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IIWII/Redskins News and Notes: 2/14/2010

Happy Valentine's Day for many of you love birds out there. If you're single and don't have a date, well today's a good time to leave the TV off pop in a DVD or catch up on some XBox or something else. Most of you have given your gifts or whatnot to your significant other. Me, I had flowers planned for the Mrs. but somehow UPS thought my wife lives in Doylestown, PA (she doesn't BTW) and delivered it there.

So, to the guy who got free flowers to give to his wife/'re welcome and no, she's not cheating on you; just somebody out there can't read a road atlas, or scanned something wrong or didn't want to come out in the snow.

Speaking of snow....last week I had a bunch of posts planned to write about draft prospects, Senior Bowl, East/West Shrine game and some game called the Super Bowl but we had a problem in the household. See the picture of the cat below Sean Taylor (bottom far right of the blog)? Well, he decided to run off last Friday (before another 10 or so inches of snow fell) and I spent most of last weekend digging out of snow and looking for him. Let's just say I wasn't in much of a mood to write about the Redskins or the Colts or Saints for that matter (wasn't that a boring Super Bowl? I thought so.). The good news is that he came home Monday night perfectly fine. I'm playing catch up on my draft stuff but I have the first of many Meaningless Mock Drafts almost done, so that's a start I suppose.

By the way we are looking for guest bloggers. Got a topic you want to write about? Going to the combine, a player's pro day or even Draft Day at the Skins or Radio City Music Hall? Want some free publicity for your blog or site (not that many people read IIWII, but I digress)? Write for us. I'm looking to try and do maybe 3-4 articles a week on IIWII. I try to do 1-2 a week but I'm limited by my work schedule (close to a 50 hour work week) and SHD currently also has his hands full with his job and a baby. You won't be paid or anything, but if you're interested send us an email and we'll talk.

As for the site, we still plan on doing a podcast at some point......but we've been busy. I've also been kind of told that the site is very basic in it's look......that was kind of the point b/c I'm not really tech savvy and I wanted more of a grassroots feel to the blog. That said, I've gotten some free software to work on some logo designs and to have some fun with pictures (can't wait to put Brett Favre's head on a Vikings helmet to create the a new Viking's logo). So hopefully, there will be some new looks coming to IIWII eventually.

Also, IIWII is the featured member/guest blog over at BGO, so go on over and check it out......thanks to BGO for the front page accolades.

Ok, now to the stuff you really care about. Redskins news.

Jim Zorn is the Ravens new QB coach. This is an older story that I just got around to writing. For most of us Redskins fans, we don't have any true ill will towards the Z-man. He left before there was an opportunity to really become annoyed with him and his failings (unlike Norv Turner) and he did appear to work hard (unlike Steve Spurrier) and try to win despite his bad situation. So, now coach Zorn doesn't have to move and can work with a pretty good QB in Joe Flacco. Zorn should be able to help Flacco with his mechanics, shorten his delivery and help him make quicker reads/decisions. Jason Campbell has improved in many areas since Zorn started working with him and he should help Flacco, who I believe was a 2-3 year project guy that overachieved in his rookie season and struggled in year two.

Jason Campbell is the top QB free agent according to AOL Fanhouse. It's a good thing I suppose that there probably isn't a salary cap this year or the Skins would either have to let Campbell go or pay him big money to keep him here.

Last night NBC 4 (DC's NBC channel) had a special on the Redskins new assistant coaches. If you missed it, my guess is that Larry Michael will be showing the interviews on Redskins Nation this week. Here's the brief highlights:
- Not much revealed from the offense except that I think the Redskins new offense will be more pass oriented than Mike Shanahan's run first schemes in Denver.
- Most of the coaches seem to emphasize how great the history/tradition of the Redskins organization and ownership on why they wanted to come here.
-Jim Haslett mentioned that he was going to take time off from coaching, but couldn't pass up the opportunity of being the Redskins DC.
-Bobby Turner didn't take credit for making running backs 1,000 yard rushers in Denver but said it was more based on the right players that were brought in.
- Larry Michael did try to get the coaches to show their hand somewhat on the rumors of going to a 3-4 base vs. the 4-3, but the coaches really wouldn't give a straight answer.
- Many defensive coaches emphasized an increase in generating turnovers. Bob Slowik even mentioned that he'd like to have DeAngelo Hall have double digit turnovers next season. This obviously doesn't fare well for guys who drop balls like Carlos Rogers and Fred Smoot.
Here's a list of all the coaches currently, it looks like the coaching staff is complete.

There are currently seven Redskins that will be affected by the lack of a CBA in 2010 (ie they are now RFAs instead of being UFAs). The Redskins have the list of the players that are unrestricted, restricted and exclusive rights free agents. You can read that here (a good read by the way).

Finally, the Skins have signed two more players: LS, Nick Sundberg and K, Justin Medlock. Sundberg will most likely compete with UFA Ethan Albright for the LS spot. Medlock will be battling incumbent Graham Gano for the kicker duties. Not a real big deal, but it's nice that Mike Shanahan is forcing every position to earn a roster spot.

That's it for now.....more draft stuff coming.

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