Sunday, September 20, 2009

Weekly Picks- Week 2

In a rush here getting ready for the game..........

This will be quick......

1PM Texans @ Titans
Titans win easily- 24- 16

1PM Panthers @ Falcons
Falcons get 2nd home victory over ailing Panthers
30- 17

1PM Cardinals @ Jags
Arizona sucks on the road for 1PM games
Jags 20-9

1PM Saints@ Eagles
No Mcnabb, Kolb starts Saints win a shootout
Saints 37-30

1PM Bengals @ Packers
Packers are the better team
Packers 24-6

1PM Rams @ Redskins
Redskins win an ugly game that should be (but won't) a blowout
Redskins 19-10

1PM Patriots @ Jets
How can you not like what Rex Ryan is doing with this team, head says Pats but heart says Jets.
Jets 24-21

4:05PM Bucs @ Bills
The Bills are better than I thought and the Bucs are about the same.
Bills 17-13

4:05PM Seahawks @ 49ers
I just think right now the 'Hawks are the better team. Probably will get this one wrong like I did last week.
Seahawks 24-17

4:15PM Ravens @ Chargers
Upset of the week. No LT, I expect Rivers to get picked a few times. Ravens win a close one
Ravens 27-24

4:15PM Steelers @ Bears
Go figure. The team that was Superbowl bound once getting The Mope will now start the season off 0-2.
Steelers 20- 13

4:15PM Browns @ Broncos
don't waste your time watching this one, it will be ugly.
Broncos 15-10

8:20PM Giants @ Cowboys
Tough one, but I like NY here.
Giants 24-21

MNF 8:30PM Colts@ Dolphins
Like the Colts here
20- 13

Lock of the Week
1PM Vikings @ Lions
Poor Lions another juggernaut in 2 weeks
Vikings 34- 23

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