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Game Recap: Skins win 27-17 over Broncos

(original You Tube Video link here).
So those are the highlights from the game for the most part. The only play that isn't shown is the critical tackle made by Brian Orakpo on a scrambling/running Kyle Orton late in the 2nd quarter. While the tackle prevented Orton to have any chance to run for a touchdown, Orton's ankle was injured in the process. Enter Chris Simms. While Simms in the past has been a dangerous QB, he wasn't ready for this game and the Skins D were like sharks in the water when they smell blood.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly


- Ladell Betts, Rock Cartwright and Quinton Ganther. Betts led the RBs  (26 carries, 114yds 1TD) and fought hard after the initial hit to get extra yards. Cartwright (9 carries, 41 yards) also did well in a back up capacity. Even Quinton Gather had a nice reception and made a huge block on a blitz to save Campbell. Running by comittee so far looks promising.

- O-line. Man, have I been hard on you guys and I used to play O-line in my high school days; so I know how much crap O-linemen get for losses or bad plays. However, the O-line played Redskins football on Sunday. Nasty, between the tackle runs and they did it over and over again. Levi Jones was a breath of fresh air at LT. Dockery, Rabach and Rinehart (yes, Chad Rinehart) got a great push and opened holes. It wasn't a perfect day as Jason Campbell was sacked three times but for this patchwork crew was very good.

- Brian Orakpo/Andre Carter. Both get 1.5 sacks. Carter now has 8 sacks on the season and is on pace to break his career high of 12.5 sacks in a season. Orakpo has 7 sacks on the season and has broken the Redskins rookie record for sacks in a season (6).

- Todd Yoder. 2 catches- 2 TDs. Yoder is just a End Zone threat b/c teams expect him to be just an extra blocker.

- Shaun Suisham 2/2 on FGs, now 12/12 on the year.

- Fred Davis, Malcolm Kelly and Devin Thomas. Davis had 4 catches, Kelly had one. Devin Thomas had two key catches with one being an amazing effort to turn a 3 yard gain to a 25 yard gain. Are our 2008 draft picks finally coming of age?

- Playcalling. Overall not bad. There are a few plays I disagree with (see Bad) but I loved the trick play (even though you guys showed your hand in advance). I also liked that we played Redskins football and RAN THE BALL. I don't care who our coach is and what year we are in, we always seem to be a winner when we run the ball and play in the trenches football.

- DeAngelo Hall. I like the guy and I don't see why he's considered a locker room cancer. He struggles with tackling? Yes, he comes from the Deion Sanders school of tackling. Is he the best man coverage corner. Nope. Is he overpaid? Probably. But does he make plays? You bet. 4 INTs on the season. This was a key one. BTW, how many INTs do the Skins have on the year? Five.

-Hunter Smith. Jeeze, I almost left out Hunter who threw a very nice TD on a fake to Mike Sellers. How many punters do you know have 2 TDs on the season. And he punted well, preventing Eddie Royal from doing any damage.

- Redskin Fans. Despite being 2-6. Fans showed and they got loud. On the second to last Denver possession, the Redskin fans got louder than I have ever heard at FedEx. FedEx was rocking and I couldn't have been more proud of my fellow fans. Despite our frustration with the team and anger at the FO/ownership, we support our team.


- The Secondary. Carlos Rogers got smoked  (Again. he got smoked by Jackson a few weeks ago) by Brandon Marshall and got benched for it. Fred Smoot looked awful at times. Hall got burned also. Reed Doughty is a great guy and a player with a great deal of heart but is better in the box; he struggles with fast guys in coverage. I can't say anything bad about Landry or Tryon in this game, but over all the secondary looked horrible. Why in the hell aren't we using Kevin Barnes? Is he really that bad? And if he is that bad, what does that say about our front office (More reason why Vinny Cerrato should be fired)?

- Shaun Suisham. Kickoffs were poor. Two of them went out of bounds.

- 4th and Short (playcalling). So it's 4th and inches. Casey Rabach, Derrick Dockery and Chad Rinehart have been blowing Broncos off the ball. What do you do? Stretch play. Gaaaaahhhhhhh. I used to like that play and since 2007 (vs. Giants) I have come to absolutely HATE that play now.

- Broncos coaches. The Skins tipped their hand that they were going to fake a FG and then called timeout b/c they only had 10 guys on the field. The Skins decided to still continue with the fake and yet the Broncos let Mike Sellers get wide open 40 yards downfield for the TD. It was a momentum killer. Plus, Simms wasn't in the least bit ready to be on the field.

