for you:
He has the Redskins going to the Superbowl.

And he has some commentary about the Skins in his current edition of his 10 pack:

Rise of the Redskins?

Of course, if memory serves, in his scenario neither Philly or NY (or Dallas for that matter) get a playoff birth. On the AFC side the Bengals make the playoffs and the Ravens don't. So take that as you will.

Poor, Poor Browns Fans........

Say what you want about us delusional Redskin fans, but this is what happens to a loyal fan base when their team is shipped off to another city.

Some get upset. Some get angry. Some put together a really bad film with goofy CGI, people dressed as dogs (I'd assume this was during a tailgate see around the 0:57 mark with the one dawg semi-puking) a dog-father......oh you have to watch this one yourselves (if you haven't seen it by now).

And a cameo by Tagliabue as Satan.

The good news is that the Browns eventually came back to Cleveland. The bad news is that maybe that wasn't such a great idea after all (only 2 winning seasons since their return in 1999)........no matter how many times Drew Carey sings Cleveland Rocks.

Oh well, it could be worse. The Browns opposing QB this week can't even figure out if he wants to buy a TV or not.

via Everything is Terrible!

Updates and Other Happenings........

Polls Closed

The big pre-season polls were asked and you the IIWII readers responded. Here are the final results.

1. Predict the Season (59 votes):
27%- 10-6
23%- 11-5
16%- 9-7
8%- 8-8
6%- 13+
5%- 12-4
5%- 7-9
5%- 5-11
1%- 4 or less

2. Drafting Brian Orakpo (67 votes):
94%- Great Move
2%- Bad Move
2%- Undecided

3. Drafting Keving Barnes (53 votes):
56%- Great Move
9%- Bad Move
33%- Undecided

4. Signing Albert Haynesworth (99 votes):
63%- Great Move
6%- Bad Move
30%- Undecided

Note: None of the polls add up to 100% because the percentages usually have decimal places and in this case, the poll rounds off to the lower number.

So thanks again for participating, looks like you agree with me and think the Skins have a good chance of having a winning season. More polls will be coming as the year goes on. We'll also revisit these polls at the end of the season.

Trust me, it sounds better when David Bowie sings that line.
There are some changes a-coming to IIWII and I figured I would share with all of you.

1. IIWII format change- It's subtle, but if you notice the line under the IIWII, I've changed what content that the blogs will cover in the future. Comics are out. I still read comics and enjoy some books, but frankly I don't like writing regular comic reviews (I don't even think I wrote one on IIWII) and most of my readers follow football more than anything else. Coverage of other topics like movies, TV shows and other things will still be here. But, I really don't have the time to follow stuff I don't like (ie. reality TV and most television programs) and don't do the shows I watch real justice. So, especially during football season, don't expect too many posts about the "other pop culture" element of IIWII. The occasional wacky Friday Night Videos segment will come back from time to time, when I remember to do it.

When I first started the blog, my goal was to have a broad range of topics (usually stuff I like) so that IIWII wouldn't be just another Redskins blog or just another football blog. There are so many good blogs that do just that so I wanted something that might be slightly more than that. In then end, I concluded that I write better posts about the Redskins and football. So for most readers here, not much will be changing.

2. Countdown Clock- IIWII will have a weekly countdown clock for each game. I've always like them since the old days at ExtremeSkins. I found the widget site thanks to the countdown clock that BGO and the OM field uses and now have my own. There will probably be a clock for the 2010 draft and the start for the 2010 season as well.

3. Weekly Picks- I will have a weekly football picks segment. It will even have it's own intro. music.

4. Game Recaps- Much like last year, I will have a game recap and review with analysis and commentary on the game. I don't have the great breakdowns of Post Game Heroes with video footage etc., but it's another take on the game. When I go to games, I'm hoping to include picture from FedEx.

5. 12th Man Post- This is something I've done for the last few years on ExtremeSkins. I think I'll be doing on BGO instead this year, but it will be on IIWII no matter what. Feel free to join in on the "online pep rally". Post your row, GET FIRED UP AND GET LOUD FOR GAME TIME!!!!!!! This post will only be done during home games starting 9/20/09. Bring on the 12th Man!!!!!

