Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy Holidays From IIWII via the Redskins......

I received a letter from the Redskins the other day and in it was a card wishing me and my family a happy holiday. I thought it was nice card coming from the organization (my guess that this was sent to Season Ticket Holders). Nothing real fancy, but it did have a copy of this year's team photo inside. I figured that I would share this with my fellow Skin fans. This seems to be in line with Bruce Allen's effort to to get back in touch with its fans as well as the team's alumni. If that's the case, then I really believe that the Skins are on the right track, but more of that when I do a "year in review" for the Skins coming soon.

So, in similar fashion as the Skins, IIWII wishes it's readers a Happy New Year. Hopefully, on the football side of things 2011 will be much better than it has been for the past few years. Enjoy the holiday and if you drink too much (nothing wrong with that) please make sure to have someone sober to give you a ride home (my PSA for the year).

I'll be working on some more articles throughout the weekend. More pictures below......

Monday, December 27, 2010

Game Recap: Skins @ Jaguars. Bubblegum Duct Tape D Beat Jags

(Skins celebrate after a 4th and goal TD by Ryan Torain)

I think it's fair to say that the Redskins D has some issues. Many have argued that the Skins lack the personnel at many positions to run the 3-4 scheme effectively. I can't disagree, matter of fact I think the Skins could use upgrades probably on 2/3rds of it's line 1/2 of it's LB corp. and some improved depth. Then prior to the game it was revealed that Reed Doughty, Brian Orakpo and Kareem Moore were out. Plus, the Skins IRed three linemen this week (Kedric Golston, Maake Kemoeatu, Phillip Daniels) so there were some major deficits in the D this week. The Skins had to rely on guys that had either just had been signed to the roster (DE, Darrion Scott, DT/NT Joe Joseph, OLB Rob Jackson) or guys who are playing out of their natural position ("Macho" Harris and Kevin Barnes making the move from back up corners to starting safeties).

The game plan was simple. Stop the run and force David Garrard to beat you with the pass. What helped the situation was that the wind was swirling which will cause some difficulty in the pass game. Most importantly MJD was out this week, but we know that the Redskins have struggled against teams that like to run the ball and stick with it. Also, Rashad Jennings isn't a bad running back and he's averaging 5.7 yards/carry. What happened was that the plan worked to perfection. It wasn't pretty. There was some times when the Jaguar receivers were ridiculously wide open and statistically Garrard put up some decent numbers (22/38 299yds; 1 TD, 2 INT) but the Skins caused Garrard to throw 2 interceptions with a decent amount of pressure and no run game.

The Skins took an early 3-0 lead thanks to a nice KO return by Brandon Banks, a 15 yard face mask penalty on Jags kicker Josh Scobee and a 48 yard FG by Graham Gano. They followed that up on the Jags drive with a Carlos Rogers INT (Yes, I did say that!!!!) that led to a 1 yard TD pass from Grossman to Fred Davis.
(Photographic evidence that Rogers can catch and hold onto the ball. It's rare but does exist.)
The Jaguars came back to tie the game at 10-10. Then, late in the third quarter the Skins had a long 14 play, 7:50 minute drive that resulted on a 1 yard Ryan Torain TD. What stood out was that the Redskins went for the win here by going for it on 4th and 1 on the 1 yard line. Skins lead 17-10. The Jaguars rallied thanks to a poor Sal Paulescu put that gave them good field position. This lead to a long run by Garrard and a tied game at 17-17. The game heads to overtime with the Jaguars winning the toss. The Skins pressure Garrard and he throws a horrible pass that Kevin Barnes had no problems intercepting. This led to a game winning Graham Gano FG from 31 yards.

What stands out the most about this game was that the Skins kept fighting. They kept playing despite playing a team that was desperate to make the playoffs and possibly would have it they did. This has been a trend of this team for many of the games this season and hopefully that trend will stay.

Lets do some The Good, The Bad and The Ugly..........

Dear NY Giants, Please Fire Tom Coughlin

(Tom Coughlin doing his best Sam Kinison impersonation. Image via.)
Tom Coughlin has one year left on his contract after this season and the rumors have been swirling that the Giants are considering letting him go by the end of the season. There are rumors that Bill Cowher is interested in the job if it became available and the media and some Giant fans seem to like the idea.

So, here's my take on the situation:


I, being a Redskins fan, would love to see Tom Coughlin fired.
Since Coughlin has taken over as head coach of the Giants (2004), the Redskins are 3-10 against the Giants. After next Sunday, the Skins could be 3-11. The Giants in that run has only lost 1 home game to the Skins (2007, The Todd Collins led/Sean Taylor inspired playoff run in some of the craziest wind I've seen in a game). The Skins also haven't beaten the Giants since 2007.

Not to even mention the many blowouts by the Giants have had over the Skins in that run 36-0 (2005), 45-12 (2009) and 31-7 (2010).

So what would a guy like Bill Cowher bring to the Giants? Well, he's been very successful in the NFL. He has 1 Super Bowl championship and has been to two Super Bowls. However, here's the problems. First, Cowher runs a 3-4, the Giants run a 4-3 base and as a Redskin fan of 2010 I can tell you that the transition is not nearly as easy as it has been suggested. Second, before Cowher got his ring he was getting called a choker by many opposing fans b/c of his inability to get the Steelers from the playoffs to the Super Bowl. Think the AFC version of Andy Reid. Third, Cowher has been out of the league for four years. It doesn't seem that long and Cowher has still been involved in the league on the CBS pre-game show. That said, being a head coach is rigorous and I seriously doubt that Cowher watches the same amount of game film that he used to watch. Also, New York is a whole different level than Pittsburgh in its fan base and media attention.

So please Giants, get rid of a guy that has coached his team to kick the Redskins butts for almost a entire decade. I welcome a change and I would enjoy a Shanahan/Cowher re-match from time to time.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Week 16 Picks

Lots of things going on so, I'll make this one quick again.
Here are my picks for today.
Redskins 31- 28

Last Week: 10-5
TNF: 1-0
Saturday Night Football: 0-1
Season:  135-89

Live Chat @

Just an FYI.
Can't go to the bar b/c of the snow? Friends can't come over? No prob.
Head on over to for a live chat during the game. I may or may not be there depending on my work situation. Either I'll be on TBD or I'll be in the snow trying to get to my job for a work related emergency.

Merry Christmas, Happy Anniversary and Snow

( A nice cake, that celebrates two things today on IIWII)
First, a slightly belated Merry Christmas to all of the IIWII readers. May you have a great holiday and I hope you have a blessed 2011 (don't worry, we'll be here for New Year's Eve). Thank you for reading IIWII and I hope that you continue to pop in from time to time.

Second, on December 22nd we at IIWII celebrated our 2nd anniversary. That's right, I've been here writing Redskins and other meaningless stuff for over two years now. As we start on year three, I want to say that I'm trying to always make the site better. We keep adding new and interesting members to our blogroll, while removing a few that haven't been posting for awhile. Sometime in January or Febuary, I'll be taking a week off from posting just to make a few updates to the site and maybe change a template or a font. We've partnered with and we hope to continue that relationship in the near future. I'm also hoping to start on some blog work fro WUSA 9, but still haven't had time to get to it as of now. Also, as of right now the podcast is out....I'm hoping to do some work on it, but I really don't have time to do it and SHD has become unavailable for various reasons.

In the process of evaluation and tweaking the site and some of the articles I post here, I'm looking for some input from you the reader.....what would you like to see in a site that covers the Redskins and "other pop culture"? Should this site only be Redskins? Should I try to add more NFL coverage and not be so Redskins focused? Would you like to see more DC sports here? More non-sports stuff? Leave a comment or shoot me a email at

We also may be changing domain shouldn't affect you and if it works the way I planned, if you still come to IIWII then the site should still come up. It may cost me some money so I may ask for some donations via Pay Pal or something. I'll get to that if/when it happens.

Finally, here's a brief breakdown of things coming up in the next few weeks/month: An analysis of the Donovan McNabb benching and it's after effects, who's to blame with Albert Haynesworth, Do the Redskins need a villain? Yes, they do!, 2010 Redskin Player Awards (many of you will be angry with me on the Defensive MVP- no it's not LaRon Landry) and Who Should Stay and Who Should Go.

(Picture via cell phone- WD)

Oh, and it's snowing. Joy!!! After last year, I've come to hate snow. Snow is beautiful and when it's snowing it's incredibly peaceful and quiet. But it's a pain in the ass to deal with, especially when you have to go to work.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

SatNF Quick Pick

Merry Christmas.
Still not in a writing mood for various reasons, but here's the Saturday Night Football pick.

