Sunday, December 20, 2009

Please Vote For London Fletcher!!!!!!!

This has been a pretty dreadful season despite the improvements in the last 4 weeks. However, there has been one Redskins player that again is having a phenomenal, yet quiet season.

London Fletcher.
Currently, he is third in the league in tackles (133) which is just crazy. It's close to 9 tackles a game. He's 15th in the league in solo tackles (76). He also has a INT and a FF.

Fletcher has been consistently been near the top of tacklers in the past decade and it would be hard to imagine what the Redskins D would look like without him (Let me just say, I doubt we'd be a top 10 defense). Yet, the man has never been elected to a Pro Bowl.

Not one.

It makes no sense. The guy is honestly a HOF candidate and yet he has never been to a pro bowl. What do you have to do to get some respect around the league? Dance every time you make a play, even if you barely touched the guy and your teammates made the tackle. Get in trouble with the law so that SNL makes fun of the situation.

I just don't get it. Don't get me wrong, Ray Lewis is a 1st ballot HOFer- but his numbers aren't that much different career-wise than Fletcher and yet, Lewis has been to 6 pro bowls and Fletcher has been to none.
Anyway, the point is go and vote for London over at
Here's the link to the actual ballot.

Also, while you're there may I suggest voting for Andre Carter and Brian Orakpo as well. 11 sacks each and have been just dominating.
Edit: And don't forget Hunter "the punter" Smith who ran for a TD and threw a TD this year. At one point, he was my team MVP.

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