Monday, January 11, 2010

2009 Redskin Player Awards pt.1

It was really, really hard to come up with some of these awards based on such a lousy 4-12 season. Tradition however, is tradition and I've done this the past few years on IIWII and ExtremeSkins so here we go with the 2009 awards.

2008 Player Awards

Offensive MVP

Jason Campbell: 3,618 yards, 20TDs, 15 INTs, 64.5% completion %, 86.4QB rating.
This category without a doubt was the most difficult to pick since there was no offense most of the season. We had no run game. No O-line and our receiver corp was hit and miss. So Campbell is the guy. The award might be more deserving based on what he did off the field than what he did on the field. You see, Campbell has a great work ethic. He comes in and does film study, he does his workouts and he does whatever extra he needs to do to get better. He's gotten better each year as you can see per his stats. Campbell had flashes of greatness combined with flashes of inaccuracy and indecision. It's the inconsistency that is the concern but with Campbell being sacked 43 times this season and hit only hundreds of times it has been hard to evaluate if Campbell can be a true success in the NFL. If anything, Campbell earns this award on his professionalism and making the best of a really bad situation.
(Honorable Mention: Fred Davis)

Defensive MVP

London Fletcher: 142 tackles (95 solo), 2 sacks, 1 INT, 1 FF
This is London's 2nd straight IIWII defensive MVP award. Once again he leads the team in tackles and one could argue that 2009 was an even better season for him than 2008. Still no Pro Bowl nod for the leader of the D. But, the question shouldn't be "is he pro bowl worthy?" but more like "is he HOF worthy?". My answer would be yes. Fletcher is one of those players that offenses have to emphasize in their gameplan preparations. He also makes those who are in his territory pay for trying to progress the ball past him.
(Honorable Mentions: Albert Haynesworth, Andre Carter, Brian Orakpo)

Special Teams MVP

Hunter Smith: 57 punts, 41.3 avg., 36.8 net avg., 23 inside the 20, 5 TBs, 1 TD (run), 1 TD (pass), 1 INT
Never has a punter ran for a TD and thrown for a TD in a single season, yet Hunter Smith has done just that. Brought in to finally bring stability in the punting game and be one of the better holders (for FGs) Smith was used for more including 3 gadget/trick plays that lead to two TDs and one really bad INT. At one point in the season, you could have argued he was the overall MVP on this team. Although I'm not sure whether that was because he was so good or the rest of the team was so bad.
(Honorable Mentions: Lorenzo Alexander, Devin Thomas)

Redskins Rookie of the Year

Brian Orakpo: 11 sacks, 50 tackles (37 solo), 1 FF
This was a no brainer as the rookie from Texas and the 13th overall pick impressed many and wiped out any concerns that he'd be the next Vernon Gholston. Orakpo (pronounced O-Rak-Po for Vinny Cerrato and some of the media who just couldn't pronounce his name) dominated when used as a DE and in some blitz packages, shattered the Redskins rookie record for sacks in a season. One hopes for an even better performance in 2010 when many hope Orakpo is put back in his natural position as a 4-3 DE (or possibly used as a 3-4 OLB?).
(Honorable Mentions: Jeremy Jarmon, Graham Gano)

The Sean Taylor Memorial Award 

London Fletcher vs. Brandon Jacobs

This hit pretty much says it all and this wasn't the only big hit made by Fletcher this year. He also made a few major hits on some of the Eagles this season. You do not want to run into London Fletcher.

The Sean Taylor Player of the Decade Award

Sean Taylor: We truly had found a franchise player in Taylor who grew up in front of the Redskins fans. Your play was always memorable and you are still deeply missed.

A great tribute that I believe was originally created by ES' Crazy Zeb

And one of the only reason why I would ever watch the Pro Bowl

We'll finish up with the awards in the next post and finish with a Good, Bad and Ugly look at the 2009 season.

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