Dallas. (Cowboys/Cardinals game).

Ok, gotta go. Hopefully I get to some posting tonight and maybe Sunday.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

TNF Pick

Just got home from work. I have been at work since 7AM, got home and then was paged to go back. So I missed putting in my pick for tonight before the game started.

I haven't turned on the game yet, so I'm going with the easy pick and choose the Steelers.

Also, GO NAVY!!! As they try to win the Poinsettia bowl against San Diego St.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Game Recap: Skins @ Cowboys. So Close and Yet So Far......

(Even back in training camp Grossman was getting ready to start.)

The game didn't start well. The Redskins kicked off and what looked like a decent Graham Gano kick with some good down field coverage, led to a 38 yard return by Bryan McCann. The Redskins D played bend, don't break defense and finally held the Cowboys around their 24. 3-0 Dallas. The Skins go a quick 3 and out and then we get to see a repeat of the first Dallas series. A Sal Paulescu punt is returned 31 yards and again, the Cowboys move the ball deep into Redskins territory. Instead of going for three this time, Dallas tries to end the Skins early by going for it on 4th and 1 from the 1 yard line. Not so fast as the drive is stopped by a diving London Fletcher and Rocky McIntosh keeping Tashard Choice out of the end zone.

All is starting to look good as the Skins start to move the ball. But not much longer after the drive starts Rex Grossman floats a ball that looks like it was intended either for Mike Sellers or out of bounds and instead is picked off by Gerald Sensabaugh. The levy finally breaks as the Cowboys score their first TD of the game on the ensuing drive. The first half doesn't get much better as the Cowboys accumulate 20 points (should have been 23 but their kicker David Buehler has been as consistent on chip shots as Graham Gano has been lately). The lone glimmer of hope for the Skins was an early drive in the 2nd quarter that led to a TD when Rex Grossman hit Ryan Torain for a 19 yard screen and run.

It's only halftime, but the score is 20-7 and it seemed like many Skins fans were ready to turn off the channel. It doesn't get better in the beginning of the 2nd half. Rex Grossman while scrambling runs into his Guard (Kory Lichtensteiger) and then is stripped by DeMarcus Ware. That leads to another Dallas TD and now it's 27-7 Cowboys. Just when you're starting to think that this will be the third NFCE blowout in a row for the Skins, something changed. The offense began to click. We may have just begun to see what the Mike/Kyle Shanahan offense is how it's supposed to look.

The Skins score their second TD on a quick slant to Santana Moss in a four play drive that was primarily fueled by a deep pass from Grossman to Anthony Armstrong. The third TD was on a 14 play drive that was capped by a great catch by Santana Moss. Then, Grossman hits Chris Cooley for a two point conversion getting the Redskins closer as the Skins now trail by eight (30-22 Dallas). The next Redskins drive led to another Grossman TD; this time to Chris Cooley. The Skins again tried a two point conversion and succeeded as Grossman hit a wide open Mike Sellers. Game now tied at 30.

The defense did a good job of finally holding Dallas and it looked like the Skins had the momentum to take the game. It started off well, but the momentum died on three ensuing plays. The first was when Grossman threw an intermediate pass to Santana Moss while he was in stride. If the ball is caught, there would have been a good chance that Moss would have gotten a great deal of yardage on the play and possibly a TD. Instead, he couldn't hold onto the ball. The next two plays resulted in sacks and the momentum was killed. The Cowboys took the ball on their next series and scored the game winning FG. The Redskins had one final drive with less than a minute and no time outs to get into field goal range. The game ended on a Grossman interception as he was trying to force a ball to Chris Cooley.

This game was really a game of two halves. In the first (and early 2nd) half, the Redskins looked confused. Rex Grossman had to shake off some rust, but once he did the Skins began to look scary. The offense was 4/4 once they were in the Red Zone.....all TDs mind you. They also were able to go 2/2 on 2- point conversions, something that is rather rare. Unfortunately, neither the defense or the special teams played that well in either half. The defense looked good early on holding Dallas to only 1 TD and 2 FGs in four drives that started inside the Redskins 40 yard line. But throughout the game the defense could stop the Dallas offense. There was little to no pressure on the QB and there was little pressure or disruption that would hinder the run plays. If anything the D-line held position at the LOS and everybody just stood around figuring out who was going to make the tackle with someone finally making the tackle 5-6 yards down field. Special Teams did little to help either. Brandon Banks was made a non-factor in this game in both kick off and punt returns. The coverage was lousy and containment was frequently lost leading to a opening for McCann to break free.

Most people will talk about Rex Grossman's performance in this game as either a positive or a negative depending on where they stand on the Donovan McNabb situation. For the most part he was an overall push. While he led the Skins to 30 points on 4 drives, he was also responsible for two Dallas scores thanks to a fumble and a poorly thrown interception. In the end 2/3rds of the team were beaten badly by Dallas and to me, that's what led to Washington's downfall.

Let's do some The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Good
- Rex Grossman (25/43, 322 yards; 4 TD, 2 INT, 1 fumble). Had you told me that we would have seen 2 INTs and 1 fumble from Rex Grossman, I would have told you that wouldn't have surprised me that much. However, I seriously doubt that anyone expected a 4 TD performance. I can live with 4TDs and 2 INTs every week if necessary . This was only one game and I still have concern about Grossman floating passes and not having enough arm strength to make all the NFL throws, but this is a good start. He has two more weeks to show if he can be a valuable member of the team in 2011.

- Ryan Torain (11 carries, 53 yards; 5 catches, 48 yards; 1 TD). Many will teall you that the Skins didn't run the ball enough this week and I can agree with that. However, the Skins found ways to get Ryan Torain the ball with some nice passes in the flat and some screens. One screen in particular led to a 19 yard TD. 101 all purpose yards from scrimmage and a TD is nice. No doubt that Torain will be the #1 RB on the Skins next year. Now if only we can find out if James Davis or Andre Brown can be the primary backup (we know Keiland Williams is the Skins main 3rd down back)......

- Anthony Armstrong ( 5 catches, 100 yards). Another game, another deep 20+ yard catch for Armstrong. He has become the Skins legitimate deep threat and game changer for the offense.

- Santana Moss ( 8 catches, 72 yards; 2 TDs). It took some time but again Moss lived up to his reputation of being a Cowboy killer with some amazing catches and some nice runs. I only wish he had held onto that one pass late in the 4th or we may be talking about a Redskins win.

- Chris Cooley ( 5 catches, 62 yards; 1 TD, 1 2pt. conversion). Silent in the 1st half (again), Chris Cooley made a major impact in the second half. Much like Moss, Cooley is notorious for having big games against the Cowboys and did so again last week.

- Perry Riley (1 tackle). I thought I saw more tackles than that. Oh well, what I saw of Riley when he was playing LB I liked. I think he has the skill set that is needed for a 3-4 ILB.

- London Fletcher (11 tackles, 7 solo). Made a great dive with Rocky McIntosh on 4th and 1 to stop Dallas from scoring from the 1 yard line.

- Red Zone scoring. 4/4 in TDs when in the Red Zone and 2/2 in 2 point conversions. Not bad, especially for a team that usually has their drives sputter out as soon as they get close to the opposing team's 20 yard line.

The Bad
- Special Teams. Kick off and punt coverage was horrible especially in the 1st quarter. This gave Dallas great filed position and multiple opportunities to score on the short field. Return teams weren't much better as Brandon Banks was made ineffective due towards some good kicks/punts on Dallas and poor blocking by the Redskins. This is the second week in a row that special teams were at least a contributing factor in the loss.

- Sal Paulescu (4 punts, average of 26 yards; Long 45). Not a great performance after replacing Hunter Smith. There seemed to be little hangtime on a few of the punts.

- The Defense (overall). Not much penetration, not much pressure on the QB. Gave up 434 net yards to Dallas and generated no turnovers. The only silver lining is that the D held Dallas a few times in classic Skins "bend, don't break" fashion which kept the Dallas score under 35 points.

- DeAngelo Hall. Got burnt for TDs by Miles Austin and Jason Witten. Struggled at making tackles. This is what you get from D. Hall though. When he has a great game, he has a really great game and when he has a bad game, he really has a bad game.

- O-line. 5 sacks isn't good. Especially when two of the 5 come at the end of the game during a drive that could have given the Redskins the lead.

The Ugly
- Rex Grossman has a trend where he follows a good game by a really bad game. It will be worth watching to see if that happens this week.

