Sunday, September 6, 2009

Waiting for the Practice Squad........

The Skins have announced 6 signings to the practice squad.

5 of those picks are Skins who were cut yesterday:
Lendy Holmes, S
Rob Jackson, DE
Trent Shelton, WR
Eddie Williams, FB
JD Skolnitsky, DE

The sixth player was former Giant Andre Woodson (QB).

This came about because Chase Daniel signed with the Saints practice squad.
Two other players that many thought would make the practice squad were signed to active rosters of other teams.

DT Antonio Dixon, was signed off waivers by the Eagles
LB Cody Glenn, wad signed off waivers by the Colts.

The loss of Daniel doesn't upset me too much. He had ONE GOOD GAME. Against mostly #2's and #3's. Daniel looks like he has a future in the NFL, but I'm still convinced that Brennan has a larger upside than Daniel. Plus, I like the signing of Woodson. The Skins get a guy to work with and a guy who knows the Giants offense. Frankly, the Skins can use as much help as they can get against the Giants.

Dixon I thought had a great upside and I would have liked to see him be a reserve on the active roster in 2010. Remember, both Golston and Montgomery will be free agents next year and Montgomery probably won't be back next season.

I'd guess that the Skins are looking for another LB and DT to sign, but who knows?
Got to give Vinny and the front office some credit however, the Redskins cast offs are somewhat desired by other teams. It means somebody has been doing some good work in player evaluation.

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