6. ?????- There is something I'm working on for 2010. I think that many of you will like it and it should be fun to do. But I'm not going to spoil it, especially if I never get around to it (time is never my friend) or realize it's something that won't turn out well.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Writing With the Big Boys.....Free Plugs

Our friends at DC Pro Sports Report decided to ask some of the local sports writers, bloggers and what not about the upcoming Redskins season. The column (click here) has a bunch of the regular names you expect to see when talking about the Skins and those who cover them.

You may be surprised to see one name there however:

"Al, Walking Deadman"

Yep, that's me. It's pretty cool to be put in a article with other writers who I read on a regular basis. Especially when many of these guys are professional writers. Me, I'm a amateur writer who does this in his spare time but is a passionate Skins fan and have learned a few things over the 23 plus years I've been a Skins and football fan.

It's a good read by the way and if you notice there's a general consensus that the Skins are in the "average" category. Based on what everybody wrote they'll land somewhere between 7-9 and 10-6.

So, thanks to DCPSR for inviting me to participate and go check out their site.

While I'm giving out free plugs, there's a new Skinscast episode over at Skinscast.com and there's a new Bang Cartoon Radio Hour up at BANG! Cartoons.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Final 2 Practice Squad Members Added

From Matt Terl's (Redskin's Blogger) Twitter:

Darrel Young, LB
Onrea Jones, WR
* Also announcing Andre Woodson, but we already knew about that.

Young, is a rookie LB that was here at camp and was cut on Saturday. Jason Reid of The Post thought he might be a surprise as the 53rd player on the roster. Apparently, the Skins think he's got potential at least on special teams and teammates have been high on him (London Fletcher being one of those teammates).

Here's some info on Jones:
NFL.com (he played for the Cardinals)
Wikipedia page
A 2007 interview (as a prospect from Hampton)

The roster is complete, 1st practice with the current team starts today at 1pm........let the games begin.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Waiting for the Practice Squad........

The Skins have announced 6 signings to the practice squad.

5 of those picks are Skins who were cut yesterday:
Lendy Holmes, S
Rob Jackson, DE
Trent Shelton, WR
Eddie Williams, FB
JD Skolnitsky, DE

The sixth player was former Giant Andre Woodson (QB).

This came about because Chase Daniel signed with the Saints practice squad.
Two other players that many thought would make the practice squad were signed to active rosters of other teams.

DT Antonio Dixon, was signed off waivers by the Eagles
LB Cody Glenn, wad signed off waivers by the Colts.

The loss of Daniel doesn't upset me too much. He had ONE GOOD GAME. Against mostly #2's and #3's. Daniel looks like he has a future in the NFL, but I'm still convinced that Brennan has a larger upside than Daniel. Plus, I like the signing of Woodson. The Skins get a guy to work with and a guy who knows the Giants offense. Frankly, the Skins can use as much help as they can get against the Giants.

Dixon I thought had a great upside and I would have liked to see him be a reserve on the active roster in 2010. Remember, both Golston and Montgomery will be free agents next year and Montgomery probably won't be back next season.

I'd guess that the Skins are looking for another LB and DT to sign, but who knows?
Got to give Vinny and the front office some credit however, the Redskins cast offs are somewhat desired by other teams. It means somebody has been doing some good work in player evaluation.

Final Thoughts on the 53 Man Roster.......

Had some time to absorb it, to take it in and really there aren't that many surprises here. I did a modified 53 after the first 5 cuts over at BGO and for the most part most of my picks only were off in the O-line dept. and LB/DE.

So Let's look at the final roster with some commentary:

Jason Campbell, Todd Collins. *Colt Brennan to IR*
Comments: Had Brennan not been hurt, he is the Redskins #3. The big question would have been then "Would the Redskins sign Chase Daniel to the practice squad?" The IR of Brennan allowed the Skins to keep either Westbrook or E. Williams on the team, which helps the depth of the roster.

Clinton Portis, Rock Cartwright, Marcus Mason, Mike Sellers, Ladell Betts
Comments: If anything Mason should have won a roster spot for the Skins last year. Mason can get the tough yard that Betts can't and he's also dangerous as a pass catcher out of the backfield. I still worry about his pass blocking, maybe Portis can show him a thing or two. It will be interesting to see how the dynamic of Portis/Betts/Mason will work without somebody being phased out. Also, I guess Rock will have another pressure filled 2010 as he'll be competing to make the team as a KR and special teams ace.

Chris Cooley, Fred Davis, Todd Yoder
Comments: Yoder is the best blocking TE on the team, no way was he going to get cut. No surprises.