- Anthony Bryant did a decent job taking most of the snaps at NT. But he's not a starter. He doesn't demand double teams, doesn't make a great deal of penetration on run plays (yes, I understand gap control but you would expect at least a little push backwards) nor does he collapse the pocket on pass plays. He does do a good job at gap control and not getting pushed off the LOS. The point is that the Skins will need a starting caliber NT if they plan on running the 3-4 with any success. They currently don't have that player on the roster.

- Dallas is now 2-6 at Dallas Cowboys stadium. Pretty sad but the Skins are also heading towards a 2-6 home record if they lose to the Giants in two weeks.

-3rd down conversions 36% (4/11). Still a significant problem for the Skins.

- This team can't stay healthy. Brian Orakpo and Reed Doughty are injured and may miss the Jaguars game. Kareem Moore also is ailing with a bad knee. Phillip Daniels and Ma'ake Kemoeatu were lost for the season with injuries and have been placed on IR.

- Kevin Barnes moved to safety ti fill in for the injured Reed Doughty. He looked good. I would like to see how effective he'll be at corner, but the good news is that he can play multiple positions and be useful to the Skins in many ways.

- With all of the injures and IRing, I have to hope we'll get to see more from players that need to be evaluated like Erik Cook, Macho Harris, James Davis, Rob Jackson, Jeremy Jarmon, Logan Paulsen, Perry Riley, Chris Wilson etc. You have two games, lets see what they can do.

Next week: Road trip to Jacksonville to play a playoff desperate Jaguar team.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Time to Start Doing Your Homework.......

I'm not expert in drafting players. Nor can I project what the Redskins will do with any/all of their picks. What I can say is that it's now time to start doing your homework if you have any interest in who the draftees may be this year for the Skins.

I hate to tell you this because like many of you I believe that we need to spend almost the entire draft picking O and D linemen that will fit the schemes, but I think the Skins will take a QB with their 1st round pick this season.
Unlike other outlets BS rumors and reports that the Redskins are "tanking it" to get the highest draft pick, I do believe that they will have a very hard time winning another game with the Skins traveling to Jacksonville to play a Jaguars team that is desperate to keep their playoff hopes alive and then facing the Giants at home on January 2nd.

If that's the case, the Skins end the 2010 season with a 5-11 record. That means that the Skins could be eligible for a draft pick as high as #2 overall (as of today). I doubt that will happen, but it's a good bet that they'll be in the top 10 and possibly the top 5 overall. They should have a good choice of talent at the position with possibly 4-5 QBs considered 1st round caliber coming out of college (of course this depends on whether Andrew Luck and Cam Newton leave school early to be eligible for the draft).

So here's how you can get ready. Start watching the players during their bowl games.
Here's a list of the bowl games schedule.  Watch them or at least some of the bigger ones to get a good look at some of the top prospects. No, I'm not just watching football, I'm doing research!!!! Always a good excuse to your significant other.

Then comes the East/West Shrine Game (1/22/11)
And the Senior Bowl (1/29/11)

Before you know it the Combine and the 2011 Draft will be here. So get started and come back in 2011 to debate who the Redskins will be taking in the 1st round. My early guess is a QB, possibly Jake Locker.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Update: McNabb Jersey Back to Regular Price.......

After numerous reports coming from various sites including ExtremeSkins, PFT,, SB Nation and us over here at IIWII, the Redskins took notice to the McNabb jersey sale and sent a message over to Pro Football Talk saying that it was all a mix up.

Upon discovering a third-party vendor made a decision to reduce the price of the jerseys, we had it corrected immediately and we apologize for the error.
-Tony Wyllie, Senior VP 

 It is true that the Redskins' team store is run by a third party vendor. Just read this entry over at the Official Redskins Blog for the story about who runs the team store and their makeover of the HOF store at FedEx this past May. So maybe somebody jumped the gun, put two and two together and decided to put the #5 jerseys on sale. Maybe it's possible.......

....but I'm skeptical about the Skins when they do stuff like this. I think many fans that really follow the team as close as I do (there are still some very knowledgeable fans out there) know that usually when something like this goes down, it's not an accident. Now PFT argues that the reason is to keep some flexibility in trade talks for McNabb, but I don't think that's the case either. That ship sailed the moment Mike Shanahan benched McNabb for Rex Grossman. My guess? I think the Skins are trying to end this relationship amicably.

I think many can agree that the locker room likes/loves McNabb a great deal. Heck, Mike Shanahan has said he likes Donovan McNabb the person even though he has issues with the performance of Donovan McNabb the player. I also like McNabb. Getting to listen to him, see the work he put in the off season and how he's handled his time in DC, I have a totally different view of him now than I did when he was in Philly. So, I think the Skins want to end this with a handshake an extra $3.5 million (from the extension) and a "I'm sorry it didn't work out here, good luck in your next city." line. By taking the jerseys off sale is trying to end the "disrespect" that some people are making of this.

It's still worth noting that the Albert Haynesworth jersey is still at $39.95 and is also listed as a sale item to go with the Devin Thomas, Antwaan Randle-El and Jason Campbell jerseys on sale.

Week 15 Picks

Got to make this quick I have a bunch of articles to get done today.

1PM Games
Cleveland Browns @ Cincinnati Bengals (-2.5)
The Browns have looked better, the Bengals are just a mess. I like the Browns here even though the Bengals are technically the better team on paper.
Pick: Browns

Washington Redskins @ Dallas Cowboys (-6.5)
2010 is over for both of these teams, what's left is evaluation, draft status and pride. Based on the last few years, I think this will be Dallas' for the taking, but who knows maybe the Skins can spark something with Grossman at the helm. I kind of doubt it.
Pick: Dallas 27-13.

Houston Texans @ Tennessee Titans (-2.0)
Kenny Britt uis back and I think this is a toss up game, but I'll go with the Titans here.
Pick: Titans

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Indianapolis Colts (-5.0)
This is a desperation game for the Colts. If they don't win this one, I will be highly surprised despite Jacksonville is probably winning the AFCS.
Pick: Colts

Kansas City Chiefs @ St. Louis Rams (+3.0)
I just think that the Chiefs are a better team here and they are a fast team anyway, so they should excel on the Rams' turf.
Pick: Chiefs

Buffalo Bills @ Miami Dolphins (-5.5)
Dolphins should win this game in a close one.
Pick: Dolphins

Detroit Lions @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-5.5)
Tampa Bay bounces back after a mediocre performance last week in DC. They win this one in a tight game.
Pick: Bucs

Arizona Cardinals @ Carolina Panthers (-3.0)
I doubt the Panthers win another game this season. Andrew Luck is theirs for the taking.
Pick: Cardinals

New Orleans Saints @ Baltimore Ravens (-3.0)
I like the Ravens here at M&T in a shootout.
Pick: Ravens

Philadelphia Eagles @ NY Giants (-3.0)
If the Giants can control the clock and run the ball, they may have a chance to win this one. If the Eagles get ahead early, it will be hard to come back.
Pick: Eagles

4PM Games
Atlanta Falcons @ Seattle Seahawks (-6.0)
Falcons are just a better team despite Qwest's crowd noise.
Pick: Falcons

NY Jets @ Pittsburgh Steelers (-6.0)
Steelers are w/o Troy and his big hair, but the Jets can't score. They won't be able to do so today either.
Pick: Steelers

Denver Broncos @ Oakland Raiders (-6.5)
Raiders should win this game, but the Broncos are debuting Tim Tebow today, so that should be worth the watch alone.
Pick: Raiders

Green Bay Packers @ New England Patriots (-6.0)
Rogers isn't healthy. I think the Pats win at home.
Pick: Patriots

Chicago Bears @ Minnesota Vikings
I'm more interested to see if they got the stadium ready for the teams to play and for the fans to be semi-comfortable than this game itself.
Pick: Bears

Last Week: 8-6
TNF: 1-0
Season: 124-83

Join Me and Other Redskin Bloggers on for A Live Chat

Live Chat today for the Skins/Cowboys starting at 1PM.
Here's the link:

celebrate the future with us as we evaluate the team for next season.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Proof Donovan McNabb Won't Be A Redskin Anymore......

The Redskins are beyond moronic when it comes to keeping team secrets. They leak stuff to the media, but most importantly they leak tons of information on their site including the team's store. Want to know if a player is on his way out the door? Look no further than the jersey section........
(Wow!!! only $39.95 for a player's jersey that the Redskins don't want anymore)
How I know this? They do this every time a player is about to get traded or released. Look down a little further on their site and you'll see this gem of a jersey you can also get for $39.95. Just proves my point. Neither McNabb or Floppy will be back here next season.

