Monday, December 28, 2009

Game Recap: Skins Lose 17-0. Mr. Snyder, I Demand a Refund

This game sucked.
It sucked that the best part of the gameday experience is when I buy some submarine sandwiches and we have them and some beers out in the parking lot of FedEx. It sucked that I have to sit next to Cowboy fans and have to listen to some  Cowboy a-holes in my section trying to pick a fight with Skins fans and yet nobody on the FedEx staff does a damn thing.
You wonder why there are so many fights at FedEx......well, blame the ticket office and stub hub. The Redskins provide plenty of opportunities for opposing team fans to get tickets. Either via the team selling tickets to scalpers/ticket brokers or having Skins fans sell to anonymous buyers on Stub Hub, opposing team fans can easily make their way to watch their team play.
Add alcohol and egos to the mix and BAM!!! brawling for all.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas.....Friday Night Video Style!!!!!

'Tis the season for Christmas Carols and all the cheer, so what a way to celebrate the semi-occasional, semi-traditional Friday Night Videos of IIWII  during Christmas than with.......

wait for it.....

Christmas Songs!!!!

But not your ordinary Christmas, that would be boring.
So here's a few hard rocking and somewhat funny songs to get you through the day.

Me....I'm celebrating Christmas by going to see Sherlock Holmes.

Have a safe and happy Christmas/holiday.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

One Year Later.......

Yesterday was IIWIIs 1 year anniversary and we're still here.
It's been a crazy year and it's still hard to believe that I'm hanging around 221 posts later.
But here we are.

Thank You again for reading and I hope you've enjoyed the site.
There's a few new polls up so vote!!!!
Feel free to send any questions or comments/suggestions to the IIWII email

I do check it every once in awhile and it's nice to get emails from real people and not just scammers or fake emails asking me help people if I wire some of my money or that I've won the Irish lottery.

Or if I need to make it me it is what it is, perfectly fine.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Game Recap: Skins Lose Badly to G-Men

It's the 4th quarter and I pretty much stopped watching by halftime.
I was lucky to see Fred Davis score a TD but that's been about it. It's been a horrible, horrible game for Redskin fans. No offense. Either Campbell is getting creamed by the pass rush, or his passes are incomplete. The D is totally getting run over or smoked on passes. The Redskins look absolutely flat.

And this is the first game new GM Bruce Allen gets to evaluate the team.
I expect a great deal of players to not be back next season with this type of performance.
All of the good will for the coaches and a few players is eroding........

Ok, a quick Good, Bad and Ugly.

The Good
Me- For not going to the game tonight. I just wasn't interested in seeing the Giants beat us and watching the Skins play like mediocre jokes. It's easier to turn of the TV than having to drive home from FedEx. And that's what I did.

Mrs. SHD- SHD's significant other is in her fantasy football playoffs and had Fred Davis, Graham Gano and the Giants D. Davis has a TD. The Giants D has destroyed the Skins mostly, She should be making out well.

Vinny Cerrato- He doesn't have to bear witness or take the blame for this one. Lucky him. Great job on that O-line Vinny.

Fred Davis- So far 5 catches, 1 TD. Only bright spot so far.

The Bad
Jim Zorn- Team looks horrible on nationwide tv. Great job getting your team pumped up for this one. I seriously doubt any Redskin fan will suggest keeping Zorn another year after this debacle.

O-line- and just when I was about to say "maybe we should keep Levi Jones and Mike Williams as backups", we have this game. Be glad I'm not the GM. Almost every linemen right now on this team would be gone. I'd probably keep Dockery, Ed Williams, Rinehart, maybe Will Montgomery and the kid from the Eagles practice squad. That's about it.

Jason Campbell- his numbers aren't bad, but not great. He's been hit on every play and Collins had one deep ball look better than most of JC's passes. I expect the Campbell needs to go crowd to be out en mass tomorrow on the radio and the message boards.

The D- Can't stop anything. No pass rush and this was with 2-3 starting linemen injured. The D looked like they were in slo-mo with the exception of London Fletcher.

Danny Smith- I like the trick plays also, but after the Giants called a time out, don't you think you should have just kicked the FG?

The Ugly
-Bruce Allen has his work cut out for him. This will not be an easy fix of adding 1-2 players and bringing in a new coaching staff. This team will really need to rebuild and I hope the O-line is the first place they target in the rebuilding process.

-Jim Zorn can't play the Giants. The Skins will be 0-4 after tonight against the Giants. The Redskins will have lost 7 of the last 8 against the G-Men and Jason Campbell will be 0-7 against them. Remember the one win back in 2007 was with Todd Collins. Not good stats for either Campbell and Zorn who look like both may be gone at the end of the season.

- Silver lining: We fall to 4-10. We stay ahead of the Raiders, Bills, Seahawks and Bears. With Cleveland (3-11) on a winning streak (2), who knows maybe we'll have a better chance to go after Russel Okung.

