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Game Recap: Skins lose 7-6. Moral Victory?

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I don't believe in moral victories in the NFL. You don't win your division with moral victories. You don't make the playoffs with moral victories. You definitely don't win a Super Bowl with moral victories. Just ask the Eagles. However, there was a moral victory in a sense today by the Washington Redskins team as they fought and nearly defeated the current NFCE leader the Dallas Cowboys.

With just a few minutes remaining, Dallas scored their lone touchdown. Thus giving them a one point lead with about 2:30 on the clock. Yet, had Redskins kicker Shaun Suisham made at least on of the field goals he had missed (39yds, 50 yds), the Redskins could have been in the lead.

Did I mention that the Skins were without Albert Haynesworth, Chris Cooley and Clinton Portis? Not to mention other guys on the IR like Samuels, Horton and Thomas. Plus, they lost Ladell Betts (torn MCL) and Chad Rinehart (broken fibula) during the game (both playing significant roles in the win against Denver). Yet, the guys on the field fought hard and nearly walked away with the win.

The Dallas Choke-jobs Cowboys look like they are starting the late season meltdown early this year. Tony Romo looked horrible throughout most of the game despite having minimal pressure from the Redskins front four. The Cowboys did run the ball well, but all they had from the effort was a Marion Barber fumble and a missed Nick Folk FG. I mean seriously, this is the NFCE leader and the best the Cowboys can do is put up 7 when they average 30+ points a game at home. I know it's a divisional rivalry, but the Redskins are in really bad shape and the Cowboys couldn't do much. I'd be very, very worried if I was a Cowboys fans hoping this team will go deep into the playoffs.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Good
Rock Cartwright (13 carries, 67 yards/ 7 catches, 73 yards)- There has been discussions by Redskins fans on whether Rock's time with this team was coming to an end. His kickoffs are consistent but not usually of the TD variety and the coaches didn't seem comfortable to use him as a RB. Yet, when given the opportunity, Rock excelled. Joe Gibbs has talked about "Core Redskins" and without a doubt Rock Cartwright is one. Not only is he a special teams captain, he fights for every yard and made the Cowboys pay for every time they didn't cover him or every time they tried or tried to hit him. I feel comfortable with him being the starter for the rest of the season if Clinton Portis or Ladell Betts can't come back. If this team had 53 Rock Cartwrights on the team, they'd be a tough team to beat even if they weren't the most talented players on the field.

Jason Campbell (24/37, 256 yards, 1 INT)- He wasn't perfect, but he made many plays throughout the game usually with Cowboys draped over him. Campbell made one spectacular play avoiding being wrapped up by DeMarcus Ware to make a play.

London Fletcher (1 INT, 1 Forced Fumble, 13 tackles)- What doesn't he do. Fletcher is just a tackling machine.

The rest of the D- Secondary looked much better this week. Rocky McIntosh made some nice plays. Shut down the Cowboys for almost the entire game.

Devin Thomas- 3 catches and 2 very nice kick returns. I think he's starting to get it.

The Bad
Missed Opportunities. ( 2 dropped INTs, Not taking advantage of some good field position, 2 missed field goals, Not wrapping up Romo when you have him for a sack, multiple false start penalties). Some of these are minor in many circumstances, but when you're 3-6 and fighting for any win, you can't overcome these mistakes.

Injuries- add Ladell Betts and Chad Rinehart to the IR list. Rinehart is a bigger loss because he was getting  playing time and an opportunity to evaluate his abilities. So much for the Portis vs. Betts controversy. Welcome back Marcus Mason (if you want to come back here) and maybe the Skins bring back Pete Kendall.

The Ugly
- This game to me just signifies the failings of the front office. You really wonder about the depth this team has at O-line, DT (significant drop off when Haynesworth is out which we all knew would happen at some point this season. The FO took a risk on the health of Portis, Samuels, Thomas and Haynesworth and with at least three of them they failed miserably. Ladell Betts has a injury history also. Our depth is very limited.

- I'm watching Eagles @ Bears while I write this and it's funny how desperately stupid the Redskins were to try and trade for Jay Cutler. Cutler is throwing deep passes to his WRs and is completely overthrowing them. He looks just as bad as Jason Campbell with some of his overthrows. Glad the Bears kept our team in check by making a bad move. And while I'm at it, why does other teams have to keep us from making really, really dumb moves (ex. the rumor that the Skins were willing to give 2 1st rounders to the Bengals for Chad Ochocinco)?

- Maybe Zorn should stay. This team is still playing hard for this coach. Zorn's new playcallers seem to be working better. The problem I have with the whole Sherm/Sherm playcalling isn't that it was done, but how it was done. Vinny should have addressed the issue in the offseason. Then you get the kinks worked out. Sherm Lewsi has an offseason to evaluate scheme and personnel and it gets little media attention. Then you don't have this blow up. But I think if Zorn can keep the continuity here, then maybe more depth could help this team win. I don't know........

- Either way we still need a GM to run this franchise and Vinny needs to go.

- I ask Redskin fans that if you plan on only showing up to one game this year, come to the Dallas game in December. I want to beat them and I think that with some of our players back (Haynesworth, Cooley) in our house and with our fans......we beat Dallas.

Next week: @ the Linc

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