So forget about the "and Coach Shanahan said he may not return next year..." garbage. McNabb is done in DC. So much for trade value for either of these players, the cat's been let out of the bag thanks to the Skins trying to sell a few more jerseys. What hurts even more is for the Skin fans who bought jerseys, McFarlane's or other McNabb memorabilia to celebrate a player who some thought would be the face of the franchise and be here for a few more years......especially after he was given a multi-year extension just a month ago.

Fear not Redskin fans, you can still get your own Joey Galloway replica jersey at full price. Woo Hoo!!!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Don't Feel Like Writing...But Here's the TNF Pick

It's been a bad day at work, I'm miserable and frustrated.
But here's the pick: Chargers.

I just think the Chargers have more weapons.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Where Do We Go From Here?

(What happens next for the 2010 Washington Redskins? Photo: WD)
The Skins have been mathematically eliminated. Haynesworth has played his last game as a Redskin. Landry has been placed on the IR and the Skins cut Hunter Smith as the fall guy for the special teams debacle of this past Sunday.

So with three weeks left for the 2010 Skins' season what's left? Is there anything that the fans can be looking forward in the final games? Believe it or not, the answer is yes. Of course the first few things I need to do is to get my article about the Haynsworth saga done. Then I need to finish my game recap of the Skins/Bucs game. Trust me, it's as hard to write a game recap about last week's game as it is to watch the game. And yes, I stayed right up to when Hunter Smith saw the ball go sliding through his hands. Surprisingly, the only part of me was soaked was my gloves despite the downpour of rain throughout the game.

This week is actually important in some circles. It's DALLAS WEEK Redskins fans. The Skins head down to Dallas in a battle of the worsts to determine who's going to have a better draft pick in a few weeks. It's funny reading some Cowboy fan comments on various sites. At 4-9 some of the 'Boys fans are just raving over how the team has improved. Of course this was the team supposed to host their first Super Bowl ever, so they're doing a bang up job in that aspect. The Skins could sweep the Cowboys this year with a win, but the way the Skins are playing I kind of doubt it.

That leaves an away game against the Jaguars and the season finale at home against the Giants. If anything the Skins have a better chance on the road than at home. So far the Skins are 3-3 on the road and 2-5 at home. Maybe Carlos Rogers is right and it's the fans. Actually, I think it's because FedEx does a lousy job of keeping opposing fans away with a poor product on the field. Also, FedEx seems to be one of the worst stadiums for generating and funneling crowd noise in the league. But that's another topic for another day.

So what can you as a fan do with the three remaining weeks? Some say drink heavily. Well, if you're like me in some ways, you'll be working out in your yard or doing some other activity other than wasting your time screaming at the TV. But, I'll also be listening to the games and recording them on  my DVR while I'm doing other things. I'll be doing this to start watching some of the youth of the team and figure if the have a future here in DC beyond 2010.

If you watch the games, here's a short list of players to keep an eye on: Terrence Austin, Erik Cook, Will Montgomery, Jammal Brown, Darrel Young, Fred Davis, Logan Paulsen, Anthony Bryant, Jeremy Jarmon, Kevin Barnes, Perry Riley, "Macho" Harris, James Davis, Graham Gano, Sal Palescu, Keiland Williams and Ryan Torain.

Many of these players have shown some potential or have something to prove if they want to make it to training camp. It's time to find some new "core" Redskins and some of those players above could be part of that group. It's also a good time to start watching our free agents namely Santana Moss, Rocky McIntosh and Carlos Rogers in particular. Do these guys want to be here based on their play? Do they fit the team's scheme? It's something worth thinking about.

Also worth thinking about is the 2011 draft. Currently, the Skins have 7 picks. Of the original 7, the Skins have 5 remaining (1st, 2nd, 5th, 6th and 7th round picks). The most likely scenario is that the Skins will be sending their 3rd round pick to New Orleans (for Jammal Brown) and their 4th round pick to Philadelphia (for Donovan McNabb). If that scenario remains true, then the Skins will receive the Saints 5th round pick. The Skins will also receive a conditional draft pick from the Colts for Justin Tryon (my guess is either a 5th, 6th or 7th round pick). Plus, I would hope that the Skins would try to trade Albert Haynesworth (although it's unlikely a team will be willing to give anything for him since the Skins will eventually cut him). There is also a chance that the Skins would get a compensatory pick for a few free agents they will probably let go. The Skins need picks. They need youth/talent on the lines, WR, ILB and other positions. I'm still emphasizing a deep need on the O-line and D-lines in this upcoming draft and those areas alone could use most of the Skins current picks. The key is to start getting familiar with these players. Even if the Skins don't choose the guy you like the most, you at least know what to look forward with the player they do choose (Brian Orakpo and Trent Williams are perfect examples of players I didn't expect the Skins to get or choose, but I knew about their talent and what to expect from their skills once the Skins drafted them).

So, all is not lost. The season may be over for the Skins, but the evaluations and analysis never ends and it will give you something to feed that Redskins fix until training camp 2011 (hopefully we'll see a new CBA in place by then) arrives. And luckily for you, there will be plenty of analysis coming your way over here on IIWII.

Let's look towards the future.........

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Initial Thoughts: Bucs @ Skins

- Just got home a few hours ago from the Monsoon at FedEx. The day was wet, cold, wet and insanely miserable. And that was before the Redskins started playing.

- The Skins should have had this game put away in the 1st quarter. If you're a Bucs fan you have to be happy that you got away with a win at FedEx. It wasn't because of great play by your team; it was because the Skins just stunk up the joint each and every time they had an opportunity. Trust me, if this was a playoff contender like the Falcons, Saints or Eagles they would have been up 21-0 very early.

- Those FG misses by Gano are inexcusable. Whats even worse is that he almost missed the extra point (nearly hit the left upright) and the 25 yd FG (also nearly hit the left upright). Is he injured? What's going on? The Skins need some answers ASAP. I like Gano and think his kickoffs have been great, but it only took 1 shank like that by Suisham last year to him fired. This is not good.

-Speaking of hot seats......since the Skins are in the evaluation process, I really think Danny Smith is in trouble. Another holding call during a Banks run, 2 short FGs missed and a botched extra point. This has not been a good year for his unit.

- Donovan McNabb's final drive to tie the game (and almost did) reminded me of the Donovan McNabb that I used to hate drove me crazy when he was an Eagle. That's a good thing. He led the Skins down the field like it was nothing and scored with little effort. I hope we see more of that McNabb next season.

- Now that the Skins have lost their 8th game will we see more playing time for young players/rookies like Terrence Austin, Jeremy Jarmon and Erik Cook?

- Albert Haynesworth who? He wasn't missed today. Note to Redskins Radio: please stop with the Haynesworth conversation. Frankly, we don't care anymore.

-Ryan Torain and Keiland Williams look like they'll be the key running backs in 2011. My only concern is injuries. I wonder if the Skins keep 4 HBs next year?

- Despite feeling the game slipping away the only time I really became angry was with the lousy calls and a few non-calls by the refs (only all 30,000 that were at FedEx saw the blatant hold on Orakpo during the TD catch by KWII). Dear refs., the Skins are experts in losing games by their selves. They don't need your help in that area.

- 'Tana Man. As a insanely loyal fan of the Redskins since 1986, since 1992 I can feel your frustration and pain. Games like this kill me and I can imagine what it's like losing a game like this especially when you had a good day and just scored the game tying TD to see it all go to waste.

- Tampa did a good job with half-time adjustments to slow/stop Ryan Torain and the Zone blocking. The Redskins on the other hand, did not. Where was the play action pass? Where was the over the top passes and slants to counter Tampa crowding the LOS? Did the Skins even make any adjustments?

- Is Donovan McNabb really healthy? He's on the injury report with a hamstring injury. We didn't see much of the bootlegs in previous weeks. Many of his passes today were really low and short (not just the classic 1 hops that McNabb throws once a game). Then there's the Jay Glazer report that 980 mentioned about McNabb looking bad and Rex Grossman possibly taking over. Before this gets blown up (again), can we get some honesty on what's wrong with McNabb.

- This game and in particular the Redskin's first offensive drive sums up the Redskins 2010 season.

- I think this may be one of the least attended games that I've been to at FedEx. While the lower bowl was relatively full, the upper bowl looked like it was at about 20% capacity. It took me longer to get to my car from my seats than it took me to get out of FedEx today. Yet, the crowd was loud at times for those who stayed.