Score Update: 45-12 Giants with 3:30 to go in the 4th.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Please Vote For London Fletcher!!!!!!!

This has been a pretty dreadful season despite the improvements in the last 4 weeks. However, there has been one Redskins player that again is having a phenomenal, yet quiet season.

London Fletcher.
Currently, he is third in the league in tackles (133) which is just crazy. It's close to 9 tackles a game. He's 15th in the league in solo tackles (76). He also has a INT and a FF.

Fletcher has been consistently been near the top of tacklers in the past decade and it would be hard to imagine what the Redskins D would look like without him (Let me just say, I doubt we'd be a top 10 defense). Yet, the man has never been elected to a Pro Bowl.

Not one.

It makes no sense. The guy is honestly a HOF candidate and yet he has never been to a pro bowl. What do you have to do to get some respect around the league? Dance every time you make a play, even if you barely touched the guy and your teammates made the tackle. Get in trouble with the law so that SNL makes fun of the situation.

I just don't get it. Don't get me wrong, Ray Lewis is a 1st ballot HOFer- but his numbers aren't that much different career-wise than Fletcher and yet, Lewis has been to 6 pro bowls and Fletcher has been to none.
Anyway, the point is go and vote for London over at
Here's the link to the actual ballot.

Also, while you're there may I suggest voting for Andre Carter and Brian Orakpo as well. 11 sacks each and have been just dominating.
Edit: And don't forget Hunter "the punter" Smith who ran for a TD and threw a TD this year. At one point, he was my team MVP.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

So Long Vinny, Welcome Mr. Allen

(Our First GM of Daniel Snyder's Ownership: Bruce Allen)

I really didn't think Snyder would do it......ever. Yet, Thursday morning my cell phone lit up and I was receiving calls from most of my friends about the resignation of Vinny Cerrato and the hiring of Bruce Allen. I have some thoughts on the hiring of Allen (great move in my opinion), but first let's say our farewells to Vinny.

Let's be honest, Vinny needed to go. I'm not going to sugar coat that now that he "resigned". Myself and others out there wore their "Fire Vinny" shirts for a reason. That said, Vinny did make some good moves during his tenure. Of course he made some really bad ones as well. I guess my point is that he wasn't a great officially unofficial GM, but he wasn't Matt Millen either. Primarily, he had to go because, can't fire the owner no matter how many shirts we wear that say "Sell the Team". We know that many of Vinny's decisions were really from the office of Daniel Snyder. If anything Vinny was the public face of the machinations of Snyder and Vinny did a terrible job of trying to explain to both the fans and the media why they did what they did.

When it comes down to it Vinny is the live action version of a fictional character that most people on the planet has seen at least a few times if they ever have watched TV.

Vinny Cerrato = Waylon Smithers

Both stand there and tell their boss what they want to hear. Both let their bosses make terrible mistakes and both until recently were still in their employ. It wouldn't have surprised me that when the crowd boos Cerrato was trying to say that the crowd was supporting the team or saying Smooooooot or Cooooooley, just like Smithers does here:

In the end, Vinny had to take the brunt of the blame and the fall for it. But hopefully, he'll go back to ESPN. He'll provide some humor which ESPN has lacked since they fired Emmitt Smith and will probably be less annoying than most of the expert blowhards that ESPN currently employs.

Now to our GM.
I think it was a great move because of Allen's experience and respect around the league. There has been writers like CBS's Pete Prisco who said the Skins should have gone with an up and coming young NFL executive.
Look, here's the deal. Allen worked with Al Davis, he's won in the league before with the Bucs and the Raiders. Snyder actually respects him and that's a key to any chance of this team being able to fix its problems. More or less, Mr. Snyder has to stay out of football operations. If he trusts Allen to do take over operations, then maybe, just maybe he stop going after every big name on the market.

And maybe we can finally draft a starting O-lineman.

Allen is also a great move because of of his family's history with the team. More or less it's great PR. But I also believe that Allen knows what this area is like when the Skins are winners and he wants to have them win again.

I also like how this was done to allow Allen three weeks of evaluation to determine who should stay and go as well to start getting his people in place to prepare for the draft..

No matter what, this is a victory. Hopefully, the Washington Redskins will finally develop a front office that can build a championship team eventually.

Now to figure out who will be our coach next year and what players will be back.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Major IIWII Announcement

With the 1 year anniversary of IIWII approaching,
I'd like to give all of the 5 or so readers of the site an early Christmas present.

I'm always trying to find ways to make the blog better. There will be some new polls coming up.
You'll still get some decent articles from yours truly and if I can find a new link or widget that's worth adding I'll do that also.

But here's the big news:

1. I'm expanding the writing pool. IIWII is proud to announce that starting in 2010, there will be a new writer to jump on board. I'll still be posting, but I'll also be the acting Editor in Chief (yay! New title.). I've mentioned SHD before in some of my gameday posts. And yes, Steeler Hater Dan will be the new writer at IIWII (my sincere apologies to Dagger and the Steeler fans over at Post Game Heroes).

