Sunday, November 8, 2009

My Bye Week is Over....Back to Blogging

I decided to kind of take a week off from IIWII, not really on purpose but b/c I frankly was busy and didn't feel like writing about the Skins or much else for that matter.

Anyway, there's plenty to write about the Skins. The game vs. the Falcons, the soap opera with the team and the future.

I'm going to do some separate articles on the blunders of the Redskins drafts and the lack of drafting talented O-linemen.

There may be a movie review soon of Paranormal Activity, if I get a chance to see it tomorrow.

A mid-season review of the rest of the NFL

And with sweeps taking place, a brief look at some of the shows I'm watching or have watched and what's looking good.

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