Santana Moss, Malcolm Kelly, Antwaan Randle El, Devin Thomas, Marko Mitchell
Comments: Mitchell earned a spot here, period. The rest were locks. I can't wait to see both Mitchell and Kelly out there in some Red Zone packages......hope Jason can master the fade, he's finally got two guys who can catch it. This is a much better corp than what I expected because Kelly and Thomas look like they're ready to make some plays.

Chris Samuels, Derrick Dockery, Casey Rabach, Randy Thomas, Stephon Heyer, Will Montgomery, Mike Williams, Chad Rinehart, Edwin Williams, D'Anthony Batiste
Comments: I was surprised to see Batiste and Williams here. I was also surprised to see Jeremy Bridges get cut. Mike Williams here is no surprise despite my concerns if the Skins needed a tackle in a emergency. I think the Skins see a great deal of potential in Ed Williams and this is why they didn't let him go. They didn't want to lose him like they did with Andrew Crummey last season (signed off the practice squad by the Bengals). Let's hope that this O-line stays healthy because with exception of Montgomery, the depth lacks experience.

Phillip Daniels, Andre Carter, Jeremy Jarmon, Lorenzo Alexander, Renaldo Wynn
Comments: Alexander can play everything, he is a true "core" Redskin. Jarmon is the future starting LDE and Wynn still can play. If anything Wynn makes the team because he provides leadership and can mentor both Jarmon and Orakpo and give you a few plays a game.

Albert Haynesworth, Cornelius Griffin, Kedric Golson, Anthony Montgomery
Comments: No real surprises here. I would keep an eye on Montgomery however, if the Skins can trade him for a decent pick, I wouldn't be that surprised that they move him and promote Antonio Dixon to the active roster. Montgomery has not been happy about becoming the 4th DT on the roster from what I've heard/read.

London Fletcher, Rocky McIntosh, Brian Orakpo, H.B. Blades, Robert Henson, Chris Wilson
Comments: I'm surprise a little that they didn't keep Thomas or Fincher if only to help with special teams. The coaches must think that Orakpo and Wilson have show enough to be solid LBs on this team. Only 4 natural LBs with two hybrid DE/LBs. The drafting of Cody Glenn still makes me shake my head, but this far he's been the only 2009 draft pick that I wasn't happy about. I expect Glenn to go to the practice squad as he'll be a project.

Carlos Rogers, DeAngelo Hall, Fred Smoot, Justin Tyron, Kevin Barnes, Byron Westbrook.
Comments: The injury to Rogers must be a concern to the Skins despite the team (ie. Vinny) saying that it wasn't the reason the Skins kept Westbrook. Plus, Kevin Barnes has struggled both on teams and in coverage. It makes sense to keep the SU alum if only to help out on teams or play in dime coverage. Westbrook has one great quality I've noticed this season, he always knows where the ball is on the field.

LaRon Landry, Chris Horton, Reed Doughty, Kareem Moore
Comments: No surprise here, possibly one of the stronger units on the team

Hunter Smith (P), Shaun Suisham (K), and Ethan Albright (LS).
Comments: Suisham locked up the job when he made the 48yd. FG more or less. The battle was mostly a tie and the Skins gave the job to the incumbent. Hope Suisham has a better season this year than he did in 2008.

Rock Cartwright, Devin Thomas
Comments: Thomas looked good returning kicks when Rock was out. While Rock is consistent and hold onto the ball, Thomas has that extra gear that can turn a nice return into a touchdown if he makes the right move or finds the right hole/seam.

Comments: I haven't seen anybody stand out. Maybe let Tryon or Thomas do them. Moss and Hall are too valuable to use as regular punt returners and Randle-El just doesn't seem to have it anymore. 5 yds. or less per return or less just is unacceptable.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Roster Cuts

So far early word is 2 names:
Chase Daniel
Dave Rayner- from Brad Biggs of NFP

more to come.......

Update: The Post is reporting that fan favorite Marcus Mason will be on the 53 man roster.

Update 2: The Times is reporting some bubble players who have made the team. Byron Westbrook and Renaldo Wynn making the 53 man roster. Makes me wonder if Anthony Montgomery will be cut.

Update 3: Looks like Robert Henson will be on the 53 man roster.

