Monday, October 5, 2009

Why Zorn Didn't Bring in Collins?

There were many that suggested that it was time for Zorn to bench Jason Campbell in favor for veteran Todd Collins. When asked by the media if he thought about giving Campbell the hook, Zorn simply said "No".

Now many feel that this was because Zorn is deeply loyal to Campbell or that Zorn knows his job rides on Campbell's success........I say that there is more to it than that.
To me, there are reasons why he kept Campbell in there and in this game is was clearly the right move.

First, we know what Collins brings to the table: experience and quick release. Collins is a very smart guy who does his homework and prepares himself as if he will be starting. We've seen that mental reps. for him equate actual practice reps. He also tends to know where everybody is on the field and how to get the ball to them. His problems are also noteable: he's not really mobile and he has limited arm strength.

So, let's look at the game and figure if Collins would have been better than Campbell. The O-line at times really struggled against the Bucs front four and the occasional blitz packages. Campbell was sacked a few times and fumbled, but Campbell also made some plays with his feet which led to drive continuing first downs. Had Collins been in there, he may have avoided some of the sacks and hits by getting the ball out earlier or just throwing it away. However, Collins lack of mobility would have prevented the conversion of a few key third downs. Also, there was a key play by Campbell to Cooley in which Campbell plays actions the stretch play into a bootleg and then throws across his body to Chris Cooley for a big gain.

Zorn knows the deal and it's a deal that has been argued for probably the last 2-3 years. The O-line just isn't that great, especially in pass protection. Campbell has his problems and so does the WRs, but I think Zorn knew that the protection was limited and that they needed to throw to win the game (it seems clear by the pass choices, even after multiple INTs, that Zorn saw something in Tampa's D that would give Campbell an opportunity to go deep). Of the two QBs. Campbell is the only one who is mobile enough to make plays with his feet when the pocket collapses or if nobody is open.

Makes sense to me and prevents any quarterback controversy. Good news for Zorn is that his gamble worked and one has to hope that it will give the Skins some momentum going into this weeks game vs. the Panthers.

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