Thursday, September 3, 2009

Final Thoughts on the Patriots Game and Who to Watch Tonight

For a dress rehearsal, it was a pretty good one. Yes, I know it's preseason, but the Skins had their best game so far this season when the starters were on the field. Jason Campbell did a few things that I haven't seen much since he's become the starter. First he looked very comfortable in the pocket. Second, it seemed like he knew exactly where the ball needed to go. Third, quicker release and better accuracy. Was he perfect? No, but if Campbell can play like this throughout the season the Skins could be a very dangerous team in the NFC East.

The defense has given me the biggest concerns right now. I still am concerned about the unit getting off the field on third downs. I'm also concerned about the pass rush. There has been increased pressure, but still not sacks. Hopefully, things will improve as the season continues.

On the Jags.....

There's not much to look at when you're looking at units or team in this game. The starters will probably play a series, maybe two if they look really horrible. As you know though, this is the depth game so you're really looking at position battles more or less.

Who I'm Watching.....
1. Mike Williams- He really needs to show me something tonight. The Skins put a lot of effort in bringing him back and would like to see some on field progress. If he gets injured in this game or has a bad showing, I really believe that the Skins need to cut him.

2. Mason vs. Dorsey vs. Alridge- I think one of these guys will be on the final 53. Who right now? I have no clue. Mason, to me would be a great back up to Portis. Dorsey looks like the best punt returner (that you are willing to put on punts. DeAngelo Hall and Santana Moss are too valuable to risk an injury on a punt.) on the squad. Alridge is really, really fast.

3. Colt vs. Chase- you know the deal by now.

4. D-line depth- Wynn, Jackson and Buzbee are battling for a spot and will have to have a great game to try to make the team.

5. Marko Mitchell- looking at him on special teams. He does well, he's a lock.

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