- This season is over, I'm getting ready to start prepping for the draft.

Week 14 Picks (Sunday/Monday)

For some reason I picked the Colts over at BGO.....I wish I had done that here. Anyway here are the rest of the picks for week 14.

1PM Games
Cleveland Browns @ Buffalo Bills (-1.5)
Tough game to figure out, but I'm going against the spread and picking Cleveland here. I like Rob Ryan's defense.
Pick: Browns

Atlanta Falcons @ Carolina Panthers (+7.0)
Bad weather may help the Panthers here, but that's all the help Carolina is going to get. The Falcons will run and throw all over them.
Pick: Falcons

Green Bay Packers @ Detroit Lions (+7.0)
A story of two teams going in totally different directions. Expect this one to be closer than the spread, but I still see the Packers winning here.
Pick: Packers

Oakland Raiders @ Jacksonville Jaguars (-4.5)
West coast teams have a lousy time winning when they play 1PM games on the east coast. I don't expect this trend to change after this game.
Pick: Jaguars

Cincinnati Bengals @ Pittsburgh Steelers (-9.0)
Another easy pick here. I'm more curious to see the odds on whether T.O or Ochocinco go off this week.
Pick: Steelers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Washington Redskins (+2.5)
I just have a feeling here. If Washington is going to win any of the final four games left on their schedule, this is the one I see them winning. Skins pull the upset here thanks to some bad weather and a return of the run game.
Pick: Redskins 20-17

4PM Games
St. Louis Rams @ New Orleans Saints (-9.0)
The Saints are making a run for the playoffs and there's nothing the Rams will bring that will stop that from happening.
Pick: Saints

Seattle Seahawks @ San Francisco 49ers (-4.5)
Normally, I'd go with the spread here, but I don't trust the 49ers.  I'm going to go with the Seahawks in this dreadful game.
Pick: Seahawks

Denver Broncos @ Arizona Cardinals (-4.0)
Interim coaches have done well this season, I don't don't think it will happen that way this week.
Pick: Cardinals

New England Patriots @ Chicago Bears (+2.5)
Tough game. I have the home team winning this one.
Pick: Bears

Miami Dolphins @ NY Jets (-7.0)
Jets rebound after a tough loss against the Dolphins
Pick: Jets

Kansas City Chiefs @ San Diego Chargers (-7.0)
No Matt Cassel, no win. Phillip Rivers wins in a shootout for the desperate Chargers.
Pick: Chargers

Philadelphia Eagles @ Dallas Cowboys (+3.5)
Eagles pick apart the Dallas D with their pass game. Mike Vick is scary in prime time.
Pick: Eagles

Baltimore Ravens @ Houston Texans (+3.0)
Joe Flacco should have a field day going up against the worst pass defense in the league.
Pick: Ravens

NY Giants @ Minnesota Vikings (+1.5)
Postponed due towards bad weather, the game has been moved to Monday. I don't think it changes the outcome.
Pick: Giants

Last Week: 9-6
TNF: 0-1
Season: 115-77

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Week 14: Thursday Night Football

Quick pick because I probably won't even watch this game.
I'm going with the Titans. Colts D is horrible against the run and while the pass game is average with Kerry Collins, it might not be as INT friendly as much as Peyton will be.

This could be the end of the Colts at least for this season.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Some Good Redskins News....

After falling to 5-7 and having ANOTHER Haynesworth/Shanahan drama on our hands, you need some good news heading into another tough game this week against the Bucs.

While I don't like to hear about injuries and wishing ill on players, the Bucs may be losing two more players heading into Sunday. One of their top corners Aqib Talib and starting center Jeff Faine are done for the year. Tough news because the Bucs are one of the teams that I'd root for in the playoffs now that the Skins are all but eliminated (and rightfully so).

As for the Skins, it looks like a few guys might be getting healthy and could be back this week. LaRon Landry is out of his walking boot and is going to try to practice and hopefully play this week. Same with RB Ryan Torain. While Torain hasn't played much this season, it's clear that of all of the RBs he's seems to be the most productive of the RBs currently on the active roster.

More on the Haynesworth suspension coming soon........

Monday, December 6, 2010

Game Recap:Redskins @ Giants

Wow, two weeks in a row I almost called the scores perfectly. This week I got the teams right. Skins fall to the Giants 31-7. I had the Giants winning 31-9, so the Skins actually scored a TD in the game is good I suppose. This game was no surprise for many knowledgeable Skins fans out there. The Giants have played the Skins incredibly well at The Meadowlands through the past decade. The Giants run the ball well. The Giants have a very nice D-line and have a nasty pass rush.

Apparently, the Redskins haven't been able to figure that out yet.......

The only way the Skins would win this game on the road is that they play an excellent game with few mistakes and hope the Giants make a few mistakes of their own. Instead we see 6 Redskin turnovers, 4 sacks (by the Giants) and a dozen or so missed tackles. Same old story really by the defense: can't stop the run, can't put any pressure on the QB. The offense has a similar problem, they can't run the ball and have difficulty protecting the QB for any length of time.

This game was pretty much more proof that the Skins have a ways to go on both sides of the ball with their linemen to get where they need to be. Let's make this quick with some The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

The Good 
- James Davis (9 carries, 40 yds; 3 catches, 41 yds). Not a great game, but when there wasn't much good for the Skins you take what you can get. We need to keep an eye on Davis to see if he has a future here in D.C.

- Anthony Armstrong (6 catches, 97 yds; 1 TD, 1 Fumble). I was tempted not to put him here based on the fumble, but Armstrong was wide open many times and scored the lone TD. I guess you can overlook the fumble for the lone highlight of the game I suppose.

- Chris Cooley (6 catches, 61 yards). Another nice game by Cooley, yet also tarnished by a fumble. What made him stand out was how Cooley was stopped short of a 1st down, broke a tackle and then ran down the sideline when many would have just gone out of bounds.

The Bad
- O-Line. Another game, another poor performance in creating holes and protecting the QB. Gave up 4 sacks. Heyer and Brown really struggled out there today in particular. No way should Stephon Heyer be playing left tackle unless he's facing a 2nd or 3rd string DE or OLB.

- The Defense. Hard to blame any particular person because every time I watched a play, somebody missed a tackle (notables: Reed Doughty, Brian Orakpo, Maake Kemoeatu, Lorenzo Alexander), London Fletcher seemed to get blocked on every play and there was no penetration or pressure in the pocket by the D-line or any blitzers (of course no sacks).

- Phillip Buchanon. Benched for Kevin Barnes after being dominated by Derek Hagan (7 catches, 65 yards). Silver lining is that Barnes gets some playing time to be evaluated. We know what Buchanon can do and he's a pretty good nickle corner. Maybe less of a #2 but a good nickle back this year.

- Donovan McNabb ( 2 INTs; 3 fumbles, 1 lost). The INTs were bad. Especially the 1st one when McNabb throws into the end zone to a double covered Moss. At that point the game was 28 to 7, had the Skins found some way to score, maybe it would have made the loss less embarrassing.I know McNabb had a lot of pressure on him, but he has got to do a better job of holding onto the ball. Jason Campbell had the same problem with fumbles and it drove everybody crazy.

The Ugly

- Typical Redskin fan anger here and here. Not that bad compared to other games I suppose.

- Devin Thomas, had a pretty good game as a special teamer for the Giants. He partially blocked a Hunter Smith punt (Net 8 yards). Made a nice tackle on Terrence Austin on a kick off and downed a punt for the Giants inside the 5 yard line. Overall, Thomas has become quite a good special teams specialist. The problem is that when you are the Redskins and you draft a WR high in the 2nd round, you expect more than special team performances by the time that player is in his third year. Thomas has yet to make a catch in 2010. That is not good for a guy you'd hope would eventually be Santana Moss' replacement. His prospects as a WR in the league aren't looking that good. You wonder if Thomas is another Desmond Howard........
I know, I know we could have had DeSean Jackson........
Speaking of  bad moves made by Dan Snyder and Vinny Cerrato.......