More or less, Dan is a Ravens fan who follows the Skins. So while he doesn't follow them as closely as I do, he does know the team and the roster and will probably give you a better non-Redskins fan perspective. I'm also hoping that he'll be able to help me cover the entire NFL on the site instead of the constant "under the microscope" focus on the Skins that I have.

SHD will also do some fantasy football segments (he's winning his league, me I don't play) so hopefully we'll have some good stuff coming up. He also is a movie buff, so don't be surprised if you see the occasion movie debate with me and him. Dan has a few more ideas and we'll see how it works.

2. We will be attempting starting the first ever IIWII podcast, hopefully in late January early February. The idea is to do 1-2 podcasts a month in the off season,with emphasis on free agency and the draft. Once the season starts, we'd like to go weekly with episodes depending on our work schedules.

3. Open invitation to some of our fellow bloggers. We're looking to do an occasional round table with topics, but that's more or less to be determined based on interest and availability.

So there you have it. Hopefully IIWII will be even better in 2010.
Thanks for reading.

Game Recap: Skins Dominate Raiders 34-13

Finally the Redskins played four quarters and finished off a struggling team. It was nice to see the Redskins attack instead of just play for the field goal and hope the defense would hold. For another week, many of the same players who have stepped it up again showed their skills and have solidified or improved their status for the future. Also, a few players stepped up their games and played great as well.

Before I go to the Good, Bad and Ugly section, I just want to talk about the Raiders. They played sloppy, both teams did really. But I will say that with Gradkowski in there, this team is pretty dangerous. They have a good run game, a good TE in Miller and a young WR corp. Their defense pummeled Jason Campbell with blitzes. Don't let the final score fool you, It was 17-10 Skins before Gradkowski went down with an injury. Based on the play of the Skins, I still think they win but it would have been much closer. Thanks JaMarcus Russel. He is just bad......and that's saying it nicely.

Redskin fans have been split on Jason Campbell. I know I have been. You see flashes of greatness mixed with inconsistency and as a fan you wonder if Campbell really is "the guy" or not. But one thing no one could ever question is his work ethic. The guy busts his ass. We know this. We know he does his workouts in the offseason (more on this later). We know he is generally one of the first players at practice and one of the last players to leave. We know he spends a great deal of time studying film and working with his receivers to get better with them. There are other QBs who are more talented, more fluid passers but not nearly as many that work as hard as Campbell (and gets so much abuse also). That's the difference between Campbell and Russel. Russel doesn't get what he needs to do to make it in the NFL. Campbell does. One day Campbell will see his hard work pay off even if it isn't in a Redskins jersey.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Game Recap: Skins lose 33-30, we are Snakebitten

I swear this team is cursed.
Only the Redskins could blow a 17-10 lead at halftime this way. The D holds the Saints and forces them to punt. Yet, at that moment the Saints punter shanks a ball that would have been decent field position with the typical fair catch from Randle-El. Only instead the ball bounces off the head/body of Kevin Barnes and is recovered by the Saints. Later, on the same drive, the Skins Kareem Moore picks off Drew Brees only to have the ball pulled out of his hands and ran back for a touchdown.

Hollywood can't write this ****.

Monday, December 7, 2009


To the readers of IIWII,
This past month has been lousy in my number of posts (nine) on IIWII and right now December doesn't look like it's going to be much better (this is the first and we're already at Dec. 7th).
I did this post just to say that IIWII isn't stopping, if anything it may be getting bigger and better in 2010, more on that later.

There are some reasons why I haven't been posting and I'll share them with you.
1. Writer's Block/ Redskins Apathy- Frankly, there's not much more you can say about the Skins that one hasn't already said. Cerrato needs to go. Probably Zorn as well, although you wonder the way this team has played that maybe he deserves one more year. Same with Campbell. Outside of that, it's been hard to talk about football.

2. Holidays- When I have some extra days off, I try to get some things done around the house and outside. For example, I had some trees fall down around my house and needed to get the old chainsaw out and take care of it Bruce Campbell Evil Dead style. Groovy!

(My Hand is just fine by the way....still have all my limbs)

3. Work- While my real job doesn't deal with the holidays per se, we get hit when we're closed before and after said holiday. When you get home, you feel like you've been hit by a truck. You don't feel like writing much when you have days that make you feel that way.

4. Firefox- I like to use Firefox as my browser. The newest version sucks. Sucks royal. You have to click on a link and then click it again to load. It's loading very slowly and half the time I have to hit re-load again. Does not do well with You Tube videos either.......

There's other reasons, but that's plenty. I expect on working on some other things this week like the heartbreaking loss to the Saints in OT.

Don't worry, I haven't gone anywhere and check out I usually make a post or two there everyday.