Saturday, January 30, 2010

Potential 1st Round Draft Candidates for the Skins

Like I had mentioned in the previous post, I'm pretty much convinced that it will be either a LT or a QB that the Skins will probably take in the 1st round (barring something crazy like completely trading out of the 1st round) so who should you the Redskin fan and one of 10 or so readers of IIWII should keep an eye on as we get to draft day.

So here's a list of players that I'm watching:
Sam Bradford, QB
Jimmy Clausen, QB
Russel Okung, OT
Trent Williams, OT
Brian Bulaga, OT
Anthony Davis, OT

So to whet your appetite for the upcoming months, here's some profiles and video of each and every player with various sources and analysis. I'll give my opinions in future posts.

Let the Scouting Begin

Ok, so with the 4th pick the Redskins have a few options to play with and that's a great thing.
More or less most people will agree that we need to do one of two things with that pick.

Draft a LT


Draft a QB

This Weekend on IIWII: It's Snowing!!!!!

 Not sure where you are reading this, but I'm getting about 7-9 inches of snow as we speak. So, it's a good weekend to stay in and watch TV. Me, I'm currently watching USA vs. the World on NFL Network. Fear not football fanatics, there is football on the airwaves this weekend.

At 4:00PM EST, the Senior Bowl takes place. I will be doing some "scouting" during this and drop some of my opinions out there post-game.
Sunday, is the Pro-Bowl (Yawn!!!) watch your favorite Colts and Saints players don the horrendous Pro-Bowl uniforms and do little to nothing while playing to the cameras in a game that's not much more than touch football unless Sean Taylor was around (I really miss #21).
Things to look for in that game: London Fletcher and Ochocinco's antics.

Keep tuned to IIWII this weekend, I have some posts coming up on Russel Okung, Brian Bulaga, the draft, FedEx field and whatever else I'm in the mood to write.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

NFCC: You Actually Care If You're a London Fletcher Fan

This may be the only way Fletcher gets a Pro Bowl spot.

If the Saints win, Jon Vilma won't be able to participate.

Enter London Fletcher: 1st alternate.

Also, former Skins Gregg Williams, Mark Brunell, Chase Daniel and Pierson Prioleau are currently on the Saints.

So, Go Saints!!!! I suppose.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Update: Important Dates

Added a new column on the right just below our two current polls.

If you're like me, you want to keep up with the off-season events that lead up to OTAs and Training Camp.
Two college All-Star games are occurring in the next two weeks, so you can "scout" some of the players that may be of interest in the draft.

I for one remember Michael Oher, BJ Raji, Peria Jerry, William Beatty and Pat White (Senior Bowl MVP) as just a few who played in the Senior Bowl last year.

The combine and the start of free agency happen around the same time. You may be interested in watching the combine or at least parts of it and IIWII has a guide for a fan that wants to watch the combine (trust me, you'll want to read this).

There are pro day workouts, but I have no clue exactly what school is having their pro day and/or when so, I'd suggest you keep an eye on or the NFL Network for updates (anybody who wants a specific pro day listed, email me and I will add it to the list).

NFL Network will bring back Path to the Draft and ESPN will have more segments with Kiper and McShay as well as 1st Draft Podcasts, I'll try to keep you readers informed of any draft coverage as well.

Don't forget the draft is 3 days now. A Thursday, Friday and Saturday with rounds 1-3 being in the first two days and in prime time. I hate this personally and I think it's another really bad move made by Roger Goodell. You can read about my initial reaction to the 3 day draft here. My opinion hasn't changed one bit since I wrote that blog entry.

