Monday, December 21, 2009

Game Recap: Skins Lose Badly to G-Men

It's the 4th quarter and I pretty much stopped watching by halftime.
I was lucky to see Fred Davis score a TD but that's been about it. It's been a horrible, horrible game for Redskin fans. No offense. Either Campbell is getting creamed by the pass rush, or his passes are incomplete. The D is totally getting run over or smoked on passes. The Redskins look absolutely flat.

And this is the first game new GM Bruce Allen gets to evaluate the team.
I expect a great deal of players to not be back next season with this type of performance.
All of the good will for the coaches and a few players is eroding........

Ok, a quick Good, Bad and Ugly.

The Good
Me- For not going to the game tonight. I just wasn't interested in seeing the Giants beat us and watching the Skins play like mediocre jokes. It's easier to turn of the TV than having to drive home from FedEx. And that's what I did.

Mrs. SHD- SHD's significant other is in her fantasy football playoffs and had Fred Davis, Graham Gano and the Giants D. Davis has a TD. The Giants D has destroyed the Skins mostly, She should be making out well.

Vinny Cerrato- He doesn't have to bear witness or take the blame for this one. Lucky him. Great job on that O-line Vinny.

Fred Davis- So far 5 catches, 1 TD. Only bright spot so far.

The Bad
Jim Zorn- Team looks horrible on nationwide tv. Great job getting your team pumped up for this one. I seriously doubt any Redskin fan will suggest keeping Zorn another year after this debacle.

O-line- and just when I was about to say "maybe we should keep Levi Jones and Mike Williams as backups", we have this game. Be glad I'm not the GM. Almost every linemen right now on this team would be gone. I'd probably keep Dockery, Ed Williams, Rinehart, maybe Will Montgomery and the kid from the Eagles practice squad. That's about it.

Jason Campbell- his numbers aren't bad, but not great. He's been hit on every play and Collins had one deep ball look better than most of JC's passes. I expect the Campbell needs to go crowd to be out en mass tomorrow on the radio and the message boards.

The D- Can't stop anything. No pass rush and this was with 2-3 starting linemen injured. The D looked like they were in slo-mo with the exception of London Fletcher.

Danny Smith- I like the trick plays also, but after the Giants called a time out, don't you think you should have just kicked the FG?

The Ugly
-Bruce Allen has his work cut out for him. This will not be an easy fix of adding 1-2 players and bringing in a new coaching staff. This team will really need to rebuild and I hope the O-line is the first place they target in the rebuilding process.

-Jim Zorn can't play the Giants. The Skins will be 0-4 after tonight against the Giants. The Redskins will have lost 7 of the last 8 against the G-Men and Jason Campbell will be 0-7 against them. Remember the one win back in 2007 was with Todd Collins. Not good stats for either Campbell and Zorn who look like both may be gone at the end of the season.

- Silver lining: We fall to 4-10. We stay ahead of the Raiders, Bills, Seahawks and Bears. With Cleveland (3-11) on a winning streak (2), who knows maybe we'll have a better chance to go after Russel Okung.

Score Update: 45-12 Giants with 3:30 to go in the 4th.

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