Monday, December 14, 2009

Major IIWII Announcement

With the 1 year anniversary of IIWII approaching,
I'd like to give all of the 5 or so readers of the site an early Christmas present.

I'm always trying to find ways to make the blog better. There will be some new polls coming up.
You'll still get some decent articles from yours truly and if I can find a new link or widget that's worth adding I'll do that also.

But here's the big news:

1. I'm expanding the writing pool. IIWII is proud to announce that starting in 2010, there will be a new writer to jump on board. I'll still be posting, but I'll also be the acting Editor in Chief (yay! New title.). I've mentioned SHD before in some of my gameday posts. And yes, Steeler Hater Dan will be the new writer at IIWII (my sincere apologies to Dagger and the Steeler fans over at Post Game Heroes).

More or less, Dan is a Ravens fan who follows the Skins. So while he doesn't follow them as closely as I do, he does know the team and the roster and will probably give you a better non-Redskins fan perspective. I'm also hoping that he'll be able to help me cover the entire NFL on the site instead of the constant "under the microscope" focus on the Skins that I have.

SHD will also do some fantasy football segments (he's winning his league, me I don't play) so hopefully we'll have some good stuff coming up. He also is a movie buff, so don't be surprised if you see the occasion movie debate with me and him. Dan has a few more ideas and we'll see how it works.

2. We will be attempting starting the first ever IIWII podcast, hopefully in late January early February. The idea is to do 1-2 podcasts a month in the off season,with emphasis on free agency and the draft. Once the season starts, we'd like to go weekly with episodes depending on our work schedules.

3. Open invitation to some of our fellow bloggers. We're looking to do an occasional round table with topics, but that's more or less to be determined based on interest and availability.

So there you have it. Hopefully IIWII will be even better in 2010.
Thanks for reading.

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