Saturday, January 30, 2010

Let the Scouting Begin

Ok, so with the 4th pick the Redskins have a few options to play with and that's a great thing.
More or less most people will agree that we need to do one of two things with that pick.

Draft a LT


Draft a QB

Now if your on the anti-Jason Campbell bandwagon, you're looking at a QB.

Me, I'm from the group that believes that you start in the trenches to build your team so obviously I'm hoping that the Redskins go after offensive linemen early and often. My reasoning is that if you have linemen who can actually block, you can have a run game and protect your quarterback. Also, I grew up in Joe Gibbs 1.0 and more or less saw the Redskins win Super Bowls with 3 different QBs and various running backs but similar talent on the O-line.

Of course there is a 3rd option in that the Redskins trade out and try to accumulate as many draft picks as possible without losing too much talent in the process.

So, like many of you I'm starting to "scout" players. I'm not a pro scout, Mel Kiper or any of the other draftniks out there who rate and analyze players for a living, but I've been a fan for over 20 years and I know enough to tell if a guy fits what a team is looking for or not.

I'm watching the Senior Bowl and will probably re-watch it as well as the East-West Shrine game to look at some guys. I just finished watching the Iowa/GT bowl game (with focus on Brian Bulaga) and the OSU/Ole Miss game (Russel Okung). Obviously, I will be reading Kiper and McShay (broke down and joined ESPN Insider), Mike Mayock on NFL Network, Rob Rang and the folks at CBS Sport's draft site, Scott Wright of NFL Draft Countdown and dozens of others.

What this means is that I'm going to look around and give you a general opinion of what the Redskins need to do draft wise, who would fit the Skins current schemes and where the Skins might be able to grab said player.
Expect profiles to be appearing and the return of my Meaningless Mock Drafts, which change every time I post one and I usually forget a player in the mix.

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