Sunday, January 3, 2010

This is What You Want to See in Week 17 if You're a Redskins Fan

Who said week 17 is meaningless?
It means a great deal for the future of the Redskins by draft status.

So since we're 4-11 here's what you really would like to happen this week.
Skins lose to the Chargers (yes, sadly I do want the Skins to lose this one).
TB and KC wins.

The results is that the Skins would be tied for 3rd overall in the draft with a record of 4-12 and could land as high as the third pick (or as low as the #5 pick).

What this means is that the Skins can either get their choice of QBs (although one will probably go to St. Louis) or their choice of LT (Russel Okung) with the high pick.

The other option, which has become more favorable to Skins fans, is to trade back to the mid-1st round and take aim at either Anthony Davis from Rutgers or Bruce Campbell (groovy) from Maryland, while getting more draft picks and trying to build the team.

Either that or watch Dallas/Philly or Baltimore/Oakland.........

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Commando045 said...

Week 17 doesn't have the desired meaning you would usually want for your football team this time, but in my opinion you can find out alot about the team's character. For example, will the players play hard for pride?

I gotta say yes. There is most likely alot of jobs on the line starting tomorrow morning and this afternoon's game is definately going on alot of resumes.

But WDM is right in saying win, lose or draw-the only thing that is gonna come from this game is draft position.

Definately gotta go O-line with first two picks, but I'm in favor of trading back and getting more picks (possibly a serviceable vet).

I wouldn't trade alot of picks to get alot of vets in here since it wouldn't do too much good right now. Do the homework, rebuild the line, use the draft choices effiecently.

Bruce Allen has alot of work to do and has done exactly what he was supposed since day one, nothing. He has been sitting back and evaluating everything, from coaches and players to fans and cheerleaders (perk).

Tomarrow Mr.Allen starts pull the skins from darkness.


C045 aka SDH

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