Sunday, January 10, 2010

Let Me Introduce Myself...

Obviously I'm not Walking Dead Man, my name is Steeler Hater Dan (SHD). Walking Dead Man is my best friend and has asked me to be a contributor to his blog. I consider it a privilege, thanks WDM.

I've known WDM for 16 years. Alot of conversations we have are basically the stuff he writes about in this blog. We agree most of the time. I am here to give my view on topics I think that goes with the theme for this blog: Redskins, Football, Sports and other Pop Culture.

A little bit about me...

First of all, I am a Baltimore Ravens fan, and I of course absolutely loathe the Pitts-puke Steelers. I hate everything about them from their team colors to their fans. I even hate the state of Pennsylvania.

Q: Why is a Raven fan posting on a Redskin blog?
A: Because I consider the Redskins my second team. I enjoy Redskin football very much and I have been to many games with WDM rooting for a Redskin victory.

I have fiance' and two month old baby boy (SHD Jr.). I will share some of our adventures periodically.

I enjoy movies very much and will blog about them from time to time giving grades or just completely bashing it.

I have a very unusual sense of humor, maybe even sick, so don't be surprised if something you read is "a little off" but I'll keep posts tasteful.

The topics I'll write about will be mostly about football. I hope you'll enjoy reading my future posts.



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