I also plan on making an additional block of links for draft purposes......but that will be added eventually.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Redskins Player Awards pt.2

Most Improved Player Defense:

Andre Carter: 11 sacks, 62 tackles (48 solo), 3 FF
Many thought 2008 would be a great year for Carter with Jason Taylor on the other side of him, but 2008 was rather disappointing with only 4 sacks. This year was completely the opposite. With the addition of Albert Haynesworth and Brian Orakpo, Carter was able to take full advantage of  single player match ups and tied the team with 11 sacks.
(Honorable Mentions: Reed Doughty, Justin Tryon)

Most Improved Player Offense

Fred Davis: 48 catches, 509 yards, 6TDs
Outside of earning the nickname of "Sleepy" for missing a meeting/practice and having many fans scratching their heads on why the Skins would draft another pass catching TE in the 2nd round when it was clear the Skins needed help on the O-line, Davis did little ( 3 catches, 27 yards). I don't blame Davis really. Try to justify taking out Chris Cooley to play a rookie and then Zorn didn't feel comfortable running a two TE set which was the excuse for drafting Davis (that and the claim of the Redskins draft the Best Player Available, right Vinny?). Sadly, Cooley was lost for the 2009 season with an injury. This gave Davis an opportunity to show what he could do and he showed a great deal.
(Honorable Mentions: Devin Thomas, Malcolm Kelly)

Let the Overhaul of the O-Line Begin and Other Signings.........

The Redskins announced the signing of C/G Kory Lichtensteiger three days ago. To me, I'm more excited about this FA acquisition than I have about many of the free agents that have come to the Redskins over the years.

I know, I know......we Redskin fans are a crazy bunch. Loyal, but delusional. This is from a fanbase that starts to think Super Bowl any time we start bringing in free agents. Off-Season Champs!!!

-Past their primes Bruce Smith and Deion Sanders (Superbowl!!!!)
- Adam Archuleta, wow (Superbowl!!!!!)
- Albert Haynesworth will fix all of our problems, especially the O-line (Superbowl!!!!)

What I like about the the move was that it wasn't splashy. We did the same thing with Casey Rabach in 2005 and despite some criticism on his performances, he's arguably been one of the most consistent players on the line from 2005-2009.

Monday, January 11, 2010

2009 Redskin Player Awards pt.1

It was really, really hard to come up with some of these awards based on such a lousy 4-12 season. Tradition however, is tradition and I've done this the past few years on IIWII and ExtremeSkins so here we go with the 2009 awards.

2008 Player Awards

2010 NFL Playoffs: Wildcard Round Recap

New York Jets 24 @ Cincinnati Bengals 14

Did anyone really expect this to go down the way it went down? Me either. Granted, Cincy laid down the week before since it wouldn't really prove anything. Jets got a free one.

But when it really mattered, at home in the playoffs, Cincy looked like they were still laying down. The Jets move on to meet the San Diego Chargers. They're not gonna get away just running the rock this time. They're gonna need Sanchez to throw a few times in this one to pull the upset.

Philadelphia Eagles 14 @ Dallas Cowboys 34

Yet another rematch from the week before with a fairly similar result. An utterly boring game that really had no interest for me. The thing that is noticeable is that Cowboys get their first playoff victory in 13 years and they're ready to crown themselves SuperBowl Champs.

Not so fast there ladies, go to Minnesota and see what you can do there. My guess: Nothing. But hey, borrow the Eagles motto: "At least we got there"

Baltimore Ravens 33 @ New England Patriots 14

The Ravens had this one over in the first quarter. The birds did what they do best when it mattered the most. Pound da rock, smother you with defense. Tom Brady looked like dog crap and Beli-cheat was scratching his head the whole time.

Baltimore faces the Indianapolis Peyton Mannings next. Tough match-up. Should be a good game.

Green Bay Packers 45 @ Arizona Cardinals 51

The Cardinals were about to run away with this one, but the Packers turned this one into a shoot-out. Very fun one to watch that went into overtime. Cardinals win anyway.

Cardinals set to visit the Saints next for most likely another shoot-out.

Final thoughts...

Now that we're down to the final eight teams, there is one thought that keeps racing thru my mind which automatically makes me smile.

Big Jen and the Pee and Black Steelers are at home drinking too much, arguing with their girlfriends (or boyfriends), cousins and neighbors telling them they should be there. That they are better than the teams that didn't lose to Chiefs, Raiders and Browns. Dr. Foreman isn't in front of a camera, making himself look stupid saying steelers will "unleash hell." Band wagon jumping commentators (Collingsworth etc.) isn't praising the steelers for every little thing, such as their favorite flavor of gatorade.

SHD says Ha Ha Ha. See ya next year chumps!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

So What's Next?

