Monday, October 5, 2009

Missed the Weekly Picks, Here's the MNF Pick at Least

In the process of getting ready for the Bucs/Skins game, I ran out of time to do my weekly picks.
The good news is that I'm so far 10-3 for the week. Figures. Jacksonville is completely un-predictable, the Chargers suck (especially when I pick them to win!!!!) and the rare time I pick Dallas to win they don't.

Anyway here's the MNF prediction:
Packers @ Vikings
Vikings win this is a close battle and ESPN celebrates since their hero has a good game. Did I mention I'm sick of Favre? Maybe it's not Favre personally (although the prima donna routine that he's been running for the last 4-5 seasons is highly annoying) but the media and the fans who laud him like he's the greatest QB ever. He's up there, but there are a great deal of QBs that are playing today (like Peyton Manning and Tom Brady for example) that are better.
Prediction: Vikings 27-24

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