Sunday, September 27, 2009

Weekly Picks- Week 3

Time to cue the music, let's get this week started:

Last two weeks 21-11. This week is a tough one and I took a few risky picks, but any given Sunday is the modern NFL motto.

1PM Chiefs (0-2) @ Eagles (1-1) (Eagles favored by 9.5)
The Chiefs have played both the Ravens and the Raiders tough but again, I think the Eagles are a better team. The Eagles will not lose two home games in a row even with Mcnabb out. This is a tricky game because Kolb has yet to show that he's anything but mediocre. Expect Vick to make 1 big play in this game.
Prediction: Eagles 17-13

Lock of the Week
1PM Redskins (1-1) @ Lions (0-2) (Redskins favored by 6.5)
It's funny how media heads are picking the Lions here after a lousy Redskins showing vs. the Rams. It's also funny that former Post beat writer Jason LaCanfora (now of NFL Network) is also doing the same. More evidence that the guy never really paid any attention to the Redskins while he covered them especially in 2007 and 2008. Jason Campbell has had his best performances against none other than.....Detroit! The Skins have historically dominated Detroit throughout the years.
Prediction: Skins 31-14

1PM Packers (1-1) @ Rams (0-2) (Packers favored by 6.5)
Packers should win this. They have a more potent offense than the Rams and their defense should be able to shut down the Rams mediocre offense. Are the Rams the league's worst team?
Prediction: Packers 24- 10

1PM 49ers (2-0) @ Vikings (2-0) (Vikings favored by 7.0)
This will be the third week in a row I've picked against the 49ers, so I'm leery about this pick. However, the Vikings are at home (which may not bode well for Favre) and the Vikings strength on D is stopping the run. Frank Gore will have a tough day on the ground. Don't expect Hill to win this game for the 49ers.
Prediction: Vikings 27- 13

1PM Titans (0-2) @ Jets (2-0) (Jets favored by 2.5)
What does Vegas know that I don't? I don't like this line at all. The Jets defense should be able to contain the Titans run and pressure Collins. However, this is a must win game for the Titans if they want to have a chance of making the post season.
I still like the Jets here.
Prediction: Jets 19- 16

1PM Steelers (1-1) @ Bengals (1-1) (Steelers favored by 4.5)
The Bengals and Steelers could/should be 2-0 if not for a freak play and a bad FG attempt. This could be a major upset, but I still see the Steelers winning this one.
Prediction: Steelers 24-21

1PM Falcons (2-0) @ Patriots (1-1) (Patriots favored by 4.5)
The Pats would normally be favored here, but I like the Falcons here especially with wind and rain being a factor. Expect Michael Turner to break one for a TD at some point.
Prediction: Falcons 17- 10

1PM Jags (0-2) @ Texans (1-1) (Texans favored by 4)
I expect the Texans to come out throwing early and often in this one.
Prediction: Texans 31- 9

1PM Giants (2-0) @ Buccaneers (2-0) (Giants favored by 7)
One of the better teams plays one of the worst teams. Giants win this one easily.
Prediction: Giants 38- 10

1PM Browns (0-2) @ Ravens (2-0) (Ravens favored by 13.5)
This should be an easy win for the Ravens but they struggled with the Chiefs in week 1 and Cleveland does tend to play them tough. Expect a close game early on with the Ravens taking over in the 4th quarter.
Prediction: Ravens 24-10

4:05PM Bears (1-1) @ Seahawks (1-1) (Bears favored by 1.5)
No Hasslebeck, no offense. Expect Matt Forte to have a good day for Chicago.
Prediction: Bears 20- 6

4:05PM Saints (2-0) @ Bills (1-1) (Saints favored by 5.5)
I like the Saints to out gun the Bills here
Prediction: Saints 41- 27

4:15PM Dolphins (0-2) @ Chargers (1-1) (Chargers favored by 6.5)
The Chargers are still banged up and I just don't see the Dolphins going 0-3 here especially after how they played last week.
Prediction: Dolphins 27-24

4:15PM Broncos (2-0) @ Raiders (1-1) (Raiders favored by 1.5)
I see Oakland winning this one. They're at home and despite the lousy performance of JaMarcus Russell, I expect McFadden to run on the Broncos D.
Prediction: Oakland 16- 13

8:20 PM Colts (2-0) @ Cardinals (1-1) (Cardinals favored by 2.0)
If the Cards have figured out their passing game, they have a good chance at winning this one. Freeny is banged up, Sanders is out. The Colts D is hurting and the Cards have a powerful enough offense to take advantage of it.
Prediction: Cardinals 28-24

8:30PM MNF Panthers (0-2) @ Cowboys (1-1) (Cowboys favored by 9)
Cowboys don't lose two in a row at the house that Jerrah built. 'Boys finally give the Go-Go dancers reason to dance.
Prediction: Cowboys: 31- 17

* All times in EST
** This is for entertainment purposes only, if you have to rely on my picks to make any money, you're screwed anyway

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