Monday, January 11, 2010

2010 NFL Playoffs: Wildcard Round Recap

New York Jets 24 @ Cincinnati Bengals 14

Did anyone really expect this to go down the way it went down? Me either. Granted, Cincy laid down the week before since it wouldn't really prove anything. Jets got a free one.

But when it really mattered, at home in the playoffs, Cincy looked like they were still laying down. The Jets move on to meet the San Diego Chargers. They're not gonna get away just running the rock this time. They're gonna need Sanchez to throw a few times in this one to pull the upset.

Philadelphia Eagles 14 @ Dallas Cowboys 34

Yet another rematch from the week before with a fairly similar result. An utterly boring game that really had no interest for me. The thing that is noticeable is that Cowboys get their first playoff victory in 13 years and they're ready to crown themselves SuperBowl Champs.

Not so fast there ladies, go to Minnesota and see what you can do there. My guess: Nothing. But hey, borrow the Eagles motto: "At least we got there"

Baltimore Ravens 33 @ New England Patriots 14

The Ravens had this one over in the first quarter. The birds did what they do best when it mattered the most. Pound da rock, smother you with defense. Tom Brady looked like dog crap and Beli-cheat was scratching his head the whole time.

Baltimore faces the Indianapolis Peyton Mannings next. Tough match-up. Should be a good game.

Green Bay Packers 45 @ Arizona Cardinals 51

The Cardinals were about to run away with this one, but the Packers turned this one into a shoot-out. Very fun one to watch that went into overtime. Cardinals win anyway.

Cardinals set to visit the Saints next for most likely another shoot-out.

Final thoughts...

Now that we're down to the final eight teams, there is one thought that keeps racing thru my mind which automatically makes me smile.

Big Jen and the Pee and Black Steelers are at home drinking too much, arguing with their girlfriends (or boyfriends), cousins and neighbors telling them they should be there. That they are better than the teams that didn't lose to Chiefs, Raiders and Browns. Dr. Foreman isn't in front of a camera, making himself look stupid saying steelers will "unleash hell." Band wagon jumping commentators (Collingsworth etc.) isn't praising the steelers for every little thing, such as their favorite flavor of gatorade.

SHD says Ha Ha Ha. See ya next year chumps!

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