Saturday, September 5, 2009

Final Thoughts on Jacksonville Game and the Preseason

Like I said earlier, final score in the preseason doesn't matter. It's mostly looking at individual players and their progress (or lack there of). But first some comments:

- Jacksonville is a sad, sad place to play. I've never seen a stadium where tarps are covering a large portion of their upper bowl. I've never seen a stadium look so empty. It makes the Skins club seats on gameday look like a crowded house.

- The offensive 1st team looked good again. Jason Campbell was never touched. Campbell had another great game and threw a beautiful pass (getting by 3 Jag. defenders no less) to Antwaan Randle-El. Sadly, ARE couldn't hold onto the ball.

-Penalties and run blocking are still major concerns to me going into the season. Same with the health of the starting O-line.

- The D didn't look that great with Haynesworth, Fletcher, Rogers and Daniels out. Biggest concern is still the inability to get off the field in third down situations. It hasn't gotten better. It's sad because the Redskins tend to shut down 1st and 2nd down plays well.

- The Jags played many of their starters well into the 3rd quarter. So you have to take some performances with a grain of salt.

Player Competition

Kicker: Suisham vs. Rayner- Rayner seems to do kickoffs better, but Suisham looks like he solidified his job with a nice 48yd. FG. Very close to a draw with a slight edge to Suisham.
Winner: Suisham

#3 QB: Brennan vs. Daniel- Daniel had a pretty weak game. Brennan looked sharp and made some smart decisions. In the past Brennan would have hurled balls into bad spots to try and make plays. Doesn't usually work in the NFL against good defenses. In this game Brennan still made some smart plays under pressure but when it wasn't there, he threw it away. That's what Zorn wants to see.
Winner: Brennan

#5 WR: Mitchell vs. the field- Mitchell catches another TD and a few passes. Keith Eloi had a nice grab but too little, too late.
Winner: Mitchell, I think Eloi may be on the practice squad.

RB- Mason vs. Alridge vs. Dorsey- I thought Dorsey played the best in this game, but word is that the battle is down to Mason and Alridge. The Skins are in love with Alridge's speed, but he's been very fumble prone in camp and he had a major fumble on a KO vs. the Jags. He's also injury prone. Mason has had a more quiet preseason than in 2008, but he still can get that tough yard and make plays. The problem is his pass blocking and special teams play. I still like Dorsey personally, but I'd like to see Mason on this team especially if Portis gets dinged up.
Winner: Alridge- Skins are very high on him. I don't like the move, but that's what I'm reading and seeing right now.

Winners and Losers

Winner- Jason Campbell, his two performances will quiet his opposition. For now.
Winner- Colt Brennan, nice game but an injury has sadly cost him any chance of seeing the regular season in 2009.
Winner- Robert Henson, has probably done enough to make this team. But has a long way to go.
Winner- Justin Tryon, nice INT and some speed will make him the #4 CB going into the season.
Winner- Marko Mitchell, another good game. Roster lock IMO.
Winner Jeremy Bridges- looked decent playing LT, I didn't think he could play LT.

Loser- Chase Daniel, poor game, huge fumble now likely to not make the team or the practice squad.
Loser- Mike Williams- made some plays, but notably the big whiff leading to the Daniel sack/fumble was really, really bad. Right now Williams would not be starting caliber at all, he can't deal with starting speed. This is why the Skins cut Jon Jansen by the way.
Loser- Byron Westbrook, got beat in coverage and for the 2nd week in a row got screwed over by bad ref calls as he has picked up 2 fumbles and returned them for TDs but the refs blew the whistle. Even though both plays were ruled fumbles......arrgh.

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