Enough Already!!!!!
One of the reasons why this franchise is a failure

(Yep, this guy again!!!)
When you bring in a guy with a $100 million dollar contract with $40 million guaranteed, you'd expect the guy to be in almost every down and be a regular contributor. Instead he's been know for the headlines he's made off the field than on it. Now maybe you can argue that Haynesworth didn't sign on to play 3-4. That's fair, but the Skins wrote a clause that he could void his contract if he paid back the $21 million bonus. It's clear by now that Haynesworth wasn't worth the money, despite his occasional domination when he feels like playing. When Mike Shanahan came here, he was trying to bring a new era to DC, instead he's having to deal with the remains of the Vinny Cerrato (really Dan Snyder GM) era. This non-stop soap opera has yet to end and I personally can't wait for 2011 to get here so the drama will (hopefully) finally conclude. At this point all Haynesworth can be to this team is a distraction and a PR nightmare.

- Comment of the game:
” I’m tired of it.  I know a lot of people are tired of it.  I know you guys are tired of it, covering a terrible team like this.”
 -Brian Orakpo (via DC Pro Sports Report)

- Hopefully a sign of good news for the upcoming draft. Bruce Allen mentioned on the Redskins Radio pre-game show that "the game" hasn't changed much over the years and that its won starting with the performance of the O and D lines. Does this hint that the Redskins will push hard during Free Agency and The 2011 Draft for O and D linemen. I hope so. I would argue right now that the Redskins could use at least 1 new starting DE, a starting NT, 2 OGs and a new Center. That's not including depth at those positions.

-Is anybody really surprised by the out come? Let's look at the last decade of the Skins @ the Giants:
2000: W16-6
2001: L 23-9
2002: L l 9-17
2003: W 20-7
2004: L 20-14
2005: L 36-0
2006: L 19-3
2007: W 22-10
2008: L 16-7
2009: L 23-17
3 out of the last 10 were wins. Skins need to figure out how to beat the Giants at home.

Next Week, back at home to face a Buccaneer team hoping to make the playoffs. Come back for the fun that will be out in the cold at FedEx.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Week 13 Picks (Sunday/Monday)

1PM Games
Buffalo Bills @ Minnesota Vikings (-6.5)
Vikings are 1-0 after beating the Skins with interim coach Leslie Frazier. Bills have won the last 2 of 3 and the game they lost was a close one to a good Steelers team. I'm not convinced the Vikings are back to being the 2009 Vikings after beating my mediocre Skins.
Pick: Bills

Cleveland Browns @ Miami Dolphins (-4.5)
Cleveland has looked better and Miami struggles at home, but Cleveland has only won 1 game on the road this season. I just like Miami in this one.
Pick: Dolphins

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Tennessee Titans (-3.0)
The Jags actually look like a playoff contender. The Titans look rough and unless Kerry Collins is healthy I don't like their chances.
Pick: Jaguars

Denver Broncos @ Kansas City Chiefs (-9.0)
Chiefs look to continue to fight for the AFCW title and should have a lot of help at Arrowhead today.
Pick: Chiefs

Washington Redskins @ NY Giants (-7.0)
Skins are injured and so are the Giants, but Tom Coughlin knows how to beat the the ball with the power RB. Unlike other teams he'll do just that. Expect Brandon Jacobs to touch the ball 25-30 times but it will be Eli throwing the passes for the TDs. This game could get ugly early even though I've been talking to some other NFL fans and they think the Skins will win this one. I don't.
Pick: Giants 31-9 (ouch!)

Chicago Bears @ Detroit Lions (+3.5)
If anything this could be a proverbial trap game for Chicago. Bears have a struggling O-line. Lions have Suh and VanDenbosch. But I think the Bears will find a way to win with their D.
Pick: Bears

San Francisco 49ers @ Green Bay Packers (-10.0)
Used to be a fun match up between NFL juggernauts, now not so much. One team is going to the playoffs, the other isn't. Guess who wins?
Pick: Packers

Atlanta Falcons @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (+3.0)
Tampa has yet to beat a really dominating team and the Falcons are one of those teams this year. I like the Falcons in a close one.
Pick: Falcons

New Orleans Saints @ Cincinnati Bengals (+7.0)
Saints here. Bengals D is just horrible.
Pick Saints

4PM Games
Oakland Raiders @ San Diego Chargers (-13.0)
Chargers are in their end of season run and the Raiders are better but not that good.
Pick: Chargers

Dallas Cowboys @ Indianapolis Colts (-5.5)
Neither team has been that impressive this season. Expect Dallas (or at least they should) to run the ball. Expect Peyton Manning to do his thing. Team that makes the less mistakes will win this game. The Cowboys have done nothing but make mistakes in the games they've lost. I think they do that again today.
Pick Colts

St. Louis Rams @ Arizona Cardinals (+2.0)
I like Sam Bradford as the difference maker of this game. He's the real deal.
Pick: Rams

Carolina Panthers @ Seattle Seahawks (-6.0)
They're playing a Qwest. I don't like the Panthers' chances.
Pick: Seahawks

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Baltimore Ravens (-3.0)
Normally, I'd pick the Steelers in this one. Main reason is that they've owned the Ravens in prime time games the last few years. However, I don't like that Big Ben is banged up and I think the Ravens are in a groove to win a close game. This game could start to separate the Ravens from the rest of the pack in the AFCN.
Pick: Ravens

NY Jets @ New England Patriots (-3.5)
I think Rex Ryan's D has Tom Brady's #. I like the Jets here in an ugly, close game.
Pick: Jets

Last Week (Sunday/Monday): 10-3
Thursday: 1-0
Season: 106-70

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Week 13: Thursday Night Football

Houston Texans @ Philadelphia Eagles
This game seems like a total mismatch to me. Michael Vick is currently one of the league's best passers and has two pretty nice targets in DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin. He's going up against the worst pass defense in the league (no, NOT THE REDSKINS), the Texans. While I don't think he'll have a 59-28 performance like he did have against the Skins, I think he'll do plenty to win this one I feel ill for talking up the Eagles.

Pick: Eagles

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

DeAngelo Hall's Interception

 An early FNV treat........

Two of the highlights for me in 2010 has been Chris Nolan's Inception and the play of DeAngelo Hall. Hall has been a master pick artist this season and is currently tied for 2nd in the league with 6 INTs. Radio Rabbit decided to combine the two and make this little parody/tribute with the BRAAAHM!!!! trailer theme of the movie.


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Game Recap: Skins @ Vikings - Too Many Mistakes

(Favre's last game at FedEx)

I almost called this game perfectly. Except that I had the teams in the wrong places. Skins fall 17-13 (I had them winning 17-14) in a game that was pretty much filled with mistakes on the Skins part while the Vikings were practically mistake free.

The game started off well as the Skins took the ball down on the opening drive and scored on a 10 yard pass from Donovan McNabb to Fred Davis. On that drive, McNabb was 8/8 with a TD. The lone sack on the drive was McNabb's fault as he fumbled the snap and fell on the ball. Outside of that the pass blocking was good. Also worth noting was that the Skins were 4/4 on 3rd down conversions. This is notable based on their struggles this season on 3rd downs and the fact that the Skins finished the game converting only three more 3rd downs for the rest of the game (7/15 total).

If you had turned off your TV then, you probably would have thought the Skins were in for a route of the Vikings. You would have thought wrong. The Vikings on the next drive took the ball right down the field and scored an easy touchdown tying the Skins. Adrian Peterson (6 carries, 36 yds; 1 TD 1 catch, 34 yards) looked unstoppable as the defense seemed unable to stop the run throughout the game.

It was a good game plan by the Vikings. The Redskins struggle against power runners and have difficulty scoring 20 or more points per game (this is the 7th game this season the Skins have scored less than 20). So, you run all game long. Eat up clock and have interception machine Brett Favre throw on occasion so the Redskins can't stack the box with eight men. The game plan was perfect and the D was kept off balance the entire game. When they expected run, Favre would bootleg be untouched and hit his WR/TE/RB in stride. When the Skins expected pass, he would run a draw to the RB. Even when Peterson was knocked out of the game, the Vikings continued to run the ball with Toby Gerhart and it worked well enough for the Vikings to move the ball, score a 2nd TD and eat enough clock to get out of DC with a win. Favre never came close to throwing an INT in this game.

That's not saying that the defense didn't have their moments. They did make a few key stops in the game. The most important being the drive that led to 3 points after a McNabb interecption on the Redskins 9 yard line. A sack by Haynesworth and Carter forced the Vikings to take the three and this kept the Skins in the ballgame until the end.

The offense and special teams had their opportunities but failed on every occasion to seal the deal and turn big plays into TD drives. The first of these opportunities came late in the 3rd quarter when Brandon Banks takes a kick off  65 yards to the Minnesota 28 yard line. The next play, Donovan McNabb is sacked for an 8 yard loss. This drive ended in a FG.

