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Game Recap: Skins Lose 17-0. Mr. Snyder, I Demand a Refund

This game sucked.
It sucked that the best part of the gameday experience is when I buy some submarine sandwiches and we have them and some beers out in the parking lot of FedEx. It sucked that I have to sit next to Cowboy fans and have to listen to some  Cowboy a-holes in my section trying to pick a fight with Skins fans and yet nobody on the FedEx staff does a damn thing.
You wonder why there are so many fights at FedEx......well, blame the ticket office and stub hub. The Redskins provide plenty of opportunities for opposing team fans to get tickets. Either via the team selling tickets to scalpers/ticket brokers or having Skins fans sell to anonymous buyers on Stub Hub, opposing team fans can easily make their way to watch their team play.
Add alcohol and egos to the mix and BAM!!! brawling for all.

Then to watch the actual game, well frankly I'd rather poke needles in my eyes.
You see this is called professional football. Grown men are paid to play a game that most of us used to/have and still would play for free because we love football. But these professionals are truly the most gifted with abilities to play and they get paid boatloads money to play the game. Money that most of us will never see in our lifetime of work, they make in one year. So you'd think they would put out an effort to play.
Problem is that this team hasn't done anything like that in the past two weeks, both being home games.

It's one thing to play hard and to lose. It's another thing to lose and not show up or put forth the effort and just phone it in. Granted, there are a few positions on the current team that are so bad that even with their best effort, it's mediocre. However, there are a few positions that do have talent and it's pretty clear that they are not making much effort. I'd say the same thing about the coaches including Zorn and Blache.

As a fan who attends these games and screams his head off in a vain attempt to generate momentum for the defense, this is unacceptable. Most of the Skins fans in attendance pay between $59-$129 a ticket. That doesn't include the tax we now have to pay on the tickets (9%? I think it's something like that), the gas that we need to use, the parking (usually about $35 a game)etc.

With all that money spent, all I ask is for a professional team to be put on the field and to put an effort out while playing and to have FedEx quit bombarding me with commercials every 5 seconds on the "lite-bright" that we call a jumbotron. We don't get that and we shouldn't have to pay for that. What Dan Snyder should do is refund our tickets.

( Nah!!!! Not Happening)

I say this in jest, because that will never happen, but it should. We're not getting what we've paid for in advance. This is not a team, it's pretty much a joke. I just wish we could somehow forfeit the Chargers game and get to the firings and start rebuilding this team now.

Not much to say other than Dallas scored three times. The two touchdowns were thanks to big plays. One being a Jason Campbell INT. The other a 69 yard pass to Witten from Romo. Suisham actually made a 23 yarder late in the game to make it 17-0. Ballgame. The O-line looked terrible. The D-line had little to no pass rush and with our patented 10 yard cushions, the Cowboys hit the Skins with slant routes all day churning 7-8 yards per play. Very easy passes for Romo to make and his players to catch. Dallas again looks shaky. They dropped passes, Romo did his typical idiotic pass in the game once or twice and it's clear that a team that actually has a run game could run on them well (there were times that our O-line had gaping holes that closed quickly, a RB like Adrian Peterson will make the Cowboys pay big for doing that). I expect Dallas to continue their one and done format in the playoffs if they play any playoff team like they played tonight.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
- Not much good to say about the Redskins at all in this game. Honorable mentions: London Fletcher will always play hard and with heart even if his fellow teammates have given up. Reed Doughty is consistently  an overachiever and had a pick before getting injured. Santana Moss had another good game against Dallas (8 catches 92 yards).

-If the Skins play next Sunday like the previous two Sundays, then even with the Chargers playing their backups the Skins will probably lose. The silver lining to all of this is that the Skins will be 4-12 and probably in the 5th spot in the draft. That means we can either address our needs at QB, go after our next elite LT or trade back and get a bunch of picks. It gives Bruce Allen and the next head coach many options with the 2010 talent pool.