(Pic by rd421 of ExtremeSkins)

Right now? Not much. This is a pretty dead time for NFL teams not in the playoffs. With the exception of the Pro Bowl (Orakpo and maybe Fletcher), if you can stomach it, there won't be any big Redskins news until around free agency. By then we'll have an idea about what schemes the Skins may/will be using in 2010, if there will be a CBA and who's staying and who's going.

Outside of Shanahan hiring his staff (bring in Mike Zimmer!!!), we won't be hearing much more about the Redskins until late March. As you probably know by now Mike Shanahan is the new head coach of the Washington Redskins. It's a big move obviously and I really didn't cover the story of the ascension of Shanahan and the departure of Zorn because.......well, I was at work (my real job).

Let Me Introduce Myself...

Obviously I'm not Walking Dead Man, my name is Steeler Hater Dan (SHD). Walking Dead Man is my best friend and has asked me to be a contributor to his blog. I consider it a privilege, thanks WDM.

I've known WDM for 16 years. Alot of conversations we have are basically the stuff he writes about in this blog. We agree most of the time. I am here to give my view on topics I think that goes with the theme for this blog: Redskins, Football, Sports and other Pop Culture.

A little bit about me...

First of all, I am a Baltimore Ravens fan, and I of course absolutely loathe the Pitts-puke Steelers. I hate everything about them from their team colors to their fans. I even hate the state of Pennsylvania.

Q: Why is a Raven fan posting on a Redskin blog?
A: Because I consider the Redskins my second team. I enjoy Redskin football very much and I have been to many games with WDM rooting for a Redskin victory.

I have fiance' and two month old baby boy (SHD Jr.). I will share some of our adventures periodically.

I enjoy movies very much and will blog about them from time to time giving grades or just completely bashing it.

I have a very unusual sense of humor, maybe even sick, so don't be surprised if something you read is "a little off" but I'll keep posts tasteful.

The topics I'll write about will be mostly about football. I hope you'll enjoy reading my future posts.




This is a test of the IIWII broadcast system.

Ravens win 33-14 Hon!!!! (Ed Note: typing Hon makes me ill)

Ok let's see how this looks.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Game Recap: Skins Fall Late to Chargers Backups 23-20

Had the San Diego Chargers starters remained in the game, this would have been a clear cut blowout. By the end of the 1st quarter, the Skins were down 13-0 with no signs of scoring or stopping the Chargers from scoring. But the Chargers had nothing to gain from beating the crap out of the Skins, so they pulled the starters and with 2nd and 3rd stringers the Skins began to come back and rally for a possible win.

But, when the defense was asked to stop the Chargers on the final drive, they failed. The Chargers scored and the Skins fall to 4-12 with a 23-20 loss.

No real surprises and this is the first game in a long time where I felt two things about this game:
1. I didn't really care. This game had no real value to the future of this team in many elements because the Skins played guys who will be riding the bench barring injury. It's hard to evaluate a good performance if the talent you are playing against isn't really that great.

2. As I said in an earlier post, I actually wanted the Skins to lose. Yep. You heard me. The loss helps this team if only because it will help our draft status and that will help us either get one of the better players in this class, or the opportunity to trade back and try to pick up additional picks. We need as many picks as we can get to overhaul this team since, the free agent pool will be thin in 2010.

Good, Bad and Ugly time.

This is What You Want to See in Week 17 if You're a Redskins Fan

Who said week 17 is meaningless?
It means a great deal for the future of the Redskins by draft status.

So since we're 4-11 here's what you really would like to happen this week.
Skins lose to the Chargers (yes, sadly I do want the Skins to lose this one).
TB and KC wins.

The results is that the Skins would be tied for 3rd overall in the draft with a record of 4-12 and could land as high as the third pick (or as low as the #5 pick).

What this means is that the Skins can either get their choice of QBs (although one will probably go to St. Louis) or their choice of LT (Russel Okung) with the high pick.

The other option, which has become more favorable to Skins fans, is to trade back to the mid-1st round and take aim at either Anthony Davis from Rutgers or Bruce Campbell (groovy) from Maryland, while getting more draft picks and trying to build the team.

Either that or watch Dallas/Philly or Baltimore/Oakland.........