Monday, September 7, 2009

Final 2 Practice Squad Members Added

From Matt Terl's (Redskin's Blogger) Twitter:

Darrel Young, LB
Onrea Jones, WR
* Also announcing Andre Woodson, but we already knew about that.

Young, is a rookie LB that was here at camp and was cut on Saturday. Jason Reid of The Post thought he might be a surprise as the 53rd player on the roster. Apparently, the Skins think he's got potential at least on special teams and teammates have been high on him (London Fletcher being one of those teammates).

Here's some info on Jones: (he played for the Cardinals)
Wikipedia page
A 2007 interview (as a prospect from Hampton)

The roster is complete, 1st practice with the current team starts today at 1pm........let the games begin.

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