Sunday, October 11, 2009

Weekly Picks 10/11/2009

So far I've been doing good on my weekly picks. I'm 41-21 (.661) for the season and that's not bad. Of course, it's only good for 18th place in the BGO pick 'em league, but it's a decent start for a long season.

Anyway, cue the music........

1PM Bengals (3-1) @ Ravens (3-1) (Ravens favored by 8.5)
Hard to believe that the Bengals are just one fluke play away from being 4-0. However, if the Browns played a little better, they're arguably 2-2. I'm not sure what to think about the Bengals, but I do know what to think about the Ravens. They're pretty damn good. Barring some questionable calls (the idiotic Tom Brady rule) and a dropped pass, the Ravens could a 4-0 team as well. I like the Ravens at home, but maybe closer than the spread.
Prediction: Ravens 27- 20

1PM Buccaneers (0-4) @ Eagles (2-1) (Eagles favored by 14)
With exception to last week's game vs. the Redskins, the Bucs have looked generally horrible and I don't think that changes this week. Expect the Eagles to take advantage of an inexperienced QB and a shoddy defense.
Prediction: Eagles 34- 16

1PM Browns (0-4) @ Bills (1-3) (Bills favored by 6)
Another ugly game this week. Braylon Edwards is gone. T.O. is a shell of his former self. Unless your a fan of either team (or play fantasy football or in a pick 'em league) don't wast your time with this one.
Prediction: Bills 16-13

1PM Steelers (2-2) @ Lions (1-3) (Steelers favored by 10.5)
This could be an upset game, but the Steelers are a much better team than the Redskins and I believe that they'll find a way to win. If they want to stay in competition for the AFCN title, they have to win this game.
Prediction: Steelers 24-14

1PM Redskins (2-2) @ Panthers (0-3) (Panthers favored by 3.5)
You know me. I normally take the Skins, because I'm such a homer. That streak ends today. The Skins are 0-2 on the road. They have been really mediocre all year. Zorn is about to be fired. Lewis comes in to be a "Bob" and Portis/Sellers are fighting. Add to that with a poor run D, the fact that Carolina is much better than their record shows. I expect Carolina to really trounce the Skins on the O-line. Man, I hope I'm wrong.
Prediction: Panthers 26-13 (I wouldn't be surprised if it was much worse)

1PM Cowboys (2-2) @ Chiefs (0-4) (Cowboys favored by 9)
The Chiefs might have a shot if the attack the Cowboys early and take advantage of the home field advantage.....but I doubt it.
Prediction: Cowboys 24- 13

1PM Raiders (1-3) @ Giants (4-0) (Giants favored by 16)
If David Carr started for the G-Men, I think the Gians would still win this one easily.
Prediction: Giants 34-10

1PM Vikings (4-0) @ Rams (0-4) (Vikings favored by 10)
Today would be a good day to give Brett Favre an early break. The Rams should be done by the 2nd quarter.
Prediction: Vikings 28-3

4:05PM Falcons (2-1) @ 49ers (3-1) (49ers favored by 2.5)
Even with the bye week, I think the 49ers are the better team.
Prediction: 49ers 24-21

4:15PM Texans (2-2) @ Cardinals (1-2) (Cardinals favored by 5.5)
This is a toss up. I think the Texans win with their D attacking Warner.
Prediction: Texans 27- 21

4:15PM Patriots (3-1) @ Broncos (4-0) (Patriots favored by 3)
The teacher bests the student in this match up.
Prediction: Patriots 20- 13

4:15PM Jaguars (2-2) @ Seahawks (1-3) (Seahawks favored by 1)
Tough game. The Jags are a tough team to figure out, I'm guessing they'll win today but who knows?
Prediction: Jags 17- 14

8:20PM Colts (4-0) @ Titans (0-4) (Colts favored by 3)
Titans really need a win, but it won't be this week.
Prediction: Colts 34- 20

8:30PM (MNF) Jets (3-1) @ Dolphins ( Jets favored by 2)
I like the Jets here.
Prediction: Jets 20-17

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