The next drive, McNabb (being pressured mind you) under throws a wide open Anthony Armstrong, who comes back for the ball and makes a beautiful 45 yard catch, putting the Skins again in Vikings territory (24 yard line). Next play,  Armstrong is wide open again but this time McNabb throws the ball right to him and he drops the easy pass. It wouldn't have been a TD by any stretch but it would have been 2nd and short if he had caught it. Many drives in this game was killed by dropped passes. This led to another Gano FG.

The final opportunity came still rather early in the 4th. Brandon Banks returns a punt 77 yards for a TD. While the crowd is cheering and Banks is doing the John Wall, I see the yellow flag and knew it was coming back. Perry Riley was called for his 2nd block in the back penalty and this pretty much deflated the remainder of the game. Skins get the ball back deep in their territory, go three and out and punt it away. The Vikings never give the Skins another chance as they run out the clock to end the game.

More or less this is the Redskins folks. They have talent issues and mistake issues. If the other team makes mistakes and the Skins execute and play with less mistakes, they have a chance to win close games. If the opposing team plays like the Vikings did and the Skins make a few mistakes, the Skins will lose the close one. Expect to see this for most of the remaining games this year. The Skins are an average- to above average- to below average team right now. They have some serious injury issues and can't run the ball. They have holes in their defense and you didn't think the Skins would just keep generating multiple turnovers every game did you? Remember, this is Mike Shanahan's 1st year here. Despite the "win now" mentality the Skins are trying to portray, they are a team in a serious rebuilding mode. From the scheme to the roster. 2010 didn't give the Skins much to work with via Free Agency and the Skins only have so many draft picks. 2011 offers more in FA and hopefully the Skins will be  able to acquire more picks via trade and compensatory picks. So don't be upset if this team finishes 7-9 or possibly worse (or possibly better, I still think 8-8 or 9-7 is possible).

Good, Bad, Ugly time:

Monday, November 29, 2010

You're Breaking Records Today on IIWII!!!

Wow. Get mentioned on The Post with a link to the article and the people will come.
I won't give a number b/c for many sites it's probably chump change in # of hits. But today, IIWII has increased in it's number of hits (compared to yesterday) by 7,000%. And the day isn't close to being over. Trust me compared to my daily hits this is a big deal.

So a quick bit of thanks to Cindy Boren over at The Early Lead for the link and thank you to the readers of The Post, Twitter, Facebook etc. for stopping by. Hopefully, if you liked that then you might want to check out some of the other articles here on IIWII and leave some comments or become a follower.

We've got some great stuff here about the Skins and some other stuff that's not exactly Skins related but you might like anyway.

Thanks again for reading IIWII,

I Survived FedEx and A Game Recap is Coming........

(Sadly the Skins didn't survive to win this game- Photo WD).

Yesterday was interesting. Right around the time Donovan McNabb was picked off from a deflected pass deep in Redskins territory, there was a brawl in my section two rows below me. Initially, it was a catfight between two girls with some hair pulling, a punch or two and people shoving each other to separate the fighters. Just when you thought it was over,came a brawl with completely different people (this time all guys). Beer was thrown and so were punches. Guys were bear hugging and grappling like something you'd see in a backroom attempt at MMA or wrasslin' (professional wrestling). Blood was spilled (note: it's not smart to have eye brow piercings and get into a fight) and eventually the cops had to come in to break it all up, escort some people out and probably arrest a few people.

It wasn't the only incident. Later, the cops had to come back to the section and carry out three guys in the lower portion of 108. I'm assuming being drunk was a reason (one guy could barely walk two cops had to help walk him up the steps). Outside of getting some beer splashed on me and the Mrs. we got out of FedEx.

No, sorry I didn't get photos/video of this. I was more concerned about not getting caught up in the thing and trying to move the Mrs. out of the way (her seat was closer to it than mine). But it was a big enough incident that DC Sports Bog mentioned it in his Best/Worst article. More details coming soon.......

Update: Somebody recorded it. (ah, You Tube how could we live without it).
via The Big Lead, via The Early Lead

Update 2: Not sure when I'm getting around to the game recap, so here's the story that started it all (this was from what a fellow STH that sits next to me told me from the one of the fighters [I believe the guy in the white #98 Orakpo jersey] wife). Apparently, a group of people came down from the upper bowl to the lower bowl to see if they could snag better seats that weren't being used. Either the real ticket holders came back, or somebody didn't care for people sneaking down. It led to words and right when McNabb threw the INT, the crowed roared and two blond women started fighting. That was broken up and that led to the two guys (#98  and Redskins jacket guy) fighting #26. Beer was thrown (I believe from #98) that hit me and other people in the crowd. As you can see on the video #26 is bleeding around his eye piercing after punches were thrown on both sides.

What was the saddest part of the situation was that after the fighters left, one of  guy's wives (lady in the #98 burgundy jersey) was looking for her husband's wedding ring (not sure if it flew off his hand or what during the melee). She went row by row asking if people they would look around them for it and apologizing for the whole mess. I heard her say something about having one drink too many. I felt bad for her.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Week 12 Picks

Have to do this quickly, so here is the list of who I think will win today.
Redskins (17-14)

Last Week: 10-5
Thanksgiving: 3-0
Season: 95-67

Saturday, November 27, 2010

FNV: Sean Taylor, More Fun With Ray Lewis, PM Sports

Normally, Friday Night Videos is more for having fun and getting a laugh. But today is the anniversary of Sean Taylor's passing, so in tribute, I decided to share a few videos in his memory. The first one is still hard to watch (made by the Redskins, originally played on 12/2/2007 at FedEx vs. the Bills).

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Means Football and Picks

(How does she even carry that bird?)

"  Thanksgiving dinners take eighteen hours to prepare. They are consumed in twelve minutes. Half-times take twelve minutes. This is not coincidence."
-Erma Bombeck
So while you eat 'til you burst today, we have three games being played. I missed last Thursday's game but this week I'll be following these three. None of them look that great based on record. But the Saints @  Cowboys might be worth watching.
New England Patriots @ Detroit Lions (+7.0)
Only a few weeks ago, I would have thought this would be a good game. The Lions were giving good teams fits and beating my Skins. Meanwhile the Patriots were very up and down and getting beat by a improving but still weak Browns team. Now the Patriots are starting to look like the Patriots of the last 5 years (without Randy Moss) and the Lions are starting to look like the classic Lions. It's hard to tell if this game will be really close or a blow out by the Pats., but either way I like the Patriots here. They know how to win games and the Lions are still trying to figure that out.
Pick: Patriots

4:15 PM
New Orleans Saints @ Dallas Cowboys (+3.0)
Saints have looked better, but so have the Cowboys who have won two in a row. I think the Saints break that winning streak today in their first ever Thanksgiving appearance.
Pick: Saints

Cincinnati Bengals @ NY Jets (-9.0)
Last year, the Jets had to beat the Bengals to stay alive in the playoff hunt. Since then, it's been nothing but good things for the Jets and nothing but letdowns for the Bengals. I don't expect anything to change those ways after tonight.
Pick: Jets

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Game Recap: Body Bag Game Redux (Skins @ Titans)

This was an enjoyable game on both sides of the ball. No, it wasn't a pretty game with balls flying all over the place and the final score in the eighty point range but really that never has been Redskins football. To me, Redskins football has been pounding the ball, staying on the field and finding ways to get drives continued despite the team's struggles. This game should be the game that defines Mike Shanahan's tenure here and it should be a game that the Redskins hope to duplicate from here on out. Not the final score mind you (because most of us couldn't take 16 overtime games that requires 48 yard FGs to win) but the effort and the message that teams win when all 53 (45 active on game day) play together.....they can't lose.

Wait didn't our current GM's father say that? You bet he did!

There was a lot of little details that made this game work. It's stuff that we don't see in the highlights. Guys stepped up when others went down and players you thought were disappointing so far showed that they can do something and more. In all, the Redskins lost many players during the game and already had three starters out prior to the start of the game. Let's look at the players inactivated before the game and were lost during the game.

Carlos Rogers (inactive)*
LaRon Landry (inactive)*
Artis Hicks (inactive)*
Ryan Torain (inactive)**
Chad Simpson (foot- during pre-game)
Casey Rabach (knee)*
Derrick Dockery (knee)
Anderson Russell (knee)**
Lorenzo Alexander (hamstring)*
Clinton Portis (groin)*
Rocky McIntosh (groin)*
*starter, ** would/has seen significant playing time.

