Sunday, September 6, 2009

Final Thoughts on the 53 Man Roster.......

Had some time to absorb it, to take it in and really there aren't that many surprises here. I did a modified 53 after the first 5 cuts over at BGO and for the most part most of my picks only were off in the O-line dept. and LB/DE.

So Let's look at the final roster with some commentary:

Jason Campbell, Todd Collins. *Colt Brennan to IR*
Comments: Had Brennan not been hurt, he is the Redskins #3. The big question would have been then "Would the Redskins sign Chase Daniel to the practice squad?" The IR of Brennan allowed the Skins to keep either Westbrook or E. Williams on the team, which helps the depth of the roster.

Clinton Portis, Rock Cartwright, Marcus Mason, Mike Sellers, Ladell Betts
Comments: If anything Mason should have won a roster spot for the Skins last year. Mason can get the tough yard that Betts can't and he's also dangerous as a pass catcher out of the backfield. I still worry about his pass blocking, maybe Portis can show him a thing or two. It will be interesting to see how the dynamic of Portis/Betts/Mason will work without somebody being phased out. Also, I guess Rock will have another pressure filled 2010 as he'll be competing to make the team as a KR and special teams ace.

Chris Cooley, Fred Davis, Todd Yoder
Comments: Yoder is the best blocking TE on the team, no way was he going to get cut. No surprises.

Santana Moss, Malcolm Kelly, Antwaan Randle El, Devin Thomas, Marko Mitchell
Comments: Mitchell earned a spot here, period. The rest were locks. I can't wait to see both Mitchell and Kelly out there in some Red Zone packages......hope Jason can master the fade, he's finally got two guys who can catch it. This is a much better corp than what I expected because Kelly and Thomas look like they're ready to make some plays.

Chris Samuels, Derrick Dockery, Casey Rabach, Randy Thomas, Stephon Heyer, Will Montgomery, Mike Williams, Chad Rinehart, Edwin Williams, D'Anthony Batiste
Comments: I was surprised to see Batiste and Williams here. I was also surprised to see Jeremy Bridges get cut. Mike Williams here is no surprise despite my concerns if the Skins needed a tackle in a emergency. I think the Skins see a great deal of potential in Ed Williams and this is why they didn't let him go. They didn't want to lose him like they did with Andrew Crummey last season (signed off the practice squad by the Bengals). Let's hope that this O-line stays healthy because with exception of Montgomery, the depth lacks experience.

Phillip Daniels, Andre Carter, Jeremy Jarmon, Lorenzo Alexander, Renaldo Wynn
Comments: Alexander can play everything, he is a true "core" Redskin. Jarmon is the future starting LDE and Wynn still can play. If anything Wynn makes the team because he provides leadership and can mentor both Jarmon and Orakpo and give you a few plays a game.

Albert Haynesworth, Cornelius Griffin, Kedric Golson, Anthony Montgomery
Comments: No real surprises here. I would keep an eye on Montgomery however, if the Skins can trade him for a decent pick, I wouldn't be that surprised that they move him and promote Antonio Dixon to the active roster. Montgomery has not been happy about becoming the 4th DT on the roster from what I've heard/read.

London Fletcher, Rocky McIntosh, Brian Orakpo, H.B. Blades, Robert Henson, Chris Wilson
Comments: I'm surprise a little that they didn't keep Thomas or Fincher if only to help with special teams. The coaches must think that Orakpo and Wilson have show enough to be solid LBs on this team. Only 4 natural LBs with two hybrid DE/LBs. The drafting of Cody Glenn still makes me shake my head, but this far he's been the only 2009 draft pick that I wasn't happy about. I expect Glenn to go to the practice squad as he'll be a project.

Carlos Rogers, DeAngelo Hall, Fred Smoot, Justin Tyron, Kevin Barnes, Byron Westbrook.
Comments: The injury to Rogers must be a concern to the Skins despite the team (ie. Vinny) saying that it wasn't the reason the Skins kept Westbrook. Plus, Kevin Barnes has struggled both on teams and in coverage. It makes sense to keep the SU alum if only to help out on teams or play in dime coverage. Westbrook has one great quality I've noticed this season, he always knows where the ball is on the field.

LaRon Landry, Chris Horton, Reed Doughty, Kareem Moore
Comments: No surprise here, possibly one of the stronger units on the team

Hunter Smith (P), Shaun Suisham (K), and Ethan Albright (LS).
Comments: Suisham locked up the job when he made the 48yd. FG more or less. The battle was mostly a tie and the Skins gave the job to the incumbent. Hope Suisham has a better season this year than he did in 2008.

Rock Cartwright, Devin Thomas
Comments: Thomas looked good returning kicks when Rock was out. While Rock is consistent and hold onto the ball, Thomas has that extra gear that can turn a nice return into a touchdown if he makes the right move or finds the right hole/seam.

Comments: I haven't seen anybody stand out. Maybe let Tryon or Thomas do them. Moss and Hall are too valuable to use as regular punt returners and Randle-El just doesn't seem to have it anymore. 5 yds. or less per return or less just is unacceptable.

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