Sunday, September 13, 2009

Weekly Picks- Week 1

Let's get this season started, but first some intro. music for the weekly picks. Play this while you read........

Lock of the Week:
1PM- KC Chiefs @ Baltimore Ravens
The young Chiefs head to Baltimore to play a Ravens team that barely gave up a single score in the entire preseason. Joe Flacco should have a big day after the Chiefs run D has been loosened up by the run games of Rice/McClane/Mcgahee. The Chiefs have talent but it may be another year or two before they're ready to play the big boys.
Prediction: Balt: 27 KC:6

And the Rest......
1PM- Jacksonville Jaguars @ Indianapolis Colts
The Colts are coming of losses of coach Tony Dungy and WR Marvin Harrison but they still have Peyton Manning and I think it will be enough in a tough AFCS divisional game vs. the Jags.
Prediction: Indy: 20 Jax: 16

1PM- Detroit Lions @ NO Saints
We get to see the debut of Matthew Stafford and a somewhat rebuilt Lions franchise play one of the best offenses in the league. This will be a high scoring game, with most of the points going to the Saints.
Prediction: NO: 38 Det: 13

1PM- Philadelphia Eagles @ Carolina Panthers
Tough game to call and I have been back and forth on whether I think the Eagles will win this one or win it be Carolina's day to shine. I personally think that the Eagles have a better team on paper, but the Panthers will attack the Eagles D with the run and give Delhomme an opportunity to get the ball deep to Smith a few times. The injury to Shawn Andrews in a concern and Mcnabb will probably be under pressure throughout the day (Note: Winston Justice is the backup RT and starting today).
Prediction: Car: 20 Phi: 17

1PM- Dallas Cowboys @ TB Buccaneers
I don't think much of this year's Cowboys team and I have said to many that I think they'll probably go 6-10 this season. However, they win this game pretty easily. The Bucs are in a state of flux right now. New head coach, just fired their offensive coordinator, new QB (even though it's veteran Byron Leftwich). Not to mention, the Bucs have jettisoned many of their defensive players from the last few years. Dallas wins this one pretty easily.
Prediction: Dal: 27 TB: 10

1PM- NY Jets @ Houston Texans
I think the Jets defense combined with a great series by Mark Sanchez will him them the win. I just don't have a great deal of faith in the Texans ability to win.
Prediction: NY: 19 Hou: 11

1PM- Denver Broncos @ Cincinnati Bengals
"The Battle of the Incompetent Front Offices" takes place here. The Broncos are a shell of what they were last year and that's not saying much. The Bengals aren't much better. Ochocinco vs. Bailey should be a fun match up. I give the advantage to the home team. I'm guessing a higher scoring game because neither team's defense is very good.
Prediction: Cincy: 28 Den: 17

1PM- Minnesota Vikings @ Cleveland Browns
This game will feature the commentators going on and on about Brett Favre and occasionally Brady Quinn. But the real feature of the game will be Adrian Peterson and the Vikings defense.
Expect Peterson to break at least one run for a TD and expect Jamal Lewis to be stuffed in the backfield a dozen times.
Prediction: Min: 24 Cle: 9

1PM- Miami Dolphins @ Atlanta Falcons
I like the Falcons at home, in their house with Michael Turner running on their turf. The Dolphins just don't feel like they're going to be the same team that they were last year. I also expect to see the Falcons sniff out the Wildcat formation this game.
Prediction: Atl: 24 Mia: 13

4:15PM Washington Redskins @ NY Giants
The Giants are highly favored here and that's no real surprise based on who they are and how they've played the Skins the past few years. However, I got a feeling that the Skins may have a few surprises to throw their way. Shawn Suisham kicks better at the Meadowlands than any other stadium in the league. Ugly, low scoring game that may come down to the end. I'm going Redskins here. Sue me, I'm a homer and I think they have a good chance to pull an upset.
Prediction: Was: 16 NY:13

4:15PM SF 49ers @ Arizona Cardinals
This is a tougher game than one would think. These teams actually play each other tough and I know Mike Singletary will have his team ready. But I think the Cardinals are just a better team at home and will actually have a pretty good home field advantage now that they went to the Super Bowl.
Prediction: Ari: 30 SF: 16

4:15PM St. Louis Rams @ Seattle Seahawks
Rams have a way to go and the Seahawks should be closer to their 2007 form than their 2008 form. I like the Seahawks at home in this one.
Prediction: Sea: 24 StL: 10

8:20PM (SNF) Chicago Bears @ GB Packers
I'll be honest and admit I haven't followed the Packers much in the preseason so this pick is more based on what I've seen with the Bears. I think early on Cutler will do exactly what Bears fans expect. Light up the scoreboard and stats.......but it won't last. GB still has to master the 3-4 and that takes time. Bears win this one but I think the Packers might be the better team by the end of the season.
Prediction: Chi: 20 GB: 16

7:00PM (MNF Game 1) Buffalo Bills @ NE Patriots
This will be an ugly game for the Bills. With Brady back, I expect Belichick to go back to his 2007 form and run up the score on a struggling Bills squad. TO may want to save the popcorn for week 2.
Prediction NE: 42 Buf: 10

10:15PM (MNF Game 2) SD Chargers @ Oakland Raiders
I expect another high scorer out of this one. Chargers win pretty easily though.
Prediction: SD: 31 Oak: 17

Note: all times listed in EST

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