Monday, January 18, 2010

Update: Important Dates

Added a new column on the right just below our two current polls.

If you're like me, you want to keep up with the off-season events that lead up to OTAs and Training Camp.
Two college All-Star games are occurring in the next two weeks, so you can "scout" some of the players that may be of interest in the draft.

I for one remember Michael Oher, BJ Raji, Peria Jerry, William Beatty and Pat White (Senior Bowl MVP) as just a few who played in the Senior Bowl last year.

The combine and the start of free agency happen around the same time. You may be interested in watching the combine or at least parts of it and IIWII has a guide for a fan that wants to watch the combine (trust me, you'll want to read this).

There are pro day workouts, but I have no clue exactly what school is having their pro day and/or when so, I'd suggest you keep an eye on or the NFL Network for updates (anybody who wants a specific pro day listed, email me and I will add it to the list).

NFL Network will bring back Path to the Draft and ESPN will have more segments with Kiper and McShay as well as 1st Draft Podcasts, I'll try to keep you readers informed of any draft coverage as well.

Don't forget the draft is 3 days now. A Thursday, Friday and Saturday with rounds 1-3 being in the first two days and in prime time. I hate this personally and I think it's another really bad move made by Roger Goodell. You can read about my initial reaction to the 3 day draft here. My opinion hasn't changed one bit since I wrote that blog entry.

I also plan on making an additional block of links for draft purposes......but that will be added eventually.

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