That's seven starters. And I'm not even counting the times when Santana Moss, DeAngelo Hall, Keiland Williams (we had FB Darrel Young take carries at one point as a RB/HB), Brian Orakpo and Kedric Golston had to leave for a series because of a minor injury. Yet, the Redskins endured and other players stepped up to fill the void. It didn't work as well for the Titans.

Vince Young was knocked out of the game with a torn tendon in his throwing hand midway through the third quarter. Unlike the Redskins depth, the Titans had little at the QB position. Kerry Collins was the 3rd QB because he had a calf injury and the announcers on FOX said that if the Titans used him, it could only be in shotgun formation because he can hardly move. That meant the Titans had to use rookie Rusty Smith at quarterback. It was funny, as soon as I heard his name all I could think of was a recent Venture Bros. episode with Dr. ("Rusty") Venture writing a musical about himself (with a title track called "I'm Rusty!"- view the entire post to watch the video).

So, every time he came out on the field I could hear "I'm Rusty!" blare in the back of my head. Rusty didn't fare well as he threw one of the worst interceptions I've ever saw right to Phillip Buchanon. The one nice pass he threw was to Randy Moss for a TD....that was called back on account of offensive pass interference. The Titans looked like they couldn't handle the pressure and the Skins stepped up to the plate.

Case in point, the final drive of the game. After what initially appeared to be a Donovan McNabb interception, Titans DE  Jason Babin gets called for an unsportsman like conduct (by ripping Kory Lichtensteiger's helmet off his head). The interception was overturned and the Redskins got 15 yards and an automatic 1st down on what should have became 3rd and 22. Then on the next play, the Titans get called for another 15 yard penalty for a roughing the passer call on Will Witherspoon (helmet to helmet hit). Those two penalties helped give the Redskins the opportunity to get into position for Graham Gano to kick the game winning FG.

The lone Titan score came off a punt return, that only happened because the Redskins had to re-punt after off setting penalties occurred and the Redskins main contain player on one side of the field (Anderson Russell) was injured opening a gaping hole for the returner.

To me this game was the best game I have seen all season. It could be the early defining game of Mike Shanahan's tenure here in DC. The Redskins were coming off a short week after being disgraced at home by the Eagles, going into a rather tough stadium in LP Field and facing one of the best RBs in the league and a strong pass rushing D. It would have been understandable to see the Redskins lose this game. It would have been even more understandable to see this team lose with so many injures. Yet, this team came to play. The back ups played strong and the team kept its composure despite starting poorly, facing adversity throughout and seeing what could be a game winning FG fall just short. As much as I faulted some on the Skins team and the coaches for coming up short and not being ready, they stepped up this week and showed what this team might be able to do down the stretch.

That's just the nature of this team I suppose, sometimes you see flashes of greatness and sometimes flashes of mediocrity. Let's do some The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

In Memoriam......the Redskin Fans Who Stayed

This will be the final commentary on the MNF blowout by the Eagles. What's been lost in the mix of things isn't the fact that the Redskins looked slow and mediocre against a divisional foe or that they fell to under .500 that week and the chances of any playoff berth look slim. No, it's the Redskin fans who actually stayed through most of the game. It's not easy to watch something like that and it's even harder to put up with that live in front of Eagle fans no less. Plus, it's hell to drive home after something like that, especially if you live an hour or so away. You're pissed/upset, stuck in traffic and tired after making the trip up there and spending hours of tailgating and being at the game.

And it less.

So for those who made it past halftime, I'm pretty impressed. If it wasn't the score that made you leave I'm sure Billy Ray Cyrus playing Achy, Breaky Heart (I'm guessing he played it, I wasn't there) probably would have done it. So here's to you. You suffer for your fandom and remained to try to root the team towards something. Maybe you just stayed to watch the disaster as history was made......either way you stayed and bore witness to something that we hope we'll never see again in our lifetimes.

IIWII wants to reward a few readers here for that.......

Here's the deal. I don't make any money for my posting/creation that is IIWII. I didn't like the ads getting in the way of content. I wasn't going to make much if I had kept them and I really don't get enough hits to make it worthwhile. There are other reasons but those are a few.
My point is that I don't have funds from the site to give thank yous to a lot of people and they would come out of my pocket but I want to thank a few Skins fans.

In the Skins/Eagles recap I mentioned for anybody that stayed past halftime to email (or leave a comment) and I would find a way to thank you. Dave at Staying Medium suggested cash (*I know you were joking*). Cash is good idea. I figured I would make it Redskins related though. So here's the deal: Redskin fans who stayed past halftime, please email/comment/twitter me and your name (or handle) will be added to this post in honor of you putting up with one of the worst games in Redskins history.

For the 1st 5 people who get up with me, I'm going to buy you a beer (only those 21 and older mind you)/ soda/water/Johnny Rocket's shake etc. . That's right a beverage of your choice up to $10 is on me. We've already gotten two people (JD and Dave), so 3 more people are eligible. Details will be forthcoming to those who win (so try to email/twitter me, it will be easier to get up with you that way). Thanks for staying and supporting the Skins and thanks for reading IIWII.

To Those Who Stayed.....We Will Not Forget


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Initial Thoughts Skins @ Titans

Wow. What a game!
Going to start working on that game recap. But here some quick thoughts:

- Based on the Twitter buzz it sounds like a bunch of the guys that were injured won't be available for the Vikings game next week. More on that later.....

- The patchwork O-line looked better than much of the starting group. Heyer at RG and Montgomery at C looked worlds better than Artis Hicks and Casey Rabach.

- Keiland Williams might be one of the best unknown pick ups the Skins made in a long time and that says a lot based on some of the undrafted guys the Redskins have picked up.

-Donovan McNabb showed why he deserved an extension today. The screen to Davis where he got crushed and the pass to Cooley that should have been a sack are just a few examples. I'm glad the Skins got the deal done, but also got it done in a way that is beneficial to both McNabb and the team.

-Nice to see Joey Galloway play better. Nice to see Fred Davis used in passing situations.

-Graham Gano is going to get abused a bit this week for missing the 47 and 51 yd FGs but the 51 yarder was b/c of where he was located on the hash (more in Game Recap) and his kickoffs were all tocuhbacks except for 1 KO. Need to continue to develop this kid.

- Tenn.'s one lone touchdown (the punt return) can be attributed to the Anderson Russell's injury. He had the outside contain.

-Could this be Clinton Portis' last game as a Redskin?

More coming up soon.

Redskins pre-game News and Notes

Will be updated as I find some new tidbits of info.

- LaRon Landry, Carlos Rogers and Ryan Torain are out. My guess is that Kevin Barnes will be active today. Maybe Chad Simpson as well?

- Clinton Portis is supposed to start today.

- Rumors are swirling including a report by The Post that WR Terrence Austin has been called up from the practice squad. Has yet to be confirmed, but if true who's going to be cut or IRed in order to give him the roster spot?

- Per ESPN 980 Skins will be wearing white jerseys and the gold pants today.

- NO word on RB James Davis' status. I'm assuming he's still on the practice squad.

- Full inactive list: Carlos Rogers, LaRon Landry, Ryan Torain, Artis Hicks (ut-oh!!), John Beck (3rd QB), Perry Riley, Anthony Bryant and Jeremy Jarmon via Grant Paulsen's twitter

So the big question is who will be the starting guards? Lichtenstiger and Montgomery? Lichtenstiger and Dockery? Lorenzo Alexander?

- Will Montgomery starting at RG. Phillip Buchanon will start in place of Rogers and Anderson Russell is starting ahead of Reed Doughty at SS (via ESPN 980 and Grant Paulsen)

The Skins uni look today (via Larry Weisman's twitter):

- In former Redskins news: Devin Thomas is active today for the Panthers in the game against the Ravens.

- Titans are 12-0 against the NFC in their last 12 games. are 3-0 against the NFCE this season.

- Per Matt Terl and this is the first time the Skins have worn the Chief helmet with the white jersey and gold pants. Hope it helps.

- A note for next week: Sidney Rice is supposed to play today for the Vikings, so I would assume we'll see him next week @ FedEx.

- Still no word on Terrence guess, the Skins changed their mind and decided not to promote him.

-Skins are 0-2 against the AFC this year.

- Chad Simpson limping off the field per various Twitter reports. Can we have a week with 3 healthy RBs? I hope Keiland Williams ate his wheaties today. If Portis gets dinged or winded, it's all on him again.

-Reading Chris Horton's Twitter. He cut off his dreads. No more Predator?

- Both the Titans and the Skins have lost two in a row.