Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Challenge to the 12th Man: The Sore Throat Crew Thread- Rams

I'm bringing an oldie but goody back (now in it's 5th year!!!) from the ExtremeSkin days as the 12th Man thread makes it's first of many appearances on IIWII. The 12th Man thread (aka The Sore Throat Crew) is a thread where Redskins fans get together and get fired up. It's a online pep rally if you will. Feel free to add your self to the list via the comments section (and I'll update the list as the week and season continues). Also, throw out the idea that this will be the regular critical, and semi-rational type of article I make about the Skins on the blog. This is fun and being proud to root for the Skins so it will be in full HOMERVISION (TM).

So are you over the Giants game yet?
You should be.

For the best part of football for the Redskins fan is about to start........we are only days.....DAYS!!!!!! away from THE HOME OPENER and even better........'s a REVENGE game.

Take it away Mr. J:

Redskins Week 2: The Return of the Rams
(and The Revenge of the Redskins)

Last year I wrote and worried about the potential of a trap game occurring and despite all warnings, that's exactly what happened as the Redskins fell to the Rams 17-19.

A Rams team that couldn't win found a way that day at FedEx our house.

That brings us to this Sunday. The Skins are 0-1 and are in need of a big victory and what a better way to do it to a team that came into FedEx last year and upset a then upstart Redskins squad. Especially when this Rams team is being coached by a guy that's been the bane of the Redskins existence for the past few years: Steve Spagnuolo.

Nothing beats a football game live. Seeing a sea of people in Burgundy or white Redskin jerseys (Ed Note: Unless the ticket office sells all the tickets to Steeler or Cowboys fans). Ah, the smells of beer and grilled food and hearing all kinds of music usually with some Metallica or AC/DC mixed in as you walk from the parking lot to the stadium. As you make your way to your seats and then walk out and see the field.....the lush grass with the Redskins name in the end zone and logo at the 50.

The best part is the cheers of the crowd when the Skins score and when the crowd noise gets to the opposing team. That's what Redskins football has meant to me for years.......
I still remember the rocking of RFK that I watched from home. I still remember the occasional game at FedEx when the crowd has gotten into it and the 90,000 fans actually sound like 90,000 fans and it my friends is deafening.

Let's make it deafening again.

This week is the week where YOU the Redskins fan can actually play a role in the outcome even if that role is slight. YOU can help give this team a home field advantage. So just remember:


Make sure you find your voice Sunday morning, because you should lose it by late Sunday afternoon.

Are you with me?

Let's get loud! Let's make as much noise as possible to disrupt the Rams. They'll be ready for the noise, so you'll have to bring it even harder and louder this week. Can you accept the challenge and be ready to celebrate the first win of the 2009 season.

It's time to finally show what 90,000 Redskins fans can do for our team. I want the fans in St. Louis to hear the noise from FedEx as we unleash hell.

Can you do it?

ARE YOU WITH ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BRING ON THE 12th Man!!!!!!!

Early Weather Report: Partly Cloudy, high of 73, 10% chance of precipitation.

Here's our Sore Throat Crew for the 2009 season. Feel free to become a member.
All Redskins fans attending the game are welcome and even those who just want to scream from home can join in as well (add your name and location in the comments and I will update the list).

Members of the Sore Throat Crew:
105- pez, Huly
106- jgibbsfootball
112- DButz65
129- mtyquinn
131- psu2008
132- bsilman
140- ybnorml
142- Legion of Doom
215- 9 to 42 td
224- FFEMT284
230- Tastes Like Chicken, It's Not Chicken, John the Greek
235- EddieF
236- Gracelander
307- riggins 44
314= BuddyLeeGhostHunter
331- Stugein
402- rumikej, Ned Flanders
403- Walking Deadman (+1), Toe Jam, techboy, ACW
404- redskins35to7
409- Sweet Sassy Molassy, DCSportsfan53
413- skinsince72
418- MonsterMJP, Lil MonsterMJP
424- Capt. Kaos, Momma Kaos, Lil Kaos
426- LaxinFish29
428- InsaneBoost (+3)
429- C. Taylor
430- jwebst1
431- Skinsfan1311
451- Tat2dluvchylde
Also, don't forget an easy way to make a noise maker: empty bottle + a few pennies+ you shaking said bottle/pennies= lots of noise.


Update: there is a version on ES right now and I plan making a version for BGO, but it's late and right now I need some sleep.

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