Coaches- With the exception of Blache and Bugel, who will most likely retire, most of the coaching staff will be looking for new jobs next year. Ending the season off with these flat and lifeless performances both in scheme and execution says many bad things about these coaches. It's not just the change in the FO either. The Redskins have looked like this in both Giant games, vs. the Lions, vs. the Rams, vs. The Chiefs, vs. the Bucs (1st half) and vs. the Falcons (1st half). If I was a GM, I would be leery of hiring you based on the lack of passion by your players, their failure to execute the simplest of plays and the poor schemes used. Zorn just looks utterly confused. In his post game press conference, he didn't know if the team ever got into the Red Zone (they didn't) and thought the team was 4-13 (we're 4-11). Maybe Zorn is trying hard to get fired, I don't know, But, if I were a GM I wouldn't hire him if he can't even figure out how many games the team has played and lost during the season.

Players- You do know that when the Skins brought in Bruce Allen that you were auditioning for your jobs in 2010 right? Ok, then if you didn't know that you do know that other teams are scouting you and might sign you to their team if you get cut here. Right now if I was a GM I would not sign any of you.....most of you play with no heart and have quit.

Jason Campbell- I thought about keeping you and still think maybe that's not a bad decision (so we can use the draft picks to rebuild the O-line) but you are making it harder each game to defend that opinion.

The Ugly
- Jim Zorn vs. the NFCE all time 3-9. That pretty much says it all right?
- The Redskins are vs. the NFCE 0-6 for the first time since 1994. 1994 was a rebuild team, this was a playoff caliber team per Vinny Cerrato.
- The Skins finish with a home record of 3-5. That is just pathetic. 
- I dare Cowboy fans to pull the same **** that you did at FedEx tonight over at The Linc. next week or in the playoffs. You see the Eagle thugs fans are actually encouraged to beat opposing fans silly and they get bonus points for Cowboy fans. So please try to get in their faces and pull at them saying **** about beatings and such. That will make my day.

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Commando045 said...

As a fan of the game and no stranger to a bitter rival, I must admit this was my first game attended in Washington vs a hated Dallas team. My best friend WDM was so kind to invite me.

At the very gate before I had a chance to enjoy such a storied fued of a NFC East battle, I literally got pulled by my should by a cowboy fan (drunk, trying to impress his girl, ((i think it was a girl))) telling me "we're gonna kick your ass!" I reply "This must be your first football game ever little boy cuz this is dual annual battle that is never a plain ass whooping" (well maybe not that polite but you get the point.)

I am not a redskin fan, but I consider them my second team. I proudly dawn burgandy and gold when my best friend asks me to endure a Washington War! Its my pleasure cuz I love football.

I remember we had a hard time getting other skins fans up to cheer for our team, but not long in the game, everyone just seemed to give up, like the team. Honestly, (I don't wanna say it)but the team didn't give any hope. It seemed liked there was no fight on the team's part and for the fans as well.

It was so bad that I accidently had a 10-15 minute conversation with a "sunday night football" technichion asking how he got a such a awesome job (at halftime looking for those italian sausages).

Shortly after my return, the cowboy fans in front tried so hard to pick a fight with skins fans. WDM and I stood up abruptly and informed this "fan" that we weren't gonna take his crap.
WDM told him off and immediately sat dowm cuz is he the perfect fan for the game.

I continued to stand with my fists clinched cuz I prepared for a "jump over the seats" kinda rush.

WDM grabbed my jacket and said "just let it go." Nothing good would come from pounding a cowboy fan I realized the next day.

-back story- As a Raven fan I thrived on conflict from a division game, cuz it brings out your survival instict. But even the Steelers vs Ravens at any venue (that I attended) never made us just wanna fight before anything ever happend, damn. Our rival is fairly new but as a proud witness of a Skin vs 'boy event, I must say we don't hold a candle to that kind of hate. (of course this my only game to compare, but did also witness eagle vs skins conflict)

Long night, ride home disappointed by virtually every aspect of the game. Too tired to give a acurate account of events. (I was so tired I tried to look for WDM's garbage can to throw out stuff at someone else's house lol.)

In conclusion, Washington is making very credible strides to make the next years more enjoyable. But as fans, we can't give up! The glory days can be ours again. But it all begins WITH THE 12TH MAN!


C045 aka SHD

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