Monday, February 15, 2010

Meaningless Mock Draft 1.0 (Redskins only)

'Tis the season for the return of the mock draft. Not like I know anything, but since it has been a major topic of interest/discussion for all of us, why not throw another mock draft into the only thousands of mocks currently in existence.

Version 1.0 is Redskins only and the full 7 rounds (which means only 6 picks if you count Jeremy Jarmon, five if you don't), obviously I haven't been following what other teams are looking for and since IIWII is a Redskins blog I do have a general idea of what the Redskins need or possibly want. However, it will be hard to determine where the Skins are exactly going until we see what they do (or what they don't do) during free agency.

I have a few rules when doing my mocks:
1. No trades, unless they are official. So for anybody who say the Skins should trade back (I'm not against that at all if they get a good deal and Shanahan and Allen can make those type of deals), this mock will not take a hypothetical trade in consideration unless I throw that wild card into the mix (which I normally don't).

2. No compensation picks. At this point, they haven't been awarded and until they are, it's hard to say that the Skins or any other team will have any extra picks.

3. Assumptions: Every mock is predicated on some personal bias or some sort of opinion of why a team would select a player and what direction they are going, here are some of mine about the Skins. These assumptions will change as we get closer to the draft.
- I believe the O-line is in need of a major overhaul and I also believe that Mike Shanahan (unlike Vinny Cerrato) will make a major effort to start that process in 2010.
-I believe that Chris Samuels will retire and that Randy Thomas will be back to start the season.
-I believe that Jason Campbell will be the starting QB in 2010, but the Skins will be looking to develop a QB to be the future starter of this team.
- I believe that the Redskins have needs in the secondary and that Carlos Rogers is in the doghouse, Fred Smoot has lost a step and will convert to some FS/dime hybrid player, Justin Tryon is more of a nickle corner, Kevin Barnes is an unknown factor and that Byron Westbrook will have to really impress to keep a job. That said, this is a pretty deep draft for corners and I believe that the Skins will again for the third time in three years draft another corner unless they can find someone in free agency.
-I believe that there is a need for a new strong side linebacker, which would allow Brian Orakpo to move to DE (if they stick to a 4-3 base, if the Skins go 3-4 this is more moot) but I just have a feeling that the Skins will address this in free agency.

Ok, so here we a bonus, I will throw out an alternate mock where the 1st and second round picks have been changed.

1st round (#4) Russel Okung, OT- Right now many are going QB with this pick, but I just don't see it with Bradford. Especially when recent 1st round QBs have been day 1 starters. Sam Bradford seems to be more of a developing project according to some and that may not fit with where the Redskins are going at least with the 4th overall pick. Some have Anthony Davis as the best tackle in the draft (he could be I haven't seen a great deal of him on tape) but Okung looked like the ideal offensive linemen in the game I watched of him. Plus, he is considered an elite pass blocker which is critical in the NFC East.

2nd round (#37) Dan LeFevour, QB- I think it's really a stretch here but right now, this could be the pick if the Skins want to draft a young QB with the intent on possibly making him a starter down the line. This is a generally bad QB draft class, but I think LeFevour, Tony Pike or another QB could be an option here. Frankly, I think it would be more prudent drafting another OT or OG, CB, LB here. However since there seems to be a general desire to find Jason Campbell's heir apparent, this would be the most likely spot to address the need.

3rd round (used in 2009 Supplemental draft)- Jeremy Jarmon, DE- A good pick by Vinny Cerrato. Hopefully he will recover from the ACL injury and be a dominant run stuffing DE for years to come.

4th Round (#100) Amari Spievey, CB- this is unlikely that he'll be here. He'll probably be gone by then and again maybe 2nd round would be a good place to get a corner. Good height, skills, smarts and willing to play the run sounds like a good fit for a team that struggled in the secondary in 2009.

5th Round (#131) LeGarrette Blount, RB- this could be a huge steal for the Redskins with this pick, Blount has been a pretty good RB in his days at Oregon and has fresher legs b/c of his suspension. He looked good at the Senior Bowl and may have grown up after being suspended. Before anybody questions the character concerns here, remember Shanahan drafted Maurice Clarett in the 3rd round when he was with the Broncos. Blount could be battling for a starting spot if the Skins draft him.

7th round Sergio Render, OG (#195)- The Skins could go any route with their final pick but I think they'll target another lineman to develop. However, this could easily be a DT or a skill position/STs player.

Alternate Mock: I'll keep rounds 4-7 the same but at #4 it would be Sam Bradford, QB, which means at #37 I think the Skins would take Charles Brown, OT  because I think Brown fits Shanahan's scheme better than maybe Vladimir Ducasse (who I like) and would be a good prospect LT.

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