Redskins.com has the final list:
Robbie Agnone TE Undrafted Rookie
Anthony Alridge RB First-year Player
Jeremy Bridges G/T 7-year Vet
Scott Burley T Undrafted Rookie
Alex Buzbee DE First-year Player
Chase Daniel QB Undrafted Rookie
Antonio Dixon DT Undrafted Rookie
Dominique Dorsey RB First-year Player
Doug Dutch CB Undrafted Rookie
Keith Eloi WR Undrafted Rookie
Cody Glenn LB 2009 5th-Round Draft Pick
D.J. Hackett WR 6-Year Vet
Lendy Holmes S Undrafted Rookie
Rob Jackson DE 2008 7th-Round Draft Pick
Dave Rayner K 4-year Vet
Rueben Riley G First-year Player
Trent Shelton WR First-year Player
J.D. Skolnitsky DE Undrafted Rookie
Robert Thomas LB 8-year Vet
Eddie Williams FB 2009 7th-Round Draft Pick
Darrel Young LB Undrafted Rookie

Some interesting surprises: Jeremy Bridges is cut in favor of D'Anthony Batiste, Mike Williams stays also. Robert Thomas, Cody Glenn and Darrel Young are gone. Why do the Skins even waste 5th round picks on LBs? Dallas Sartz a few years ago, now Cody Glenn.

Final Thoughts on Jacksonville Game and the Preseason

Like I said earlier, final score in the preseason doesn't matter. It's mostly looking at individual players and their progress (or lack there of). But first some comments:

- Jacksonville is a sad, sad place to play. I've never seen a stadium where tarps are covering a large portion of their upper bowl. I've never seen a stadium look so empty. It makes the Skins club seats on gameday look like a crowded house.

- The offensive 1st team looked good again. Jason Campbell was never touched. Campbell had another great game and threw a beautiful pass (getting by 3 Jag. defenders no less) to Antwaan Randle-El. Sadly, ARE couldn't hold onto the ball.

-Penalties and run blocking are still major concerns to me going into the season. Same with the health of the starting O-line.

- The D didn't look that great with Haynesworth, Fletcher, Rogers and Daniels out. Biggest concern is still the inability to get off the field in third down situations. It hasn't gotten better. It's sad because the Redskins tend to shut down 1st and 2nd down plays well.

- The Jags played many of their starters well into the 3rd quarter. So you have to take some performances with a grain of salt.

Player Competition

Kicker: Suisham vs. Rayner- Rayner seems to do kickoffs better, but Suisham looks like he solidified his job with a nice 48yd. FG. Very close to a draw with a slight edge to Suisham.
Winner: Suisham

#3 QB: Brennan vs. Daniel- Daniel had a pretty weak game. Brennan looked sharp and made some smart decisions. In the past Brennan would have hurled balls into bad spots to try and make plays. Doesn't usually work in the NFL against good defenses. In this game Brennan still made some smart plays under pressure but when it wasn't there, he threw it away. That's what Zorn wants to see.
Winner: Brennan

#5 WR: Mitchell vs. the field- Mitchell catches another TD and a few passes. Keith Eloi had a nice grab but too little, too late.
Winner: Mitchell, I think Eloi may be on the practice squad.

RB- Mason vs. Alridge vs. Dorsey- I thought Dorsey played the best in this game, but word is that the battle is down to Mason and Alridge. The Skins are in love with Alridge's speed, but he's been very fumble prone in camp and he had a major fumble on a KO vs. the Jags. He's also injury prone. Mason has had a more quiet preseason than in 2008, but he still can get that tough yard and make plays. The problem is his pass blocking and special teams play. I still like Dorsey personally, but I'd like to see Mason on this team especially if Portis gets dinged up.
Winner: Alridge- Skins are very high on him. I don't like the move, but that's what I'm reading and seeing right now.

Winners and Losers

Winner- Jason Campbell, his two performances will quiet his opposition. For now.
Winner- Colt Brennan, nice game but an injury has sadly cost him any chance of seeing the regular season in 2009.
Winner- Robert Henson, has probably done enough to make this team. But has a long way to go.
Winner- Justin Tryon, nice INT and some speed will make him the #4 CB going into the season.
Winner- Marko Mitchell, another good game. Roster lock IMO.
Winner Jeremy Bridges- looked decent playing LT, I didn't think he could play LT.

