Saturday, October 17, 2009

Weekend Link Dump, Friday Night Videos

I don't know where you are at the moment, but for us in the DC/VA/MD area it's cold, wet and windy. Perfect weather to sleep in, get in some comfy clothes and watch a good movie or whatever is on TV. Sadly, the Sunday football schedule around here sucks. Here's some links and videos to waste your time:

John Riggins goes off on the Redskins. While I agree with him almost 100%, he really seems to be enjoying it. Especially about the comment about being last in the NFCE.

DC Pro Sports Report is hosting a weekly Round Table to discuss the Skins. This weeks question: Fire Jim Zorn Now Or Later?

BANG! Has another new cartoon discussing the new "Tom Brady Rule" with quarterbacks in the most humorous way possible. Also, check out the Bang Cartton Radio Hour.

New Skinscast ep. is up......lots of info. on why the Washington Examiner is reporting Jon Gruden is at the top of Snyder's coaching wish list.

Christmas is coming soon and sometimes you really need a drill sargent to get those elves to get to work (NSFW- language).

(Thanks to Sarge for finding this gem)

Tired of infomercials? Well, here's Infomercial Hell....where nothing works, maybe the solution is just to give up.

(From Everything is Terrible!)

Bram Weinstein thinks the Redskins will win with Snyder.....eventually

Songs stuck in my head this past week.........

(Tonic's Open Up Your Eyes)


(Peter Murphy's Cuts You Up)

Also, for any fans of Adult Swims The Venture Bros., season 4 starts Sunday at Midnight (or would that be considered Monday Morning?)

Finally, this is post #200. Amazing how much stuff I've had to write about in about 10 months........

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