Sunday, October 25, 2009

Redskins Weekly Round Up

It has been an interesting week at Redskins Park. Interesting if you're a media person. Abysmal if you are a Redskins fan.

First, the injuries:
- Clinton Portis is still nicked up but is expected to start on Monday
- DeAngelo Hall has a sore knee
- Albert Haynesworth has a ankle issue
- Cornelius Griffin has a banged up elbow
All these guys should play on Monday.

Chris Samuels Done For The Year (Forever?)
With a stinger and a history of spinal stenosis, Chris Samuels looks like he'll be headed to the IR in order to prevent any further damage to his spine. It looks like this is it for #60, although neither Samuels or the team have officially said the dreaded R (retirement) word yet. It's a true shame that Samuels has only seen a few seasons of playoffs. He really has been the anchor for th O-line for the past few years and the only spot where the Redskins could regularly get yards when they ran the ball. You figure the amount of highly talented DEs he has had to face in his career and that only a few of them has really smoked him, showed the talent level Samuels has/had.
We'll miss you Chris. I just wish you could have played for better teams.

Roster Moves
Skins cut P Glenn Pakulak, RB Marcus Mason and RB Anthony Alridge
Skins re-sign Renaldo Wynn and sign LT Levi Jones and RB Quinton Ganther

Wynn being re-signed is no surprise, but if Hunter Smith still can't go, expect him to be cut again and Pakulak to be re-signed. Mason was a bit of a surprise but in the few times the Skins used him, he didn't do much (6 carries/19yds, 3.2 avg). Plus, he's not the best pass blocker and with this patchwork O-line, that's not going to work. Alridge is still one of those head cut him because he can't hold onto the ball. So when Randy Thomas is IRed, instead of bringing in a OG (Pete Kendall is still out there!!!!!!) you bring back Alridge? Then you never use him? It makes no sense especially when you wind up using your main back up RT as the RG (because either Chad Rinehart is injured or the coaches don't have confidence in him) and then have to bring in a 3rd string LT to replace an injured Chris Samuels (to block against Julius Peppers no less). The Skins still have back ups at other positions be the starters on the O-line (Will Montgomery will be the RG although he's also the #2 C behind Casey Rabach).

Levi Jones was a needed move, although his signing to me is just trying to put a band-aid (or duct tape, chewing gum.....add your own phrase) on a badly bleeding wound. Jones, by many has been considered an underachiever. Which would explain why he was available. Jones should be a better fit at LT than Stephon Heyer or D'Batiste. I don't know that much about Quinton Ganther, but here's the link to his history and stats.

Zorn Demoted
By now, you know about Zorn's demotion from the playcalling duties. By now you also know that it will be Sherm Lewis calling the plays to Sherm Smith who will relay the plays to Jason Campbell. Speaking of guys named Sherm (or Sherman) here's what Jason Campbell may have to do to avoid the multitude of Eagles blitzers this week:

(Who doesn't love The Jeffersons?)

Even though Zorn has said the new system should run smoothly, I expect to see our 1st half timeouts used up by the middle of the 1st quarter. I also expect at least three delay of game penalties and a frustrated Jason Campbell. Part of me wants to see Campbell just go off and start running the no huddle with him calling about a dozen plays Sonny Jurgensen style. I think Campbell would get some respect from his detractors if he did this as a **** you to the current situation.

First thing is that this just looks bad overall. The front office is trying to scape goat the head coach as the problem of all of this. Mind you, Zorn deserves a great deal of blame on the lack of productivity from his offense. Especially in the Red Zone and yes, I would in particular blame some of the missteps on the playcalling. But there has been an extreme lack of execution by the players. Also, look at the personnel. The O-line is in shambles. Portis is dinged/older and there is nobody behind him who can run the ball (Betts is a decent draw play runner and pass catcher/blocker, but that's really about it). Campbell is still struggling and the WR corp. disappears for periods.

Much of this blame should be on the front office.
Also, what does this say about Snyder and Cerrato (or Snyderrato) when they brought Jim Zorn in to be the offensive coordinator? I would assume even if Mariucci or Fassel had gotten the job, Zorn probably would have been the playcaller. Zorn was way over his head from the get go.

Let the Zorn/Vinny Soap Opera begin:
There has been a regular subtle back and forth between Zorn and the FO since the demotion. Totally understandable. But it has gotten to the point where there seems to be a general daily back and forth between the two. "This didn't happen. Yes it did." "Vote of confidence, I'm not aware of it". Then you throw in the Steve Largent comments and it looks like the Skins are trying to get Zorn to quit, yet Zorn is forcing them to fire him.
It feels like a bad episode of Melrose Place or some other soap opera.
Frankly, I don't care.
Zorn will have plenty to say when he's fired at the end of the season. Snyderrato will have some type of spin about the whole situation.
Until then gentlemen, may I suggest you both getting your respective heads out of your asses and find a way to fix the current problems?
Both of you are to blame for this sinking ship......fix the damn problem.
Quit crying to the media. This is football, not some crappy reality series. You are not Jon and Kate.

John Gruden at the Park.......
Just for MNF preperation.

Notable Vinny Quote of the Week

"A different voice is good. To change the voice, to change something on offense to get a spark -- to me, that's all it was."
(Vinny on his Radio Show, via the Washington Times)

Maybe we need a different voice in ownership and the front office to get that spark hmmmmm.........?

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Commando045 said...

Deadman, as always, your spot on. Skins front office is obviously playing the PR game "attempting" to say they've done everything they could to make it work with Zorn. I do like Zorn and IMO could be a very good coach given some cooroperation. The front office's approach to a successful season (meaning SB) hasn't been successful, ever. Buck passing takes place and in the end, your back where you started. The NFC east is way to competitive to live this way. Gotta copy successful programs like Indy, Pitt, NE, and balt. Draft=future! It won't be done overnight. Patience is a virtue. Peace. D.

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