Saturday, September 5, 2009

Brennan Goes to IR......Keep 2 or Keep Chase?

Cult of Coltists.....I'm sorry to say but your season is over.


"The Redskins plan to put backup quarterback Colt Brennan on the injured reserve list,’s Larry Weisman has learned.

The popular second-year player has been fighting a nagging hamstring injury that he reaggravated against Jacksonville on Thursday night. An MRI exam revealed a tear of the hamstring. Brennan also has a hip injury."

The Post has a little more on the topic in Jason Reid's Redskin Insider, including this tidbit about the Skins possibly keeping 6 corners:
"Redskins officials also were mulling the possibility of keeping an extra cornerback because of growing concern about starter Carlos Rogers, sources said, who was sidelined most of the preseason because of a lingering calf injury."

Overall, this is a sad way for Brennan to end the 2009 season. He struggled most of the preseason but shined in the finale against Jacksonville. It was the passes that he didn't throw in that game impressed me more than the ones he did (which were great throws). I agree with Colt that he is a better QB this season than he was last year despite the stats not reflecting that opinion. 2010 will be another year where Brennan will have to prove himself especially if the Skins bring in another #3 QB or if the keep rookie Chase Daniel, who was battling Brennan for a roster spot.

This brings the question of what do the Redskins do with Brennan's spot. I think he had won the battle over Daniel (more on that in another post) but do the Redskins use that spot for Daniel? The Redskins could go with two quarterbacks and then give another roster spot for a guy who might be a possible active player on gameday. Maybe bring in another lineman so you can justify keeping Mike Williams and giving Williams a chance to continue to work into his weight and shake off the rust. If they do that, they could sign Daniel to the practice squad and continue to develop him without using a roster spot. Of course, by putting him on the practice squad you risk losing him to any other team that would sign him to their active roster.

Roster cuts are due by 6pm.

Update: PFT is reporting via Mort (Chris Mortenson) that the Skins won't be keeping Daniel or putting him on the practice squad. Based on PFT and Mort's inaccurate predictions/rumors as of late, I'll take this report with a grain of salt.

Update #2: Jason Reid is confirming the Mort report. But it sounds like the Skins would keep him on the practice squad.

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