Sunday, January 3, 2010

Game Recap: Skins Fall Late to Chargers Backups 23-20

Had the San Diego Chargers starters remained in the game, this would have been a clear cut blowout. By the end of the 1st quarter, the Skins were down 13-0 with no signs of scoring or stopping the Chargers from scoring. But the Chargers had nothing to gain from beating the crap out of the Skins, so they pulled the starters and with 2nd and 3rd stringers the Skins began to come back and rally for a possible win.

But, when the defense was asked to stop the Chargers on the final drive, they failed. The Chargers scored and the Skins fall to 4-12 with a 23-20 loss.

No real surprises and this is the first game in a long time where I felt two things about this game:
1. I didn't really care. This game had no real value to the future of this team in many elements because the Skins played guys who will be riding the bench barring injury. It's hard to evaluate a good performance if the talent you are playing against isn't really that great.

2. As I said in an earlier post, I actually wanted the Skins to lose. Yep. You heard me. The loss helps this team if only because it will help our draft status and that will help us either get one of the better players in this class, or the opportunity to trade back and try to pick up additional picks. We need as many picks as we can get to overhaul this team since, the free agent pool will be thin in 2010.

Good, Bad and Ugly time.

Malcolm Kelly- Finally had a day where we saw some potential (5 catches, 109 yards). What I liked was the 84 yard pass play where Kelly took off and nearly ran for a TD. Yes, it was against backups but hopefully it's a sign that Kelly could be productive next year.

Todd Yoder- one of the best blockers on the team also has very soft hands. Another TD. I'd say Yoder is one of the most underrated players on the team.

Jim Zorn and Greg Blache- stuck to the same conservative game plan that they've run all season. The lack of aggression in the 4th quarter again shows why this team fails miserably each and everytime. Also, no timeouts late in the 4th quarter. Same as it ever was.

Fred Smoot, Justin Tryon- both had easy interceptions. Both dropped easy interceptions. By doing so, they cost the Redskins 10 points. Joining Carlos Rogers in the "Hands of Stone" club shows one reason why the Redskins have some of the fewest turnover numbers in the league.

Albert Haynesworth- out again. It's no real surprise for anybody that looked at Haynesworth's stats throughout his career. Too bad Dan Snyder and Vinny Cerrato failed to do that.

No run game- (19 carries/56yds 2.9 average). Not Redskins football. Pretty sad.

Derrick Dockery- bad timing to get the false start when you did. Probably cost the team a TD.

Brian Orakpo and Andre Carter- Haven't seen that much from either since the Oakland game.

-The 2009 Redskins look so much like a Norv Turner Redskins team that there is some irony that they finish the game playing Norv and his very talented Chargers. It's also ironic that the Skins end the season with a 4-12 record which was last done in 1994 by Norv himself.

- I'm still convinced that Norv Turner is the Redskins version of Kryptonite. No matter if he's our coach or he's coaching against us, the Redskins find ways to lose......and to lose in the most idiotic ways possible.

- Don't consider this loss a "close game" or a moral victory because some guys played hard or had a good game. The Skins lost to 2nd and 3rd string players. Basically a JV squad or scout team of the Chargers. Granted, in many areas the Skins are running with guys who wouldn't start on most teams, but they are technically our starters nonetheless.

- Jason Campbell had a shaky game today. If you look at his stats, they look pretty good. 2 TDs, almost 300 yards passing and no interceptions. The problem is that Campbell had some pass protection today and his passes were all over the place. He primarily was throwing high and you have to praise Moss, Kelly and Randle-El for getting these balls that were over their head. That's the problem with Jason Campbell. He's just so inconsistent. Sometimes you get that beautiful pass to Kelly, hitting him in stride as he takes off for 84 yards. Other times you get balls that are 5 feet over the receiver's head.

- Rocky McIntosh was one of many players that also had an up and down day. He had a nice interception but blew his coverage leading to the Chargers game winning TD (or do you blame that on scheme problems?). Fred Davis had similar issues by having a few nice catches but about three drops as well.

-Did anybody miss Laron Landry today? Didn't think so.

- With our loss and KC's win over the Broncos, the Skins are in place for the #4 spot in the draft. My understanding is that we'll be #4 based on the strength of schedule. Adam Schefter tweets that it will be based on a coin flip. Update: Schefter says that the Skins has the tiebreaker and that the NFL will announce that tomorrow.

- Finally, the AP and ESPN is reporting that Jim Zorn and his staff will be fired tomorrow (although I still believe that Bugel and Blache will retire). Also, Charley Casserly mentioned on CBS that he believes that Mike Shanahan will be the HC with his son, Kyle Shanahan (Texans) as OC and Mike Zimmer (Bengals) as the DC.

Thankfully, this season is finally over.....onto the draft!!!!


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WDM, would it be possible to see a "good, bad & ugly" segment for the entire 2009 season?

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It will be great to watch San Diego Chargers, i have bought tickets from looking forward to it.

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