Sunday, September 27, 2009

Have You Checked Out The Redzone Channel?

I'm not getting paid by the NFL to pub the Red Zone Channel. However, if the NFL wants to send me $20 or a gift card, I wouldn't mind.

Have you checked out the Red Zone channel? It's on many providers including Comcast and Direct TV.

I decided to watch it just to see what it was about in week 1 and let me just say.......

I love the Red Zone channel!!!!!!

First, they cover every game and switch to a game when a team is in the Red Zone.
Second, No commercials!!!!! Just non-stop football action.
Third, as the games progress, the Red Zone channel focuses on the close games and gets rid of the games that have pretty much been decided.

You get to watch every team playing on the 1pm and 4pm games........

If youlike football, you should check it out.
Plus it has a feature on their website where you can edit game footage and post it on your blog....I'm going to try and use it throught the season.

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