Saturday, September 12, 2009

Updates and Other Happenings........

Polls Closed

The big pre-season polls were asked and you the IIWII readers responded. Here are the final results.

1. Predict the Season (59 votes):
27%- 10-6
23%- 11-5
16%- 9-7
8%- 8-8
6%- 13+
5%- 12-4
5%- 7-9
5%- 5-11
1%- 4 or less

2. Drafting Brian Orakpo (67 votes):
94%- Great Move
2%- Bad Move
2%- Undecided

3. Drafting Keving Barnes (53 votes):
56%- Great Move
9%- Bad Move
33%- Undecided

4. Signing Albert Haynesworth (99 votes):
63%- Great Move
6%- Bad Move
30%- Undecided

Note: None of the polls add up to 100% because the percentages usually have decimal places and in this case, the poll rounds off to the lower number.

So thanks again for participating, looks like you agree with me and think the Skins have a good chance of having a winning season. More polls will be coming as the year goes on. We'll also revisit these polls at the end of the season.

Trust me, it sounds better when David Bowie sings that line.
There are some changes a-coming to IIWII and I figured I would share with all of you.

1. IIWII format change- It's subtle, but if you notice the line under the IIWII, I've changed what content that the blogs will cover in the future. Comics are out. I still read comics and enjoy some books, but frankly I don't like writing regular comic reviews (I don't even think I wrote one on IIWII) and most of my readers follow football more than anything else. Coverage of other topics like movies, TV shows and other things will still be here. But, I really don't have the time to follow stuff I don't like (ie. reality TV and most television programs) and don't do the shows I watch real justice. So, especially during football season, don't expect too many posts about the "other pop culture" element of IIWII. The occasional wacky Friday Night Videos segment will come back from time to time, when I remember to do it.

When I first started the blog, my goal was to have a broad range of topics (usually stuff I like) so that IIWII wouldn't be just another Redskins blog or just another football blog. There are so many good blogs that do just that so I wanted something that might be slightly more than that. In then end, I concluded that I write better posts about the Redskins and football. So for most readers here, not much will be changing.

2. Countdown Clock- IIWII will have a weekly countdown clock for each game. I've always like them since the old days at ExtremeSkins. I found the widget site thanks to the countdown clock that BGO and the OM field uses and now have my own. There will probably be a clock for the 2010 draft and the start for the 2010 season as well.

3. Weekly Picks- I will have a weekly football picks segment. It will even have it's own intro. music.

4. Game Recaps- Much like last year, I will have a game recap and review with analysis and commentary on the game. I don't have the great breakdowns of Post Game Heroes with video footage etc., but it's another take on the game. When I go to games, I'm hoping to include picture from FedEx.

5. 12th Man Post- This is something I've done for the last few years on ExtremeSkins. I think I'll be doing on BGO instead this year, but it will be on IIWII no matter what. Feel free to join in on the "online pep rally". Post your row, GET FIRED UP AND GET LOUD FOR GAME TIME!!!!!!! This post will only be done during home games starting 9/20/09. Bring on the 12th Man!!!!!

6. ?????- There is something I'm working on for 2010. I think that many of you will like it and it should be fun to do. But I'm not going to spoil it, especially if I never get around to it (time is never my friend) or realize it's something that won't turn out well.

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