Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Skins fall 27-17 to Eagles....

We've learned one thing last night. Playcalling isn't the main issue with this team. It really comes down to lack of execution and lack of personnel. While the D generally played tough, they gave up two major big plays that resulted in TDs for DeSean Jackson. One was a blown containment by Andre Carter on a reverse and poor tackling by our corners and safety on the run down. The second, was a blown coverage by either Carlos Rogers or Chris Horton (or both). The Redskins only consistent weapon on offense went down with a broken ankle/foot (Chris Cooley) and this team just continues to find ways to shoot themselves in the foot with poor execution, penalties and turnovers.

I also wanted to talk about the Eagles for a moment. I'm not impressed, let's just say that about the Eagles. Their version of the Wildcat is ineffective, Mcnabb is about the same as ever: a good quarterback that can hurt you if you don't pressure him; if you pressure him, he throws ground balls. Westbrook is hurt (again). Their defense is solid and still crazy blitzing, but I think teams with a good O-line will be able to run on them. Also, a team with a quicker throwing QB will smoke them when they bring the house. If the Skins remove some of the serious blunders that they made, this game is much closer than the final score. With the exception of DeSean Jackson, nobody on either team really wowed me.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Good
Sherm Lewis/Sherm Smith- I know, I know. Same playbook, only 17 points scored..... but look at two stats that seem rather improved over the other games. The Skins actually won the time of possession and they were 2/3 in the Red Zone in scoring. And those two scores were TDs. Plus, I was dead wrong on blown timeouts and delay of penalties that I figured would occur.

Shawn Suisham- Made a 47 yard FG. Is 9/9 on the season. Nice kickoffs all season long.

Fred Davis- stepped into Chris Cooley's role and led the team in catches. Scored his first career TD. A good start.....now, let's work on that blocking.

Devin Thomas- 1st TD catch of his career. I've given the WR a great deal of flack lately, but both he and Moss were wide open many times last night.

Front Seven of the D- With exception to Andre Carter's blown containment, the D-line and the linebackers looked sharp. Kudos to Jeremy Jarmon and Albert Haynesworth who stood out with Carter and Alexander.

Reed Doughty- Nice sack on McNabb, always swarms to the ball.

The Bad
Jason Campbell- fumbled snaps, strip fumbled, threw a terrible INT for a TD off a deflection, when Campbell threw into the lane where the Eagles ran an overload blitz. Missed a great deal of open targets and looked tentative in the pocket. I have never seen a QB who regularly takes almost a half to get comfortable in the pocket. Sorry, JC I have been pulling for you but I don't think it will happen here. Wish you the best of luck in 2010.......maybe Oakland will be a better fit.

O-line- No run game. Campbell getting sacked 6 times. Rabach having poor snaps. We have the two worst starting tackles in the league. I can only hope Levi Jones will be ready for the Falcons game. At this point it can't get much worse.

Chris Horton and Carlos Rogers- What happened fellas? How do you let Jackson blow coverage like that?

Andre Carter- Overall had a great game, but 1 blown containment cost the Skins big.

Antwaan Randle-El- This play was the dagger as far as I'm concerned. It's bad enough that ARE isn't a punt returner anymore, but now he can't even fair catch the ball. At this point either Moss, Tryon, Hall or Thomas should be returning punts. Period.

Chris Cooley- bad hair, then breaks his ankle. The good news is that he may be back in 4-5 weeks. The bad news, he's still playing for a team that will probably be 2-8 (or worse) by then.

The Refs- It didn't affect the the game's outcome, but it was a lousy performance in a nationwide game. Pitiful. Lot's of missed calls. Calling penalties on one team and trying to access the penalty on the other team.....sheesh.

The Ugly
Despite the playcalling controversy this week, it didn't play much of a factor. I don't think Zorn would have done better, but I think he may have done slightly worse. Either way this team still lacks the personnel to do anything. And other players are making boneheaded mistakes or just waiting for this season to end. Zorn's not coaching them up........

Vinny has no clue- When asked publicly about the patchwork O-line, Vinny mentions that the line was addressed by adding Derrick Dockery and Mike Williams. Dockery was a good move, but Mike Williams ladies and gents? This was the guy that I thought should have been cut in training camp. Also, after knowing about Samuels and Thomas' injury history, why didn't the Skins prepare for them to be out at some point? They didn't and it shows.

Why Would Gruden Come Here? - Seriously. Unless they cleaned house, if I was Tom Cable I wouldn't come to coach this team. Gruden and Jaws had a field day making fun of the Skins on MNF. I don't blame them.

Don't You Have Better Things to do Mr. Snyder?- DC Sports Bog is reporting how security is harassing fans by throwing away and banning homemade signs and forcing fans to take off or turn inside-out t-shirts that are protesting the ownership and/or making fun of Snyder and Vinny (or the current situation- ie. BINGO shirts).
I'm not happy about this one bit. And yes, I will be wearing my Fire Vinny shirt for the Broncos game and beyond.

Let me make this clear, you have security there to protect fans, players, media and everybody from people that want to cause trouble......and I don't mean protesters wearing shirts. I expect security and the PGC police to do just that. If your focus in on if somebody has a Snyder Sucks t-shirt, then something is clearly wrong and I strongly suggest that your security's main focus should be safety. Plus, this only makes ownership look even more ridiculous to the rest of the world.

Hooray BYE week........

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