Loser- Chase Daniel, poor game, huge fumble now likely to not make the team or the practice squad.
Loser- Mike Williams- made some plays, but notably the big whiff leading to the Daniel sack/fumble was really, really bad. Right now Williams would not be starting caliber at all, he can't deal with starting speed. This is why the Skins cut Jon Jansen by the way.
Loser- Byron Westbrook, got beat in coverage and for the 2nd week in a row got screwed over by bad ref calls as he has picked up 2 fumbles and returned them for TDs but the refs blew the whistle. Even though both plays were ruled fumbles......arrgh.

Brennan Goes to IR......Keep 2 or Keep Chase?

Cult of Coltists.....I'm sorry to say but your season is over.

From Redskins.com:

"The Redskins plan to put backup quarterback Colt Brennan on the injured reserve list, Redskins.com’s Larry Weisman has learned.

The popular second-year player has been fighting a nagging hamstring injury that he reaggravated against Jacksonville on Thursday night. An MRI exam revealed a tear of the hamstring. Brennan also has a hip injury."

The Post has a little more on the topic in Jason Reid's Redskin Insider, including this tidbit about the Skins possibly keeping 6 corners:
"Redskins officials also were mulling the possibility of keeping an extra cornerback because of growing concern about starter Carlos Rogers, sources said, who was sidelined most of the preseason because of a lingering calf injury."

Overall, this is a sad way for Brennan to end the 2009 season. He struggled most of the preseason but shined in the finale against Jacksonville. It was the passes that he didn't throw in that game impressed me more than the ones he did (which were great throws). I agree with Colt that he is a better QB this season than he was last year despite the stats not reflecting that opinion. 2010 will be another year where Brennan will have to prove himself especially if the Skins bring in another #3 QB or if the keep rookie Chase Daniel, who was battling Brennan for a roster spot.

This brings the question of what do the Redskins do with Brennan's spot. I think he had won the battle over Daniel (more on that in another post) but do the Redskins use that spot for Daniel? The Redskins could go with two quarterbacks and then give another roster spot for a guy who might be a possible active player on gameday. Maybe bring in another lineman so you can justify keeping Mike Williams and giving Williams a chance to continue to work into his weight and shake off the rust. If they do that, they could sign Daniel to the practice squad and continue to develop him without using a roster spot. Of course, by putting him on the practice squad you risk losing him to any other team that would sign him to their active roster.

Roster cuts are due by 6pm.

Update: PFT is reporting via Mort (Chris Mortenson) that the Skins won't be keeping Daniel or putting him on the practice squad. Based on PFT and Mort's inaccurate predictions/rumors as of late, I'll take this report with a grain of salt.

Update #2: Jason Reid is confirming the Mort report. But it sounds like the Skins would keep him on the practice squad.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Final Thoughts on the Patriots Game and Who to Watch Tonight

For a dress rehearsal, it was a pretty good one. Yes, I know it's preseason, but the Skins had their best game so far this season when the starters were on the field. Jason Campbell did a few things that I haven't seen much since he's become the starter. First he looked very comfortable in the pocket. Second, it seemed like he knew exactly where the ball needed to go. Third, quicker release and better accuracy. Was he perfect? No, but if Campbell can play like this throughout the season the Skins could be a very dangerous team in the NFC East.

The defense has given me the biggest concerns right now. I still am concerned about the unit getting off the field on third downs. I'm also concerned about the pass rush. There has been increased pressure, but still not sacks. Hopefully, things will improve as the season continues.

On the Jags.....

There's not much to look at when you're looking at units or team in this game. The starters will probably play a series, maybe two if they look really horrible. As you know though, this is the depth game so you're really looking at position battles more or less.

Who I'm Watching.....
1. Mike Williams- He really needs to show me something tonight. The Skins put a lot of effort in bringing him back and would like to see some on field progress. If he gets injured in this game or has a bad showing, I really believe that the Skins need to cut him.

2. Mason vs. Dorsey vs. Alridge- I think one of these guys will be on the final 53. Who right now? I have no clue. Mason, to me would be a great back up to Portis. Dorsey looks like the best punt returner (that you are willing to put on punts. DeAngelo Hall and Santana Moss are too valuable to risk an injury on a punt.) on the squad. Alridge is really, really fast.

3. Colt vs. Chase- you know the deal by now.

4. D-line depth- Wynn, Jackson and Buzbee are battling for a spot and will have to have a great game to try to make the team.

5. Marko Mitchell- looking at him on special teams. He does well, he's a lock.