Saturday, December 19, 2009

So Long Vinny, Welcome Mr. Allen

(Our First GM of Daniel Snyder's Ownership: Bruce Allen)

I really didn't think Snyder would do it......ever. Yet, Thursday morning my cell phone lit up and I was receiving calls from most of my friends about the resignation of Vinny Cerrato and the hiring of Bruce Allen. I have some thoughts on the hiring of Allen (great move in my opinion), but first let's say our farewells to Vinny.

Let's be honest, Vinny needed to go. I'm not going to sugar coat that now that he "resigned". Myself and others out there wore their "Fire Vinny" shirts for a reason. That said, Vinny did make some good moves during his tenure. Of course he made some really bad ones as well. I guess my point is that he wasn't a great officially unofficial GM, but he wasn't Matt Millen either. Primarily, he had to go because, can't fire the owner no matter how many shirts we wear that say "Sell the Team". We know that many of Vinny's decisions were really from the office of Daniel Snyder. If anything Vinny was the public face of the machinations of Snyder and Vinny did a terrible job of trying to explain to both the fans and the media why they did what they did.

When it comes down to it Vinny is the live action version of a fictional character that most people on the planet has seen at least a few times if they ever have watched TV.

Vinny Cerrato = Waylon Smithers

Both stand there and tell their boss what they want to hear. Both let their bosses make terrible mistakes and both until recently were still in their employ. It wouldn't have surprised me that when the crowd boos Cerrato was trying to say that the crowd was supporting the team or saying Smooooooot or Cooooooley, just like Smithers does here:

In the end, Vinny had to take the brunt of the blame and the fall for it. But hopefully, he'll go back to ESPN. He'll provide some humor which ESPN has lacked since they fired Emmitt Smith and will probably be less annoying than most of the expert blowhards that ESPN currently employs.

Now to our GM.
I think it was a great move because of Allen's experience and respect around the league. There has been writers like CBS's Pete Prisco who said the Skins should have gone with an up and coming young NFL executive.
Look, here's the deal. Allen worked with Al Davis, he's won in the league before with the Bucs and the Raiders. Snyder actually respects him and that's a key to any chance of this team being able to fix its problems. More or less, Mr. Snyder has to stay out of football operations. If he trusts Allen to do take over operations, then maybe, just maybe he stop going after every big name on the market.

And maybe we can finally draft a starting O-lineman.

Allen is also a great move because of of his family's history with the team. More or less it's great PR. But I also believe that Allen knows what this area is like when the Skins are winners and he wants to have them win again.

I also like how this was done to allow Allen three weeks of evaluation to determine who should stay and go as well to start getting his people in place to prepare for the draft..

No matter what, this is a victory. Hopefully, the Washington Redskins will finally develop a front office that can build a championship team eventually.

Now to figure out who will be our coach next year and what players will be back.

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