The Ugly

- Looks like our 2005 draft class is a bust. It looks like Carlos Rogers and Jason Campbell will most likely be gone after this season. I thought that somewhere around mid-2006/2007 that Rogers had developed into a decent cover corner. Of course, he can't seem to hold onto the ball when making interceptions, but if he can shut players down you can overlook that. Last year he was benched, but I thought that was because Springs was healthy and the Skins were hoping that Hall could help generate more turnovers. Rogers has been suckered on double moves this season and if anything has regressed on a defense that actually has a pass rush.

Campbell is just too inconsistent. Looking at the Denver game, he missed passes that should have been easy. He threw behind receivers (one was a sure TD to Devin Thomas had he threw it at him and not behind him), was too high on occasion and too low on another. Again, he missed on the deep pass to a wide open Moss (there's really no excuse for it. Moss and Campbell have been teammates since 2005. I know that deeper patterns are lower percentage throws, but these guys should be on target much more often. Hell, Orton was 2/3 on his bombs on Sunday and he's only been with Marshall and Royal for 9 games). That's my problem with Campbell. I really like him. I want him to succeed here. He handled the FO bull**** with great poise and character. He also has the skills to avoid pressure and make all the throws. He just can't do it on a regular basis. I think he's the ideal Joe Gibbs QB. He doesn't make many mistakes. He can lead his team down field but won't be a guy who will win you games alone. If Campbell had a great WR corp. some decent RBs, stability and a O-line like The Hogs of old, he might be fine. He might be able to give you a Rypien/Williams type of season. I just don't see it here with this organization.

- This win does nothing to save either Jim Zorn's or Vinny Cerrato's jobs. There are still many, many problems with this team and one win won't change things. Now if somehow the Skins win 6 of the last 7 and somehow turn this sinking ship around, then maybe......but this team still has a bunch of issue to address involving scheme, players and the future of this team. I will give the players credit, they are fighting despite the current record and situation. But they are fighting for their careers and not just Jim Zorn.

- I will give Vinny some credit in the signings of Levi Jones and Quinton Ganther. Good moves. Had to make this statement since I usually do nothing but show my ire for many of the Skins moves. But the Skins shouldn't have to get lucky to find a guy like Jones, we should have had enough depth in the first place. Also, this is only a one game evaluation. Let's see what we think of these guys by week 15.

- While we all needed the win, the win hurt our draft status. Tampa, St. Louis, Detroit, KC, Oakland and Cleveland have worse records. Buffalo,Tennessee and Seattle have the same record. At best right now, we'd have the 7th overall pick. At worst 11th. I think Seattle and Tennessee have good chances to win more games in the future.

FedEx Field Notes

-  85,247 attended the game

- I saw a great deal of Bronco fans at the game mostly in the current jersey, but a few in throwbacks. Surprisingly, they made no impact in crowd noise or lack thereof. It was funny to see how many Bronco fans showed up wearing no team colors. You could tell who they were by how they acted, but by looking at them you wouldn't know if they were attending a football game or just going to the store.

- Lots of other team jerseys/hats/shirts at the game. Raven fan, Steeler fan, Bengal fan, Cowboy fans (you can't go to a Skins game without seeing one), guy in a Eli Manning jersey (somebody in the stands said "You're at the wrong stadium Eli"), Charger fan, Bear fans (I saw three of them WTF?). But I told the Mrs., I just wanted to see a football game live and if I had tickets I would have gone even if the Skins weren't one of the teams playing.

- I was surprised to not see a great deal of protest by the fans at the game. I had my Fire Vinny shirt on until I entered the stadium. I put on my Sean Taylor jersey by my own volition. There was a guy with a shirt. There was a group of guys wearing  "Sell the team" shirts. There was the guy in 403 with a jersey with Snyder on the nameplate and $$ where the #'s should be. Outside of that, not much.

- There were few signs at FedEx but I think that was due to the fact that many haven't heard the news that signs have again been allowed at FedEx. However, there was a "Worst Owner Ever" banner that showed up. DC Sports Bog has the story.

- Skins fans are passionate fans when they want to be. This was the loudest I had ever....yes EVER, heard FedEx and I have been attending games since 2001. I'm talking about the 4th quarter and in particular the second to last Bronco possession. FedEx actually felt like a playoff was rocking. For anybody that attended the game and are reading this: thanks.

- Almost had a fight in 403 between a Broncos fan (of course not wearing team colors) who was heckling Redskins fans and a pissed off Skins fan who had enough. Security ejected the Broncos fan. Yay security!!!

- The cheerleaders came up and did a T-shirt toss in 403. I almost got one (a guy who was sitting next to me, I don't think it was his seat, he showed up late in the third got it). I wonder how much crap the cheerleaders hear from drunken fans at games, I feel kind of bad for them.

- Phrase of the day from the PA:  Campbell Scramble

BANG! Cartoons made a cartoon on the FedEx no signs situation........hilarious and oh, so sad at the same time.

Next week: Skins @ Dallas........

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