Saturday, January 30, 2010

This Weekend on IIWII: It's Snowing!!!!!

 Not sure where you are reading this, but I'm getting about 7-9 inches of snow as we speak. So, it's a good weekend to stay in and watch TV. Me, I'm currently watching USA vs. the World on NFL Network. Fear not football fanatics, there is football on the airwaves this weekend.

At 4:00PM EST, the Senior Bowl takes place. I will be doing some "scouting" during this and drop some of my opinions out there post-game.
Sunday, is the Pro-Bowl (Yawn!!!) watch your favorite Colts and Saints players don the horrendous Pro-Bowl uniforms and do little to nothing while playing to the cameras in a game that's not much more than touch football unless Sean Taylor was around (I really miss #21).
Things to look for in that game: London Fletcher and Ochocinco's antics.

Keep tuned to IIWII this weekend, I have some posts coming up on Russel Okung, Brian Bulaga, the draft, FedEx field and whatever else I'm in the mood to write.

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